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April 14, 2013

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Ep 2: Abridgers Dead Zone, Sweet Abridgers Dead Zone


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The Adventures of Asterix Abridged is the title of Euroabridged's series which is based off The Adventures of Asterix comic books which were created by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo . The original television series was created and broadcasted by Darguad Films  

The Series[]

There are two episode of the abridged series. On April 14, 2013, "Episode 1: Asterix the Gaul....and Romans" was posted on youtube. The second episode was delayed nearly two months before the release on June 11, 2013.

Voices, sound effects, and music[]

Euroabridged provides all the voices for the characters in the series. Most of the sound effects used in the series came from Findsounds.com and Youtube videos. The programs used by Euroabridged were Premiere Elements 7, Photoshop Elements 7, and Audacity.


With one running gag, a recurring roman is constantly referred to as "Soldier #1" by his colleagues. He tries to correct their error, stating "My name is Da-" only to be cut off by a scene transition.

A plot-driven joke from Episode 1 is the "good job rock" which Asterix makes up to trick Obelix into leaving him alone. Later in the episode, this becomes his undoing when the Romans capture him and Obelix won't leave to help despite being within earshot of his distant and distinctly desperate screams for help.



  • Asterix --  In the abridged series, he is the main protagonist of the show. Asterix has been shown to be somwhat unfaithful to the safety of his village and eager blow them off if it means his own well being. Asterix appears to have some arcade knowledge and video gaming experience. In Ep.1 it's revealed Asterix has a membership to Gamestop and has played "Assasins' Creed" at one point or another. He also was only willing to talk to Caesar after the Roman Army offered to give him an Xbox Kinect if he came.
  • Obelix --  Obelix is shown to be naive and simple-minded. Obelix has a somewhat uncreative and vulgar sense of humor (as shown when he asks Asterix to think of his name without the 'terix' ). Just like in the comics, Obelix is sensitive about his weight and doesn't like to be called fat.
  • Getafix --  The druid is flaringly faithful to his village and would sooner face death and torture than to betray his people. However, Getafix has shown to be somewhat of a drug addict. He obviously is fearful of how his people will react to this and hides it (although the Romans seem to know about pretty well). Getafix has also shown some annoyance towards Obelix and his ignorance. It is implied that he acts as Obelix's 'babysitter'.


  • Julius Caesar --  The main antagonist of the series whose accent bears a strong resemblance to Sean Connery. Julius Caesar appears unwilling to accept ideas outside of his own especially from Brutus whom he constantly belittles and insults. On the outside, he has only one goal: to take over the ancient world. However, there is another prize he's secretly after, but only he knows what it is.

Trivia []

  • It took about a week to create the first episode but two months to create the second.
  • Euroabridged sped up Ep.1 feeling that the original recording was too slow-paced. This decision was made fun of in the second episode
  • The episode's plot was created as the video itself was being created. Euroabridged only wrote two pages worth of actual planned script, half of which was never actually used.
  • Euroabridged also made a few episodes of a Bleach abridged series called Ableached.