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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

History and Production[]

Ultra Fast Pony is an Abridged Series based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Unlike most abridged series, Wacarb, the series' creator, has been able to abridge every episode thus far. The series is currently at the end of season four at ninety-one episodes, a movie adaptation, as well as other side videos. Wacarb mostly works solo on this series, providing most of the editing and voice acting, but has also received help from close imaginary friend, Jube.


The Mane Six and Spike[]

Twilight Sparkle: A magical prodigy and completely insufferable world savior. Twilight is convinced that she knows more than anyone else in Ponyville—and sometimes she's correct about this. She has a vague and creepy matriarchal relationship with Spike. Speaks with a (hyper-rhotic) American accent.

Spike: Twilight's long-suffering personal assistant, and her adopted son (or daughter). Typically speaks with a German-ish "Igor" accent, but has spoken in other voices throughout the series.

Applejack: A hard-workin' Irish farmpony, mindin' the family business! What kind of business? "The none-of-your-damn-business kind of business!" Speaks with an Irish accent, as does most of her extended family.

Rainbow Dash: An athletic pegasus who frequently breaks records in both airspeed and stupidity. She deliberately gets on everyone's nerves, then doesn't understand why nobody likes her. Claims to be Swahili, and sounds like a Valley Girl.

Rarity: The local seamstress, social butterfly, and sex dungeon owner. She loves "accidentally" hurting herself almost as much as she loves the fact that, as "a hot white chick", she's destined to succeed at life. Speaks with a broad Australian accent.

Pinkie Pie: An aspiring comedian with a preference for Word Salad Humor, referential humor, elaborate pranks, and offensive punchlines. When she isn't seeking validation for her comedy skills, she's writing doorstopper Lord of the Rings fanfiction. Speaks with a New Zealand accent.

Pinkie Pie 2: One of Pinkie Pie's clones from the Mirror Pool. Debuts, and replaces the original Pinkie Pie, in "I Am Pinkie." By her own admission, she's just the same as the original Pinkie, except she doesn't know anything about The Lord of the Rings, and she can summon demons.

Fluttershy: A former slave and an incompetent animal caretaker, plagued by crippling shyness. At least she has her catchphrases. Also, she's shy. Speaks with an over-the-top African-American accent. Did we mention that she's shy and bad with animals?

The Cutie Mark Crusaders[]

Applebloom & Twist: Applebloom is Applejack's sister, and the youngest member of the Apple family. Twist is a figment of AB's imagination, and her only friend prior to meeting the other CMC's.

Scootaloo: Skabodo bibidobaba. Skebudobopba skadudodo bidily bop bop do skadily debubo. (Translation: Speaks only in scat, and is thus the most ignored out of the CMC.)

Sweetie Belle: A gravel-voiced hellion, and Rarity's younger sister.


Princess Celestia: The unquestioned, undying dictator of Equestria. Owing to her immortality, her thought processes and priorities are a little bit odd. She really freaking loves tea parties.

Princess Luna AKA Nightmoon Mare: Imprisoned in the moon for no good reason whatsoever, Nightmoon Mare returns a thousand years later, mad as hell and determined to kill everyone. A blast from the magical friendship laser convinces her to give up on that plan, but the reformed Princess Luna is otherwise exactly the same as her alter ego. Speaks in a raspy voice, even after becoming Princess Luna once more.

Prince Blueblood: Rarity's ideal love interest, or so he seems at first. Speaks similarly to Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

Princess Cadence & Shining Armor: Ruler of the Crystal Empire and her husband, who is also Twilight's brother. Celestia nicknames them "The pony version of Barbie and Ken," and that's as good a description as any. Cadence's voice is reminiscent from the characters from Charlie the Unicorn while Shining Armor's voice resembles most stereotypical flamboyant men.

Other Family Members[]


Other Characters[]



# Episode Title & Description Airdate
1 The Canon Has Misfired: I had the day off so I made this. Do you want quality? Do you want sound effects? Do you want pizza? Cause you won't find any here! 16 August 2012
2 Fillen' Dem Plot Holes, Bro!: CRAP I WENT LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES I FAILED! also, things and stuff have reasons and causes. 30 August 2012
3 Now with a Sound Effect: I also made some fart noises into my microphone. I didn't think they counted though. 5September 2012
4 Mob Wars: Well, what do you know, I did add background music. And an OC! What crazy things will I do next? 12 September 2012
5 Everybody Hates Gilda: In a land built for ponies, what can a gryphon do? POME = Prisoner of Mother Equestria 20 September 2012
6 Hippocratic Oafs: Blue Twilight is second best Twilight. There is a line about pickled beans in this episode, I don't know why, so don't ask. 2 October 2012
7 Pega Please!: In this episode, we learn a new word. I am going to be in so much trouble. October 2012
8 A Library With No Twilight: And the narrator makes his glorious return! Welcome back you sick freak. 23 October 2012
9 Funk Master Z: I wonder how many more episodes it will be till I insult everyone on the planet. Maybe another 3. 1 November 2012
10 One Joke to Rule Them All: Insult the canon? "Heh, that was kinda funny." Insult the fanon? "I'LL EAT YOUR FAMILY!" 9 November 2012
11 Random Eye Magic: It's a pun on R.E.M. The most nonsensical episode yet. 15 November 2012
12 Out with the Old Characters: Because not every episode needs to have Twilight Sparkle. And drew you I'm awesome at scat. 22 November 2012
13 Rocks, Clocks, and Two Stupid Ponies: "Do you know why they call her Rainbow 'Broken Wings' Dash? Because she makes stupid bets with dangerous ponies…" 29 November 2012
14 Little Miss Montage: An episode full of song parodies? What is this, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged? 6 December 2012
15 Ponynet Fight!: There are no mares on the ponynet. There is only me. 13 December 2012
16 Shameless Self Reference: In this episode, Fluttershy represents the target audience. (but secretly, I didn't actually the shame) 20 December 2012
17 Chickens! Run!: Step 1. remove unwanted characters and plot. Step 2. do whatever I want. 10 January 2013
18 Gelatin Swingsets: Get your own gelatin swingset today! (Warning, swingset may cause diabetes, heart failure, motion sickness, stickiness, nausea, lycanthropy, rising, falling, and being laughed at by your friends because you own a gelatin swingset) 17 January 2013
19 The David Bowie Drinking Game: It's the all new David Bowie Drinking game from wacarb enterprises! (ages 3 and up, batteries not included) 24 January 2013
20 Copywrong: It's only a matter of time before they find me. When they do, I need someone to feed my inbox everyday and clean out its litter. 31 January 2013
21 The Butts Family: I should stop making jokes like this. But on the other hand, I'm not going to. 7 February 2013
22 To Kill a Firebird: The Phoenix is a majestic creature made of flame, the beauty of its fire unmatched by any other creature. It also has the worst smelling poop in the world. 14 February 2013
23 Making Babies: I had a canon once. It was awful. 21 February 2013
24 Edgar Allen Poen: I stole all these jokes from Friendship is Witchcraft. And by that I mean there are no jokes this episode. 28 February 2013
25 Stay Tuned: Crime, action, and drama all rolled into one. Mix them gently, then slow cook them for five minutes. 7 March 2013
26 The Longest Episode: Well so much for trying to keep every episode to about 5 minutes. Next thing you know, I'll be breaking my 'no singing' rule. 14 March 2013
26 The Longest Episode (Copyright OK Version): I TOLD YOU ABOUT COPYRIGHT POLICE, BRO! If this version gets blocked too, I might cry. 15 March 2013
27 The Penny & Clyde Show: Ultra Fast Pony has risen from the grave. I now understand why the undead crave brains. 25 July 2013
28 How to Control Freaks: Also, ABCDEFGHI,J Aggressively Belligerent Compulsive Disorder Every Freaking Girl/Guy Has It, Jerks. 1 August 2013
29 Purple Party Pooper: This episode is missing some dialogue. As well as logic, reason, planning, talent, consistency, and humor. 8 August 2013
30 Utter Lunacy: "Princess of the Moon, cast your voice at us. For the night is stupid and full of errors." 15 August 2013
31 Sister Angst: When two sisters go to war, no one wins. Except for the sister who wins, but that's just a coincidence. 22 August 2013
32 Winning: My special talent is leprosy. I'm still a blank flank, but only 'cause my leg fell off. 30 August 2013
33 The Pet Games: Don't worry, I'm not swearing at all. I'm just saying his name. 5 September 2013
34 The Cheesen One: She isn't the hero this city needs. She's the idiot they deserve. 12 September 2013
35 Saying Words: Well fly me in a turbo jet and call me a dandelion! It's the Ultra Fast Pony with Words show! 19 September 2013
36 For Glorious Mother Equestria!: Phil sure has a lot of brothers. None of his brothers are narrators, I just thought I'd mentio he has a lot. 26 September 2013
37 The Best Episode Ever: Christmas is a time of love, joy, giving, and family. BUT THEN THERE'S THIS PARODY SHOW! 3 October 2013
38 Granny Smith is Mean: Today, we all learn a valuable lesson. If you ever find out what it is, let me know. 17 October 2013
39 Pinkie's Day In: There's no such thing as babies. Only midgets with speech impediments. 24 October 2013
40 Derp and Destruction: "You're making me derpy. You wouldn't like me when I'm derpy." 31 October 2013
41 Faith to Faith: After this, I think the only people I haven't insulted is Trevor. One day, Trevor. One day. 14 November 2013
42 Reading to Rainbow: Reading is just like riding a bicycle. Except instead of riding a bicycle, you're reading a book. 21 November 2013
43 Pirate Shipping: I love each and every one of you. Hehe, sorry: I tried saying that with a straight face; couldn't do it. 28 November 2013
45 All a Boot Shy: Lessons are learned and isntantly forgotten. Just another day in Equestria. 6 February 2014
46 Time: Where science fails, television will triumph. I think the History Channel's gonna sue somebody. 13 February 2014
47 How Not to Train Your Dragon: Spike is a pussy who goes on a journey of self discovert. Post your favorite rock in the comments. 20 February 2014
48 Forgettershy: Don't forget you're here forever. Unless you die, or your internet breaks down, or get bored and walk away, but still; HERE FOREVER! 6 March 2014
49 Gossip Girls: This episode, all secrets will be revealed. But don't tell anyone we're doing that cause it's a secret. 13 March 2014
50 C.S. Pie: Yes, I know it stnds for Crime Scene Pie. No, I don't care. 20 March 2014
51 The Longest Engagement: Hands up anyone who wants to marry me! Oh, I see you've all cut yours hands off. That's nice. 28 March 2014
52 The Longest Wedding: Love is in bloom. If you know what I mean, ladies. (wink) 11 April 2014
53 Smokey and the Crystals: Sombra is the one who knocks. Or he would if he had a physical form. 29 August 2014
54 A Sombra Affair: I want to make something crystal clear. That last sentence was a pun. 5 September 2014
55 I am Pinkie: New game; drink every time you hear the word "bro". On second thought, it's better just to be drunk for every episode. 26 September 2014
56 Join the Club: Hey, at least things couldn't get worse. I'm not kidding this time, this is the actual pits. 3 October 2014
57 Stranger than FanFiction: Starring most of your favorite characters. Some characters we had to replace with Dark Pit and Dr. Mario. 10 October 2014
58 The Nightmoon Mare Zone: "I see dumb ponies. They're everywhere." 24 October 2014
59 Top Dumb: I haven't actually seen Top Gun, but don't tell anyone that. I wouldn't want people thinking I have good taste. 31 October 2014
60 Hail to the Queen: "I'm here to chew gum and kill orphans. And I'm going to do both of those things right now." 7 November 2014
61 Wolfenspike 3D: Only you can stop MechaTimberwolf Hitler. Or perhaps someone who is competent would be a better choice. 14 November 2014
62 Discord and Me: What will they think of next? (implying that they think at all) 22 November 2014
63 Ponyville Noire: A video of still images, monotone voice work, and suddenly decreasing quality of humor? What is this, the Mentally Advanced series? 28 November 2014
64 The Hip-Hop Happening: I'll give a special prize to anyone who could perfectly keep the beat. That prize is that you are special. Well done. 5 December 2014
65 The Longest Recap: Huh, well would you look at all this. Actually, probably better if you don't. 20 December 2014
Movie 1 UFP The Movie: the Moviening: Vote for Twilight (a fair few times). Coats for Twilight (just the once). 19 April 2015
66 Weeds: Remember when this was interesting to watch? Probably not, 100 years ago is a long time to remember. 3 July 2015
67 More Weeds: The stupidest episode ever. And the parody I did of it was kind of dumb too. 16 July 2015
68 Survivor: Equestria: Welcome to this week's reward challenge. The reward is not having to do this week's reward challenge. 23 July 2015
69 Rainbow v. Daring: The brightest of lights creates the darkest of shadows. Lucky for us, this is not the brightest of lights. 14 August 2015
70 You're Gonna Carry That Flag: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your flaggers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ノ(ಠ_ಠノ ) Lower your Flaggers ノ(ಠ_ಠノ) 28 August 2015
71 Saturday Morning Ponies: Some of the worst synth music you'll ever hear. Still better than Scootatrix at least. 20 September 2015
72 Batshy Crazy: Blah blah blah blah bat pun. Blah blah blah another bat pun. 7 October 2015
73 Bummer in the City: The fashion industry is a hot, dangerous place, where all the animals would kill you as much as look at you. Beer's good though. 28 October 2015
74 But We're Cousins: Ugh, Pinkie… Pinkie! Pinkie! Pinkie! 27 November 2015
75 This One Time at Flight Camp: You have been visited by the rainbow horse of stupidity. Bad luck and flatulence will come to you, but only if you comment "Hello Twilight" on this video. 4 December 2015
76 Johnson: Discord is blue, which is bad. Just like I predicted back in season 1! 21 January 2016
77 Hell Cheeses Over: I tried slaying my inner demons once before. In retrospect, setting them on fire was a poor choice. 19 February 2016
78 Keep it Clean: Don't worry, it's not all just dirty jokes this episode. Some of them don't qualify as jokes. 4 March 2016
79 The Song-Stress: I am the Angel of Music! Well… Would you believe Fallen Angel of Music? 15 April 2016
80 On Your Mark: I saw this disgusting person drawing pictures at the convention the other day. I hate con artists. 28 April 2016
81 The Wee Free Breezies: Fluttershy makes friends who immediately want to leave her. Kinda like me, except for the making friends part. 25 May 2016
82 Big Sister is Watching: Isn't it annoying how the ones who love you won't leave you alone? Luckily, I don't have anyone who loves me. 10 August 2016
83 Maud for Your Money: Now you're probably wondering why I gathered you all here today. I just wanted to make some Maud puns. 1 September 2016
84 Sweetie Dreams: Dreams come mostly at night. Mostly… 21 September 2016
85 Communion Whine: Try the UFP miracle cure! It'll ail what cures ya! 3 November 2016
86 Remember the Name?: Here's a quick test for you. Watch this episode to test your patience. 6 December 2016
87 What's the Deal?: But I want them back now. I traded these two lines together. 12 January 2017
88 Creationism: In the beginning, there was nothing. And then UFP came along and ruined it. 10 February 2017
89 A Very Special Olympics: It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. All that matters is that you come first. 21 February 2017
90 The Longest What Now?: Why so weary, deary? Could it be you're tired of UFP after 90 episodes? 12 April 2017
91 The Longest Battle: They may take our lives, but they will… Holy crap they may take our lives? Let's get out of here! 30 June 2017
92 Equal Wrongs: Join us. 2+2 = Equality 17 October 2019
93 A Tale of Two Twilights: We're not so different, you and I. Stop copying me. 15 November 2019
94 Renovating Is Magic: Twilight doesn't think the massive castle she got for free is good enough. What a princess. 25 December 2019
95 Do Appleblooms Dream of Cutie Marks?: Now they've all had a dream episode..... or did they??!?!!??!??!! 6 February 2020
96 Old Rocky: "He's not dead, he's resting" "He's not resting, he's bleeding demised. This is an ex-tortoise." 16 March 2020
97 Film Bluff: All's well that Orson Welles. Ridley me this, Scott. 23 April 2020
98 The At Odds Couple: I think we should see other people. Look! There's one right now! 29 May 2020
99 Gilda'd Idols: The real treasure was inside you all along. It was your kidneys. I stole them. 29 June 2020
100 And Many More: A hundred years dot com. UFP forever. 28 September 2020
101 A Beginner's Guide: Learning how to make UFP will open many doors. Specifically the door leading outside. 17 November 2020
102 Uncivil War: War, huh? What is it good for? Absolutely something or we wouldn't do it, right? 15 February 2021
103 Twilight Commits Tax Fraud: There is a wealth of information in this episode. And you can't have any of it. 3 July 2021