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YouTube Accounts:

  • TutuOnAbridger
  • ApocalypseBarbie
  • CompressedVyse
  • eyeofthundera42 (Elf)
  • EvilOlivEStudios (Tas and Blade)
  • lordofllamas42 (Walker)
  • GreenOracle (Runen)
  • TheWannabeaner (Doodle)
  • MaraudingManiac (Ekul)
  • History[]

    Once upon a time, there were two best friends who were involved in the theater; their names were Elf and Blade. One day, another one of their friends came up to them and asked them if they wanted to be involved in an “Abridged Series” for Death Note, because “We suck at female voices.”

    And so Elf and Blade became voice actors for Death Note Abridged (not TeamDattebayo's series, but another that was created on the same day). Unfortunately, as with many early abridged series, YouTube removed their account. This, added to increasing real-life demands, eventually caused the team to disband. In the direct aftermath, Elf and Blade decided that abridging was really fun and that they wanted to make a series of their own. They tossed around a few ideas for subject material, but couldn’t come up with anything right away.

    Three months later, Blade first found Princess Tutu on Veoh and watched a few episodes. And then she watched the whole series in a marathon which probably affected her grade point average. With a ridiculous premise, abundant female parts, a gripping storyline, and its lack of a steady-going series on YouTube, the anime was an obvious choice for abridgment. And so, Elf and Blade began to assemble an abridging team.

    The first step was to find guys secure enough in their manhood to voice the two male leads, a point on which Blade insisted. Elf's younger brother, Walker, was selected to voice the more effeminate of the men as he was, at the time of his casting, still prepubescent. Blade found Runen, another old friend, who she managed to convince to play the other, more action based lead. With all the main characters covered, Blade asked her sister Taslin, who was in college at the time, to voice the narrator. And just when Elf and Blade thought the team was complete, Doodle, a friend from school, expressed interest in joining the project, becoming their final steady cast-member. Much later, they brought in another friend, Ekul, to voice Autor, a recurring character in the second season.

    This six-person team eventually created an account called "TutuOnAbridger," after a running joke in their series, and Princess Tutu Abridged was born. The team's first episode was released in November 2008 and ran for 26 episodes until the conclusion of the series, which was released in January 2013.

    Meanwhile, after tons of laughs had been elicited and hundreds of subscribers had been garnered, the TutuOn Team decided to play an elaborate April Fool's joke. The results were this video and two collaborative One-Shots: Scrapped Princess Abridged and Skies of Pseudo Arcadia. Neither either of these have been continued.


    Elf - Writer, Voice Actor: (Duck/Tutu, Pike, Additional Voices)

    Blade - Mixer, Editor, Voice Actor (Rue/Kraehe, Liliae, Mr. Cat, Additional Voices)

    Runen - Voice Actor (Fakir, Drosselmeyer, The Raven, Additional Voices)

    Walker - Voice Actor (Mytho/The Heart Shards, Additional Voices)

    Doodle- Voice Actor (Edel, Raven1, Uzura, Additional Voices)

    Taslin- Editing Consultant, Voice Actor (Narrator, Additional Voices)

    Ekul- Voice Actor (Autor, Additional Voices)

    Other voice actors include: Various friends and relatives of the core cast.


    Scripting- Microsoft Word, DVD Player, The Complete Princess Tutu Box Set

    Recording- Audacity, Radioshack Standing Mic, Puff Screen

    Audio Mixing- Audacity, iTunes

    Video Editing- Windows Movie Maker for the early episodes, later Adobe Premeire Elements 3.0

    Primary Projects[]

    Princess Tutu Abridged

    Scrapped Princess Abridged (one-shot)

    Skies of Pseudo Arcadia (one-shot)

    Other Team Member Roles/Cameos[]


    • The TutuOn Team mantra is jokingly claimed to be "No one cares about Princess Tutu." This was originally a line from a song that Elf and Blade wrote for the War of the Abridgers as their entry, although the video was never made.
    • Both Elf and Walker and Blade and Taslin are siblings in real life. Taslin is older than Blade, and Elf is older than Walker. (In addition, Ekul, who voices Autor, is the brother of Coby, who played Malen in Episode 9.)
    • Walker is the only member of the core team not to have seen all 26 episodes of Princess Tutu. He currently has watched up through Episode 19.
    • Runen was recruited as a voice actor over lunch, during a power-outage caused by Hurricane Ike.
    • Due to his voicing the most popular character in the series, Runen has gained a large number of professed fangirls. The Team has lampshaded this from time to time.
    • Because the TutuOn cast are all friends in real life, they record the episodes in group sessions over at Blade's house. Most of the voice actors have no idea what's going on in the scene they're recording, apart from what context they can pick up from the script or what directions Elf and Blade can give them during the session.
    • Doodle plays every crow (save one) in the entire series, as well as most of the anthropomorphic animals running around Goldcrown Town. The only major exception is Mr. Cat, who is played by Blade.
    Tutu On Abridger