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Ep 2: Abridgers Dead Zone, Sweet Abridgers Dead Zone

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The Adventures of Asterix Abridged is the title of Euroabridged's series which is based off The Adventures of Asterix comic books which were created by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo . The original television series was created and broadcasted by Darguad Films  

Concept[edit | edit source]

Euroabridged first came up with the idea of creating an abridged series after becoming inspired by other, more popular abridgers such as TeamFourStar , LittleKuriboh, Xanauzamaki , and 1KidsEntertainment . She wanted to create an abridged series from a less-used series. Being more familiar with the European originated Asterix comics and cartoons and finding there was no alternate series around at the time, The Adventures of Asterix Abridged was born. 

The Series[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are two episode of the abridged series. On April 14, 2013, "Episode 1: Asterix the Gaul....and Romans" was posted on youtube. Euroabridged was trilled by the reception of the first episode and tried to upload more in a similarly short time. However, certain aspects got in the way of the editing causing the second episode to be delayed nearly two months before the release on June 11, 2013. As of now, Euroabridged is skeptical at the idea of continuing the series hoping that people will actually want more. She also stated that since it was so difficult to find complete high quality raws of the original show, the series might not last very long. "Currently I have 'Asterix 


The Adventures of Asterix Parody Episode 1-0

The Adventures of Asterix Abridged Pilot Episode

and Cleopatra' and 'The 12 Tasks of Asterix' that I can work with. After that, I'm not really sure if I do much more." -Euroabridged.

Euroabridged mentioned plans to start a 'Tintin Abridged Series' stating that both Asterix and Tintin are European characters that are underappreciated in the U.S. and need to have more attention. 

Plotline[edit | edit source]

The plot of the first episode stays fairly true to the original plot for the first half of the episode, but develops into a much different ending in the later half. The second episode takes leave of any original Asterix plot entirely and develops its own plot along the way. Euroabridged states that he plans to swivel in and out of canon and made up plots in order to stretch the series as much as possible.

Voices, sound effects, and music[edit | edit source]

Euroabridged provides all the voices for the characters in the series.

Most of the sound effects used in the series come from . However, Euroabridged has also borrowed several sound effects from multiple Youtube videos. All the music used can be found listed in the detailed section of the episode and are listed in the order they are played alongside the composer and/or soundtrack it is from.

The programs used by Euroabridged are Premiere Elements 7, Photoshop Elements 7, and Audacity.

Humor[edit | edit source]

The humor of the series is still too underdeveloped to define but seems to draw a lot of inspiration from the internet, other abridgers, and common European humor.

A noticable running gag is where a recurring roman is constantly referred to as "Soldier #1" by his colleagues. He tries to correct their error by saying "My name is Da-" only to be cut off my someone else or a scene transition.

Another major joke from Episode 1 is the "good job rock" which Asterix makes up to trick Obelix into leaving him alone; later in the episode, this becomes his undoing. 

Reception[edit | edit source]

Initially, the series received a relatively positive reception. Though people criticized the jittery editing, poor video quality, and high pitched voices off the first episode, the viewers apparently liked the fresh humor. One went as far as to state the pleasure of seeing someone who didn't use LittleKuriboh jokes in their videos. Despite overall neutral opinions, youtube viewers expressed their high expectations for future episodes and development of the series.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Protagonists:[edit | edit source]

  • Asterix --  In the abridged series, he is the main protagonist of the show. Asterix goes off on many adventures to fight the roman hold on the ancient world often traveling to foreign lan

    Asterix with his overconfident attitude

    ds to help others resist his biggest arch rival: Julius Ceaser. He has displayed the ability to be couragous and witty but also's been shown to be flippant and shortsighted. Asterix can be overconfident in himself and severely underestimate his foes. He has also been shown to be somwhat unfaithful to the safety of his village and eager blow them off if it means his own well being. Asterix appears to have some arcade knowledge and video gaming experience. It is revealed that he has a membership to Gamestop and has played "Assasins' Creed" at one point or another. Although the famous Exclamation Point and sound effect were displayed over a roman soldiers' head, it is unknown whether Asterix has played Metal Gear or not. He also was only willing to talk to Caesar after the Roman Army offered to give him an Xbox Kinect if he came.
  • Obelix --  In The Adventures of Asterix Abridged, Obelix is shown to be naive and simple-minded. He is hugely ignorant of situations a lot of the time and understands very little, but his constant, unbelievable strength and invincibility makes up for his lack of brain. Obelix has a somewhat uncreative and vulgar sense of humor (as shown when he asks Asterix to think of his name without the 'terix' ). He is however, recognizably faithful to the village and puts complete confidence in Asterix going as far as to aspire to be like him. Obelix has a strong liking for his "good job rock" believing it to actually be special in some way. He is so adamant in his belief that he refuses to leave it even when Asterix screams for help. Obelix is extremely sensitive about his weight and doesn't like to be called fat.
  • Getafix --  The wise druid who brews the renowned magic potion that gives anyone who drinks it superhuman strength and durability. The druid is flaringly faithful to his village and would sooner face death and torture than to betray his people. However, Getafix has shown to be somewhat of a drug addict. He obviously is fearful of how his people will react to this and hides it (although the Romans seem to know about pretty well). Getafix has also shown some annoyance towards Obelix and his ignorance. It is implied that he acts as Obelix's 'babysitter', but this has yet to be confirmed. 
  • Vitalstatistix -- The leader of the village whose moral compass appears to point north just as well as most of the other 'heroes' in the show. 

Antagonists:[edit | edit source]

  • Julius Caesar --  The main antagonist of the series whose accent bears a strong resemblance to Sean Connery. He seeks to conquer the ancient world, but unfortunately always runs into a road block along the way, a blond midget of a road block to be exact. Julius Caesar appears unwilling to accept ideas outside of his own especially from Brutus whom he constantly belittles and insults. On the outside, he has only one goal: to take over the ancient world. However, there is another prize he's secretly after, but only he knows what it is.
  • Brutus --  Caesar's sidekick, or more accurately the human brush for him sandals. Although Brutus does come up with some good points and suggestions, he is constantly belittled by Caesar no matter what he suggests.
  • Soldier #1 --  Just an average soldier in the Roman military. He has a running gag where he tries to correct others by starting to say "my name is Da-" but is cut off by others or scene transitions.

Future Episodes[edit | edit source]

Euroabridged has not announced any dates for future episodes. However, she has been confirmed that rough drafts for three different episodes have already been made.

Trivia [edit | edit source]

  • It took about a single week to create the first episode, but two months to create the second.
  • Euroabridged sped the pilot episode up feeling that the original recording was too slow-paced. She made fun of this decision in the second episode
  • Euroabridged HATES the Steven Spielberg Tintin movie and believes it is as insulting to Herge's work as Dragonball Evolution is to Akira Toriyama's manga.
  • The episode's plot was created as the video itself was being created. Euroabridged only wrote two pages worth of actual planned script, half of which was never actually used.
  • Euroabridged has confirmed plans to make a Tintin Abridged, Princess Tutu Abridged, and a Bleach abridged.
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