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Batman: The Abridged Series

The Bollocks Show is the title of Abridged Brothers' spin-off show based on Batman: The Abridged Series, made by them as well. It is a collaboration between My Name Is Mircea Inc., Bagonaf Studios and Spajatalious Inc. The Bollocks Show is a talk show starring Detective Bollocks (voiced by Bagonaf) as the host. In each episode, he picks a particular topic and talks about it. Currently, there are two episode.


During early May 2010, there were rumours of a side-project which would run in parallel with Batman: The Abridged Series. On 7th of May 2010, the Abridged Brothers uploaded a video on their channel which officially confirmed the side-project. The video was the actual intro of which was revealed to be a talk show featuring Detective "Bollocks" as the host. Later on, the first episode was uploaded which had Detective "Bollocks" talking about his opinion on Activision's latest Call of Duty games. Currently, two episodes were made.

List Of Episodes[]

Season One[]

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2


The intro of the show was intentionally made to resemble something like the intro from the TV series, The Sopranos. Although it is not showing the car sequences like in The Sopranos, instead, it shows Detective "Bollocks" in different situations. The theme tune is the same one which is used in The Sopranos.


  • Bagonaf is the only member featured in the show.
  • The idea of the show came due to Detective "Bollocks"'s popularity among the Batman: TAS fans.
  • agunemon589 can be heard briefly at the beginning of Episode 2.