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The Rollin Nolan
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Name The Rollin Nolan
Location USA
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The Rollin Nolan is an abridger from the USA, best known as the creator of Sonic the Abridgehog, his 2016 #TIBA entry, which ended up placing 19th overall.


  • Sonic The Abridgehog - Creator, Writer, Editor
  • Sword Farce Online - Creator, Writer, Editor
  • Panic! At The Hakusho! (By The Schmuck Squad - Editor (Ep 2)
  • Sonic The Abridgehog Mania - (Creator, Writer, Editor)

Voice Roles[]


  • He made parodies of the Sonic Mania games with footage. Currently hasn't started with the plus version yet.
  • Some of his Sword Farce Online episodes got removed by copyright. he re-uploaded them a lot of times as a result.