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Season 1: 22 episodes
Season 2: 2 Episodes
Abridged Movie




Tsubasa Chronicle the Abridged Series is a parody of Tsubasa Reservoir Series. This abridged series was created by JuliaZeeGreat in June of 2007. It conforms of 22 episodes in the First season and the recently started second season with 2 episodes, and an Abridged Movie, that is the abridged version of the movie Tsubasa Chronicle: The Princess of the Caged Kingdom.

Julia also made videos for the Abridged War protagonized by Fei Wang Reed antagonizing with The Digimon Emperor which is produced by Pinky75910. And a Christmas Special called Christmas: The Abridged Series composed by four episodes, it is a crossover with Tsubasa Cronicle the Abridged Series and Digimon 02 Abridged a series made by TeamDATS posted in GeminiStar00 channel.

Behind the scenes updates for the series are posted on JuliaZeeGreat's Livejournal: http://juliazeegreat.livejournal.com/.

Characters of the Series.[]


In the Abridged Series there is not much that can be said about her; she is asleep the half of the time, and she misses the times in when she actually did something in a series, you know Card Captor Sakura. The first times that she tries to remember something it brings cameo of Card Captor Sakura. She seems to be unable to remember Syaoran's name, and she also autoreferences to her amnesia sometimes.


The main character of the series. In Clow's Kingdom he was an archeologist, hopelessly in love with Sakura, and accidentally caused her brain damage when he impersonated Superman. Now he has to go in search of his love's memories, even if she will never remember his name. He had taken Princess catching courses and has his own television channel called The Syaoran Channel. He usually kicks his enemies asses, and seems to be able to defy the laws of nature; he also has some strange hobbies, like memorizing maps.


Tall, dark and handsome, he was the personal ninja of princess Tomoyo before he kills her puppy, subsequently going crazy, killing everyone. Because of this he is deported and sent to Yuuko's, where all the protagonists appear. Tomoyo gave him a curse causing every effeminate bishonen to hit on him relentlessly, and he will subconsciously like it. Due to that he now tries to prove his heterosexuality, failing miserabily. Fai relentlessly hits on him, and it is implied that sometimes he had caved in, even if he denies it.


The effeminate bishonen of the show.

Episode List[]

Season 1[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1: We're Going to Need Some Red Bull...

Episode 1 Remix

26 Jun 2007

26 Jun 2010

Episode 2: Hanshin Side Story Jul 3, 2007
Episode 3: He's Bringing Sexy Back Jul 6, 2007
Episode 4: Now Owned by the Disney Corporation Jul 16, 2007
Episode 5: She's Not Very Good With Names Jul 22, 2007
Episode 6: Dude, She's Not That Into You Aug 3, 2007
Episode 7: You Can Always Depend on the Kindness of Strangers Aug 21, 2007
Episode 8: Mission Impossible: Old Guy's Castle Sep 8, 2007
Episode 9: CLAMP-apalooza Mar 4, 2008
Episode 10: Things That Go Vroom in the Night Mar 4, 2008
Episode 11: Stretching the Plot Apr 21, 2008
Episode 12: Sakura's New BFF Nov 12, 2008
Episode 13: It's a Me, Syao-rio! Dec 12, 2009
Episode 14: Your Quest Log Has Been Updated Dec 20, 2009
Episode 15: Is This Battletoads? Jan 7, 2010
Episode 16: Tsubasa Rock Band Feb 22, 2010
Episode 17: The New Oni's Stats are SOOOO Broken Mar 9, 2010
Episode 18: Fangirls Ate My Neighbors Apr 10, 2010
Episode 19: Oni Party Apr 19, 2010
Episode 20: IRL Apr 24, 2010
Episode 21: Push the Damn B Button Already! May 15, 2010
Episode 22: Equivalent Exchange My Ass Jun 7, 2010

Abridged Movie[]

Details Air Date
Tsubasa Chronicle: The Abridged Movie Dec 22, 2010

Season 2[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1: The Super Extra Long Season Premiere of Awesome Feb 4, 2011
Episode 2: You Might Be Missing Some of the Benefits That Stereo Can Provide Apr 26, 2011