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May 2010

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Naruto TNR Edition
Soul Eater Giga Redux


History[edit | edit source]

Gigaman92 is a newcomer to the abridging game. After watching abridged series for years, he gained the determination necessary to try and create his own no matter how sucky it would end up. First series ever made was Naruto TNR Edition, a parody of both Naruto and the game theninja-rpg. After gaining enough experience from creating said series, he finally decided to create a more traditional series with Soul Eater Giga Redux.

Project[edit | edit source]

Naruto TNR Edition[edit | edit source]

A what-if type of series. Naruto TNR Edition explores what would happen if Naruto followed the same antics and situations that commonly occur in the browser-based game theninja-rpg. Originally conceived as a joke a few years ago, it was brought up again and, with enough demand from friends, made into a series. There are currently 8 episodes with a 9th being released soon. Can be found here.

Soul Eater Giga Redux[edit | edit source]

A more traditional parody/abridged series of the anime Soul Eater. Exaggerates characters and makes references to media and memes. With the experience gained from creating Naruto TNR Edition, Soul Eater Giga Redux is Sparklin Water Productions' breakout into the abridged making community.

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