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Feb 1 2008 - Feb 2011


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Vash the Stampede gets a $$60 000 000 000 bounty in Episode 5 for eating illegal pancakes, causing him to be followed around by insurance investigators Meryl and Milly, whose job it is to write reports about his illegal activities.

Written and edited by SamuraiKH2. Occasionally co-written by Takahata101.


The series went on hiatus as of October 30, 2011 due to SamuraiKH2 having his entire computer wiped by a virus, including the progress on the next episode that was 70% done. The series is cancelled until further notice due to personal life, according to a statement made in the comments section of the reuploaded episode 6 in early 2013.

The special opening sequence for the episode 7&8 movie was made by Khenpoe and the opening sequence for episode 10 was made by CanadianJutsu.


Main Cast:

Guest Stars and extras:

Episode list[]

Episodes 1, and Parts 2 and 3 of the Movie are no longer available online. Other episodes are not available in certain countries. Episode 11 also includes a trailer for Season 2 of the abridged series, which was not completed due to cancellation.

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 Feb 1, 2008
Episode 2 - Truth of Mistake Feb 28, 2008
Episode 3 - Peace Maker Mar 17, 2008
Episode 4 - The April Fools Day Episode Apr 1, 2008
Episode 5 - That One Episode Where Stuff Happens N/A
Episode 6 - Lost 4th of July (The Guest Star Special) N/A
Episode 7&8 - Movie: Fellowship of the Wrath of the

Two Kings Shoulder Pads (parts 1, 2 & 3)

Episode 9 - OMG! It's Jesus! Nov 2, 2009
Episode 10 - Bullets...EVERYWHERE!!!! Jun 21, 2010
Episode 11 - The Desert Feb 12, 2011

Running Gags[]

  • Random Kitty Fun Time!
  • Episodes 1-5 end with a cliffhanger and "To Be Continued" Screen. The conflict is never resolved or referenced in the next episode.
  • Interquel episodes of Dr. Knives and the gung-ho-guns council (where Dr. Knives is a Dr. Evil impersonation)