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Up The Enterprise
Created by ulatekh
Cast ulatekh, others
Run September 2019 - present
Episodes 1
Link [YouTube]
[Main site] (for now)

Up The Enterprise is an abridged series offering a satirical, surreal parody of Star Trek: Enterprise. Follow the doomed crew of the first Enterprise as they battle the unknown, the indifferent, and their own incompetence.

The pilot episode has been completed, and took 2-3 months of effort.


ulatekh wanted to create an abridged series. It needed to be something he was familiar with, but that had...issues. Suddenly, the ideal subject came to him -- the much-derided prequel to the whole Star Trek mythos.

The largest inspiration was Sailor Moon Abridged (Megami33), though one cannot discount Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series (LittleKuriboh).

Episode list[]

All videos have hand-made subtitles.

Thumbnail Episode Air Date
[trailer] September 19, 2019
[101-102 - Injured Nerd]
When an injured nerd threatens to derail their new series, Archer and his misfit crew must overcome all obstacles to ensure their paychecks!
September 20, 2019