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22nd January 2012



The Room Abridged (also known as The Room Abridged One-Shot) is the title of My Name Is Mircea Inc.'s abridged one-shot based on the The Room, made by Tommy Wiseau. Like many abridged series, The Room takes the personalities of each character to their extremes and conveys the original plot, showing the ridiculous oversight of many characters within the film.



Early references of The Room appeared in DrMircow's pilot episode of The Adventures Of Tintin Abridged. On 11th October 2011, DrMircow posted an announcement on Tumblr regarding a brand new project which would involve a mini-series consisting of five short episodes.[1] Eventually, that project was dropped and replaced by the idea of abridging The Room. Since no one abridged the film at the time before, except LittleKuriboh in a short promotional video[2], DrMircow started working on the first ever abridged version.


On 25th December 2011, a teaser trailer was uploaded on YouTube. The trailer featured the intro of the abridged one-shot, showing main characters such as Johnny , Mark , Lisa and many others.[3] On 22nd January 2012, the abridged one-shot was uploaded on YouTube, with positive feedback from the community and fans.[4]


As the name suggests, The Room Abridged is a dramatically shortened down version of the original film.


In the abridged version, the plot is drastically changed. Instead of the film's incomprehensible plot, a more coherent one was scripted in a way to mock the film's numerous flaws. Although the one-shot, as a whole, is not focused on one single plotline, it is structured in sub-plots, with some leading to larger plots (ie. Johnny's plans for The Room 2).


In The Room Abridged the humour varies according to the flaws of the film. One of the recurring themes in the one-shot is the idiocy of the characters. Moreover, the film’s incoherent plot is heavily targeted in the one-shot. The use of sexual innuendoes and over the top plot devices is another important theme used to emphasise silliness of the film and its ludicrous flaws.


The one-shot is known for playing different songs to suit the mood in certain situations.


As expected in a parody, the characters for the series have similar personalities to their original counterparts; however, most aspects are greatly exaggerated.



In The Room Abridged, Johnny is seen as a moron with high expectations from life and someone who possessed at least one super power; the chicken scream. Supposedly married to Lisa, they never had an on-screen wedding, albeit they did have a crap wedding party. His closest friend is Mark, despite past feuds between them.

Johnny’s was fascinated by Mark’s beard and always presumed that was his secret for getting down with the ladies. Also, one of his recent dreams was to make a direct sequel to The Room, which was eventually accomplished towards the end of the abridged one-shot. However, after the sequel’s failure, he attempted suicide and killed himself due to Lisa, ironically by accident.


Mark is Johnny’s best friend, thus why he helped him fighting the cyborg on the roof, although his loyalty varied at times. Seen as a brighter person than the rest, he is always easily seduced by Lisa. Mark’s beard is one of the key themes in the one-shot’s mockery which resulted in one occasion for him to have an affair with Johnny’s fiancée, Lisa. Due to these consequences, he eventually shaved it to everyone’s disappointment. This also led people to call him an undercover paedophile.

After saving Denny and killing the cyborg on the roof, Mark got condemned by someone from the future and went to Johnny for help, albeit with little positive response. On the other hand, by the end of the one-shot, nothing happened to Mark. Mark was the first and probably only person who thought that Johnny’s The Room 2 would be a failure, just like the first one.


In The Room Abridged, Lisa is seen as a dumb slutty stereotypical woman. Her intelligence is on par with Johnny’s. In one instance, she thought the door was in fact talking with her, even though it was just Johnny who presumably tried to eavesdrop.


Little is known about Denny, apart from that the fact that he knows Johnny and his friends. In the one-shot, he is seen as a nosy person who would take the advantage in any situation. For example, in one occasion he asked Lisa if she would allow him to take a picture with her and Johnny shagging each other for a made-up school project.

During his first appearance, Denny admitted that he loves butts, which is a reference to one of LordMoonstone’s reoccurring butt gags on the Internet. Last time when he was seen was when a cyborg from the future attempted to kill him due to reasons of Denny messing up the future. Luckily, he was saved by Johnny and Mark.

Lisa’s Mom[]

A recurring character, Lisa’s mom was obsessed with the denial of Johnny’s drinking problems and that would be the only thing she would say throughout the one-shot.


Shop Lady[]

The shop lady is a minor character in the one-shot who more or less resembled the same character from the original film.


The cyborg is a parody version of The Terminator, sent from the distant future to kill Denny who apparently messed up the future. Ultimately, he got shot by Mark during a fight on the roof.

Strange Person[]

The strange person is another minor character in the abridged-shot, used as a plot device. His made a brief appearance in the background of a scene before the one when he actually talked.

Future Guy[]

The future guy is the person who sent the cyborg after Denny. He is also the person who condemned Mark’s life after the incident on the roof.

The Cake Guy[]

The guy eating the cake at Johnny’s party is a very minor character used for the sole purpose of making orgasmic sounds.

Theme Tune[]

The Room Abridged uses the re-recorded version of The Who’s The Real Me song as theme tune in the intro.


The Room Abridged is known for using soundtracks in its scenes. What follows is a list of the scores:

Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing
Terminator - Theme Tune
Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

Joke References[]

  • The verse of the song played during the intro, "Can you see the real me, Doctor?", was a reference to DrMircow, in a way in which the film would ask him to abridge it.
  • Lines from the original film were quoted a couple of times, for example "Bye, doggy!" or "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!".
  • The dress Johnny gave to Lisa as a present was mistaken by her for Superman’s cape due to its colour, despite being actually a dress mysteriously used for pillow fights.
  • During the pillow fight scene, Denny’s entrance and dialogue was referencing and mocking LordMoonstone’s recurring butt gags on the Internet.
  • The scene in the flower shop was purposely timed to mock how short and unimportant the actual scene was in the film.
  • The cyborg’s entrance on the roof (and the character itself) was a parody of The Terminator.
  • The line "Not me." in Johnny's failed joke at the party was a reference to the line "That's me." said during the flower shop scene in the actual film.
  • "Dennymark" was the combination of the names Mark and Denny from The Room and was supposed to be spelled and pronounced as Denmark. This was intentionally said like that to ridicule Johnny’s limited number of people he knew and his intelligence.
  • The Room 2 was actually the same exact film but with over the top special effects, pointing out that good films are not always about special effects.
    • During the supposed trailer of The Room 2, the tagline “Throw The Football, Mark!” was a mocking reference to the film’s infamous scenes where people would throw the football around for no apparent reason.


The one-shot received positive feedback by the YouTube and abridged community, relatively better than any other video by My Name Is Mircea Inc. done in the past. It gained more likes than the most liked video on the channel in just 24 hours. As of 6th February 2012, The Room Abridged has 28 likes and 0 dislikes.


  • The Room Abridged is the first abridged version of the film on the Internet.
  • The original length of the one-shot was 7:53 since that version included an epilogue at the end. In the final version, the epilogue was cut.
  • A lot of potential content was taken out to make a fairly short one-shot in terms of length.


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