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United States.

Specializes in:

Voice Acting, Editing, & Script Writing.



TokuTenshi is a female abridger & voice actress from Arizona. She is mostly known for her work on Wedding Peach the abridged series. Her current status is believed to be "retired" as most of her content is unavailable on her YouTube channel.


TokuTenshi was heavily inspired by Little Kuriboh, Lanipator, MasakoX, Vegeta3986, & Hbi2k (who she mostly credits). Not much else is known about her.

In 2019, she posted in her YouTube community of her retirement, the statement is as follows:

"As much as I would like to continue with Momoko, Yuri, and Hinagiku as well as introduce the southern belle that is Scarlet, I just don't have time. Abridging is a lot of work that I did all by myself and with all the other series out there that have talented editors and entire teams, I just couldn't reach the quality people were expecting. Also, so many of my videos have been hit with copyright. Also also, I have a child now. She's still young and wants constant attention while getting into everything, so finding enough quiet time to script, record, and edit is impossible. I really wanted to finish the series, because I met my husband by doing this and I never would have gotten my daughter if it weren't for Wedding Peach.

Maybe I can cram it all into one video xD "

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  • Met her husband through her abridging endeavors.
  • Is now a mother.