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The Mayor (PPGZ)

ToshikiNightfox plays the Mayor in Powerpuff Girls Z Abridged

ToshikiNightfox, Tosh for short, (or just Toshiki the Night Fox) is an abridger, voice actor, & writer.

He is the brother of JadetheFireFox & YaroShien. Each sibling is involved the series Abridged + Vampire.


Full Moon This: One Shot - Creator, Voice Actor

Projects Involved in[]

  • Venus Versus Virus Abridged by PowerpuffOldandZfan (Writer & Voice of Yoshiki Kusanagi)
  • Abridged + Vampire by Dragon Master Pro Asociation (Co-Writer & Voice "Batman" & Hot Moka)
  • Save Me! LOLlipop Abridged by PowerpuffOldandZfan & KittyKyun (Voice of Forte & Nanase)
  • Ranma 1/2 Seriously Abridged (Episode 2: Teacher)


  • ToshikiNightfox is actually gay, but his friends accept him for who he is.
  • His original concept for the voice of The Mayor in Powerpuff Girls Z Abridged was originally going to be in the style of Family Guy's Ollie Williams.
  • He thought that Blossom in Powerpuff Girls Z Abridged was suppose to always be having her menstrual period. PowerpuffOldandZfan has often corrected this, but Tosh has insisted on keeping this concept.
  • He & his sister, JadetheFireFox, originally had an abridged series of their own, but it was taken down due to them having not used a disclaimer for each episode.