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Cody Thomas

Specializes in:

Art, Abridging



Started Abridging:

November 2, 2012

Started Voice Acting:

February 2012

Current Abridged Series:

Claymore Unserious (Director)

Bamboo Blade Abridged

Years Active:

February 2012 - Present


Cody has started voice acting for abridged series around February 2012, joining a team called DancingmonkeyPDTV by an invitation from TheFuchsiaFox. He has started voicing for Bamboo Blade Abridged as Sensei Ishibashi ever since episode 1 back in February 2012. He had also been casted as Death Armor as well in September 2012 for episode 3 for the mini-series: "Super Sword Squad: Blade Bravers!" a parody of the Power Rangers, that Tamaki watches in Bamboo Blade Abridged.

Early November of 2012, Cody has decided to create a new abridged series called "Claymore Unserious." He will direct the series by scripting and hosting recording sessions with the other voice actors. SonCurran will provide the Video and Audio editing for the series. His vision for Claymore Unserious is, "Claymore is just so serious! We're going to make it, not serious and ridiculous." The first episode premiered on February 5th, 2013. The style of humor for Claymore Unserious is different from that of Bamboo Blade Abridged (BBA). This series airs on the YouTube hannel, DancingmonkeyPDTV running along side of BBA.

Recently he has started creating AMV's for practice on video editing, and he hopes to become a professional voice actor in the future. Cody is also attending school which makes his hours a bit busy, but he still finds time to plan his works.


  • Adam Sandler
  • Ralphie May
  • Jeff Dunham
  • Just about anyone that's funny.


  • Bamboo Blade Abridged by SonCurran (DancingmonkeyPDTV)
    • Sensei Ishibashi
    • Death Armor
  • Claymore Unserious by UltimateGamerist (DancingmonkeyPDTV)
    • (Series Director)
    • The Narrator
    • Citizen 3
    • Service Provider 


  • LOVES anything that has giant robots in it.
  • Currently working on a manga.