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Years Active:

2007 - Present


VegetaSasuke0, HN5353, & SoulReaperHikuru.



The Sagas Council is a group that existed from 2007, up until the present. This group was around for just as long as some of the first generation of abridgers, yet were overlooked due to constant username changes. This group has gone through various changes over the years (don't let what people say fool anyone, this group has been around before TeamFourStar under the alias of "DBZAR"). This group is considered to be one of the most hated abridging groups in abridging history.


The Sagas Council started as a group who loved anime, comedy, & the idea of abridged parodies (much like those who start out usually do). The group was around for the prime era of abridging under the alias of DBZAR (which spawned a total of two episodes, a trailer for their third episode, & a special), where they met a lot of different people in the community. The original DBZAR YouTube channel was created on November 3rd 2008, but the group were members of the abridged community far before that. Through the ups & downs of the abridged community, the group would give parodying multiple attempts (their very first parody series being a knockoff of Gozar's Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z in some form before DBZAR), & then settled on a different style of parody, with it's own title known as "Sagas", hence the name of the group becoming "The Sagas Council". The first real attempt at making a series with the term "Sagas" came from HN5353 & his attempt at parodying Dragon Ball GT, in which he garnered a small fanbase by hyping the series through word of mouth, setting people up to do auditions as well as his own friends such as VegetaSasuke0, due to pressure the episode unfortunately did not reach completion & was shelved, but due to that HN5353 decided to try his hand in a Rurouni Kenshin parody, which later became known as Rurouni Kenshin Sagas, to which became the group's first big achievement, as it was their first video to garner a positive response. Throughout the years, HN5353 had left the group various times after Rurouni Kenshin Sagas due to personal life & disinterest, but claims to always come back with a vengeance. At one point in time, former associate IAmKitsumi tried to overthrow VegetaSasuke0 for control of the Sagas term after HN5353 had taken one of his various hiatuses. Eventually the group would want to revisit Dragon Ball Z & even set up a channel dedicated to it, the project would simply be entitled "Cell Sagas", though the series had since been in limbo, & is doubtful to ever see the light of day due to casting issues & time constraints.

We Hate The State & Abridging Is Dead[]


Abridging Is Dead Screenshot

A screenshot of the views of the video "Abridging Is Dead"

Death Threats To The Sagas Council

The Sagas Council getting death threats from what are believed to be trolls.

In late 2011, to early of 2012 the group saw a steady decline in new abridgers & abridged series, they took blame at the first generation (generation one) abridgers like LittleKuriboh, Lanipator, KaiserNeko, & Takahata101. With all of this going on, they took it upon themselves to make a video called "We Hate The State Of Abridging", which initially didn't gain much attention, though their second video known as "Abridging Is Dead" (which was published on February 19th, 2012) gained so much attention (mostly negative) that they didn't know what to do, despite the fact that they tried so hard to get their points across through constant scripting & bullet point lists. The group decided that they no longer wanted to call themselves "abridgers", & clarified it wasn't meant to be a hate video or any form of rant video, yet the community took it the wrong way. Though at first the group sent the video around the internet, posting it on other sites such as Facebook (going as far as to post it to the walls of members of TeamFourStar in hopes of a response so that they can also attempt to fix this growing issue). Because of "Abridging Is Dead", the group became the prime targets of hacking attempts by various disgruntled people in the community, though the hackers' details were not released, The Sagas Council had ways around said hackers' methods, but because of this entire situation, they assumed that someone or something had wanted to silence them for speaking out on this growing situation.

One of the concerns among the community that raised much questioning was the inclusion of a call out towards the abridger TwilightWolf183, the group calling him a "cradle robber" (which was a subtle way of poking fun at him dating a much younger partner, who turned out was allegedly 16-17, while TwilightWolf183 was at at least 20 years old). This comment was then confirmed when TwilightWolf's friend & abridged interviewer known as TsubasaNoAMVPro made a comment in a leaked audio recording of a Skype call between the abridged community & The Sagas Council which stated "Its not robbing the cradle if you do nothing, its called waiting until she is old enough and respecting her to do it", confirming that if TwilightWolf was not a "pedophile", he was a confirmed "groomer", therefore a threat, & proving that some of the comments in the "Abridging is Dead" video were indeed facts.


Much later the group continued making videos despite the growing issues, yet they had done nothing but get dislikes & death threats from the abridged community, community members going as far as to call them hypocrites, & spoofing their videos. The group later went on to make a TsubasaNoAMVPro diss track called "The TsubasaNoAMVPro Song", as well as an abridged community diss track called "2 Damn Eazy", then went on to make a collection of photoshopped images known as "The Abridged Crops". On May 11th, 2012 the group started a commentary series, doing commentary over other abridged series (starting with Just5Guys' K-On! Abridged). On January 16th, 2017 VegetaSasuke0 returned to making discussion/ranting videos with a video spoofing Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again", & replacing it with term "Make Abridging Great Again", though the matters at hand are very serious, it is very different than the typical rant video, replaced with less of a raging tone, & more of an adult look on the matters at hand. VegetaSasuke0 then went on to send the video to ProfKranc (who does his own type of podcast where he & fellow abridged community members discuss the state of abridging), he mentioned how he was glad that someone else brought up the matter & that it needed to be made, stating that there are a lot of things in the video that people need to hear.


After all their rants, The Sagas Council express that they continue to slowly make parodies as often as they can, this includes finishing up their series Gantz Sagas. After Gantz Sagas, they are unsure of what they will do then.


Active Projects[]

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Over the years The Sagas Council has made a huge list of enemies (though mostly from the "Abridging Is Dead" era), these people include:

There have been many responses & parodies due to the backlash of The Sagas Council by very many people, most noticeably Chicknwings , TheWINChestersInc, TsubasaNoAMVPro , PrinnyDood07, ZoidsBN , Xcaliburger, ZionKraze, Kaiser Yuuki, SeriousUguu, & TeamFourStar members themselves.

Catch Phrases[]

VegetSasuke0's catch phrase was a quote by professional wrestler James Storm in which was stated "Sorry about your d*mn luck", while HN5353's catch phrase was a quote by Kid Rock in which he stated "My words of wisdom are to suck my d*ck".


  • The Sagas Council was one of 3 abridged content creators to have their on page on the website "Encyclopedia Dramatica).
  • The main fonts that are used in their logos are the "Floydian" & "Chicken Scratch AOE" fonts.
  • They have stated many times that they were interested in opening an Indiegogo, GoFundMe or Patreon page (just something for crowd funding).
  • They are mostly musicians & gamers on their free time.
  • The Sagas Council live with an old school mentality (some considered "stuck in their ways"), as they have a very crude sense of humor that many disapprove of in today's world.
  • They use a meme known as The Yogurt Guy (that was mainly used on 4chan, in which they call "Creamy") as their mascot for rant videos.
  • The Sagas Council is responsible for the meme that is used on this wikia (stating that "abridging is dead, or at least this one is" which prompts you to add more information to the article.
The Sagas Council