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UnforgivenRonin is known for many things, mostly for his RE:Code Geass Abridged, as well as his Ga-Rei-Zero Abridged.

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Justin B.




New Mexico, United States.

Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Video Editing, Script Writing.





UnforgivenRonin has done two episodes of his Code Geass abridged before retiring it on May 19, 2013 & has one episode of Ga Rei Zero Abridged completed.

He started on March 31, 2010, when he put up the first of four trailers for his abridged series. The first trailer said that the first episode was suppose to come out by July, but was Delayed till Christmas 2010. According to his blog, the delay was due to his external hard drive dying at the worst moment.

On January 15, 2012, UnforgivenRonin decided to quit voice acting & work on the editing portions of his projects. He also stated a huge rewrite of the series & is redoing all his Code Geass episodes.

By May 31, 2012, He did his Ga Rei Zero Abridged, where he only edited it, He kept his promise not to do Voice acting at the time.

After retiring his RE;Code Geass Abridged, he returned to do voice acting & several Wrestling Podcasts since then.

He has had very many strong opinions against things, both abridging & wrestling wise, causing him to have a bit of a bad reputation in the community, but he continues to do what he loves because he has fun doing so. He also has a strong opinion on Youtube, where he believes that Youtube had a better format in it's earlier days when people could interact with each other a lot more easy.


UnforgivenRonin plans on continuing both his projects for the most part, as well as work on a Code Geass: Akito The Exiled parody. Which is still in the writing stages.


In the past he has had somewhat of an "interesting" relationship with voice actress Tamao108, as she was known for appearing in a few roles for his series. They worked together from 2010, & decided to end their partnership on June 2015.

He has worked with Jamiethecomic on his Ga-Rei-Zero Abridged, & later on Unforgivenronin would appear in an episode of Jamiethecomic's review show.

He is friends with VegetaSasuke0, even though they now work on parodies, neither guy has worked on the other's project, they did a Commentary on RE:Code Geass Abridged Episode 1. They both hope that one day they will find the right parody, or the right characters to work with together.

He has got comments on his abridged series from most people that do any Code Geass parodies, especially from PurpleEyesftw (whom he helped with some of the scripts for his own Code:MENT), & DemonGroceryStore.



  • One of his favorite anime is Code Geass.
  • According to Episode Zero, The show was inspired by Maffew of Botchamania
  • According to his blog, he was inspired by BennettTheSage's Elfen Lied: The Abridged Series
  • According to the blog, he learned to lip sync from TeamFourStar's video series on editing.
  • His Video: Less Than 30 Seconds: the 3rd was featured in Botchamania 198
  • He jokingly Proclaim himself the "Paul Heyman of Abridging".
  • Is friends with The Sagas Council.
  • He tends to get severe writers block.
  • Is a fan of The Whitest Kids U' Know.