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Abridger,Parody Artist,Voice Actor, Creepy Pasta Reader, Gamer, & video Editor.






TwilightWolf183 is an abridger from Minden, Louisiana. Aside from the abridging status, he enjoys the casual gaming, as well as occasional creepy pasta reading.


Twilightwolf183 got into Abridging once he played the role of Deidara in NCProductions' Naruto Shippuuden Abridged. From there, he was inspired to create an abridged series of his own, which is how Trinity Blood Abridged came to be. He is usually known lately for either his Trinity Blood Abridged, SEATeam's Soul Eater Abridged, or his & FlameAlchemist35's Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged.

Projects & Roles[]


  • Twilightwolf183's username is not because of the Twilight book & movie franchise's (he said he is not a fan whatsoever, & hates them to death), the real reason of the name is because of "The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess". Wolves are said to be his favorite animal, so he replaced princess with wolf & he got the name TwilightWolf, the 183 was added because of the fact that username TwilightWolf was already taken, so he simply added three random numbers in hope that it would be valid.
  • On 01/26/10, his original account DevilJin was unsuspended but he does not know what he is going to do with it.
  • TwilightWolf183's relationship with VioletStar, aka TheFallenStar143 was part of the inspiration for TheSEATeam & their attempts at Soul Eater Abridged, because it was said that she could pull off a great Maka & Black Star.
  • TwilightWolf183 also does creepy pasta readings under the name "DistilledIllusion", as well as gaming videos.
  • TwilightWolf183 has been referenced in a lot of The Sagas Council's videos, most noticeably "Abridging Is Dead" as they considered him a pedophile, due to his girlfriend at the time being noticeably younger then he was, as well as below the age of consent.

Software used[]

Twilightwolf183 uses Sony Vegas Pro 8 to edit most of his abridged episodes.