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Tower of God Abridged is an abridged series by FanBase, on their FanBase YouTube channel. The first episode premiered on September 11th, 2020, however trailers for the series were released as early as June 2020. The series was created by MrPrince, Colourss, WildBore and Fuffy.

Episode 1: Into the Tower The first episode follows the events of the first episode of the original anime.

Credits (EP 1)

Cast: Colourss - Bam, Thanatos 513 - Headon, Rak, KaniDay - Rachel, CrystalAvenger - Yuri, GeoffButler - Guide, PiperJG - Black March, NuttrButtr - Sniper, Niptoon - Khun

Additional Voices: Lunafrreya, Fuffy, Ben Lopez, WildBore

Composer: Hologramz

Writers: Marsh, WildBore, Thanatos513, Fuffy, Colourss

Editors: Fuffy, Colourss, Brett Zarris

Production: MrPrince, WildBore, Fuffy, Thanatos 513, Colourss

Episode 2: Shinsu Wall The second episode follows the events of the second episode of the original anime.

Credits (EP 2)

Production: MrPrince, Fuffy, Colourss, Niptoon, WildBore

Cast: Colourss - Bam, Niptoon - Khun, Thanatos 513 - Rak, Fuffy - Announcer, MrPrince - Hatz, Nekoa - Anaak, NuttrButtr - Sniper Guy, Wildbore - Shibisu, CrystalAvenger - Yuri, GeoffButler - Guide, Kusumoto - Leroro

Addition Voices: Duncaroni, Fuffy, PiperJG, ThunderMuffin, Moke

Writers: Marsh, Wildbore, Fuffy, Thanatos 513

Editors: Fuffy, Colourss, Obi

Composer: Fuffy