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Multiple VA's

Written By

Acelister and Arvidiudux


56 minutes


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Transformers The Movie Abridged is a one-shot by Acesomesauce Productions, based on the 1986 animated movie Transformers The Movie which bridged the gap between G1 seasons 2 and 3.

Development Notes[]

The idea formed for Transformers The Movie Abridged shortly after the itch of desire to produce an Abridged project had begun to burn in Acelister. He tried to think of an anime he enjoyed that had not been Abridged half-to-death, but found none. Then he wondered about Western animation.

Towards the beginning of August 2010, Acelister had started working on a script for the show he knew most about - but not wanting to create only a couple of episodes and then fall flat, he decided to Abridge his favourite animated movie from his childhood. He produced a short Teaser-trailer [1] for TFTMA and put up an audition topic on Voice Acting Alliance.

Take-up was slow at first, but as the auditions were open for over a month whilst the script was written, all of the roles were filled. When the script was done and the actors were cast, Acelister sent it to Arvidiusdux, with whom he had built-up a friendship with over Skype. Together they whittled the script, worked out kinks and built characterisation up - Acelister then declared him co-writer due to the amount of creative input he had given.

Lines were requested by the 4th of December as Acelister hoped for an early-January release. Things were impeded when the microphone of the cast member voicing Daniel broke - so auditions for the character had to be reopened.

Work was deemed completed on the 3rd of July 2011, seven months later then originally planned. It was uploaded in five parts, to accomodate the 56 minute runtime.

As he was putting it together, Acelister realised it was less an Abridged movie and more of an homage to the original work. As it was meant to be funny as well, it was clearly a parody homage. As such, the title changed slightly when uploaded to YouTube .

Towards the end of 2011, YouTube upgraded the Acesomesauce channel to allow videos of longer than fifteen minutes. As such, the full movie was uploaded to celebrate the release of the first episode of Guyver the BioBoosted Abridged.

Cast and Crew[]

  • Writing - Acelister and Arvidiusdux
  • Editing - Acelister
  • Voice Actors - Acelister, Arvidiusdux, BGilbert, CardboardWalk, Cheza, CyberMegatron, jon3pnt0, Juux50, Kamachi, Philmister978, ryanson209


Whilst the lines were being recorded, Acelister made the decision to build up interest in the project. He did this by creating Teasers, featuring themes and jokes from in the script itself.



All characters in this section have at least 20 lines.

  • Hot Rod - Voiced by Arvidiusdux
  • Kup - Voiced by Philmister978
  • Ultra Magnus - Voiced by Arvidiusdux
  • Daniel - Voiced by BGilbert
  • Springer - Voiced by Acelister
  • Arcee - Voiced by Cheza
  • Optimus Prime - Voiced by jon3pnt0
  • Unicron - Voiced by Acelister
  • Galvatron - Voiced by Arvidiusdux
  • Megatron - Voiced by Arvidiusdux
  • Starscream - Voiced by Philmister978


All characters in this section have less than 20 lines.

  • Arblulus - Acelister
  • Astrotrain - Juux50
  • Auto-Combatant - Philmister978
  • Blaster - ryanson209
  • Blitzwing - Acelister
  • Blurr - Acelister
  • Bonecrusher - Philmister978
  • Brawn - Arvidius
  • Bumblebee - ryanson209
  • Cliffjumper - ryanson209
  • Cyclonus - Philmister978
  • Dirge - Arvidius
  • Extra#1 - Acelister
  • Extra#2 - CardboardWalk
  • Extra#3 - OptimumBuster
  • Frenzy - Acelister
  • Grimlock - Acelister
  • Hook - Acelister
  • Ironhide - OptimumBuster
  • Jazz - ryanson209
  • Junkion#1 - Acelister
  • Junkion#2 - CardboardWalk
  • Kickback - Philmister978
  • Kranix - CardboardWalk
  • Longhaul - Juux50
  • Metroplex - Acelister
  • Mixmaster - Philmister978
  • Narrator - jon3pnt0
  • Perceptor - ryanson209
  • Prowl - Kamachi
  • Ramjet - Arvidius
  • Rumble - Acelister
  • Scavenger - Philmister978
  • Scourge - CyberMegatron
  • Scrapper - Philmister978
  • Sharkticon#1 - Philmister978
  • Shrapnel - OptimumBuster
  • Shockwave - Acelister
  • Slag - Acelister
  • Sludge - Acelister
  • Snarl - Acelister
  • Spike - CyberMegatron
  • Starscream - Philmister978
  • Swoop - Acelister
  • Third Alien Robot - Philmister978
  • Thrust - Philmister978
  • Thundercracker - Philmister978
  • Quintesson Guard - CyberMegatron
  • Quintesson Judge - Arvidius
  • Quintesson Prosecutor - Arvidius
  • Wheelie - CyberMegatron
  • Wreck-Gar - OptimumBuster

Joke References and Explanations[]

Recurring Jokes in the Movie[]

  • Hot Rod's 'Shoot first, second and third' approach to everything and mercenary nature
  • Unicron's reaction to planetary gasses
  • Danno's distaste for his own name
  • Ultra Magnus' cripplingly low self-esteem
  • Kup comparing everything with the past

Major Differences from Original Movie[]

  • The length (56 minutes instead of 84 minutes)
  • Unicron's reasons for going after the Matrix Of Leadership
  • Ultra Magnus' role before becoming a soldier
  • Reasons are given for Blaster, Snarl


  • Acelister's first Abridged project
  • Acelister wrote, directed, edited and sourced all of the sound effects.
  • Following on from the source material, there is only one swear word. Though repeated several times.
  • There are a few moments of footage from Acelister's favourite cartoon - Phineas & Ferb.

The Movie[]


TFTMA Full Movie

Full 56 minute TFTMA

Deleted Scenes


TFTM Abridged Homage Parody - Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes