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The Adventures Of Tintin Abridged: Episode Pilot
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 28th July 2011 (part one)
18th September 2011 (part two)
Length 7:06 (part one)
8:53 (part two)
Created by My Name Is Mircea Inc.
Written & Mixed by DrMircow
Link Part One
Part Two
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Episode 1 of My Name Is Mircea Inc.'s The Adventures Of Tintin Abridged entitled Episode Pilot is the pilot of the series. It is the first episode to introduce characters like Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock. The episode is based on The Crab with the Golden Claws. DrMircow stars in this episode.


Part One[]

The synopsis of the first part is as follows:

"Tintin is being sent by the Thompsons to investigate some boxes on a ship at the docks. There he finds out that the boxes contain hidden drugs but he is caught by the drug dealers in the end. Will Tintin be able to escape and arrest these people in time before it's too late?"

Part Two[]

The synopsis of the second part is as follows:

"Tintin and Captain Haddock's aeroplane crash in the middle of a desert after a heavy storm a while ago. Luckily, they are saved by a bunch of people who also know where Allan, their enemy, is hiding. Will Tintin finally put a stop to Allan's illegal activity? Or will Haddock manage to control his fear of broccoli in the end?"


Part One[]

Act 1[]

The first part started off with Tintin investigating the shape of a piece of paper wondering whether it is a square, a rectangle or a triangle when it clearly was a triangle. His activity was then interrupted by a scream from a man being beaten up by what it seemed to be an aggressive British guy and his partner, the bat. Unluckily for the man, Tintin was not able to aid him due to being spotted and presumed chased by the British guy.

Act 2[]

Tintin and Snowy were seen at the docks searching for a ship called TheLulzBoat after being told by the Thompsons to investigate it. Meanwhile, Allan and his henchman noticed Tintin's presence and wondered how he found their ship.

Tintin then discovered a chamber full of drugs but fell under the influence of them when he tried to sniff them and fell asleep. Late on, he woke surrounded by Allan and his henchmen and started cursing them when they left the room. Luckily, the Tintin was saved by his four-legged companion, Snowy, and both of them escaped through one of the ship's windows.

This lead them to Captain Haddock's room where they found out that that Allan was the person behind the drugs on the ship. As a result, Haddock decided to join them to get off the ship and to put a stop to Allan's evil plans. Successfully, although not unnoticed, they managed to escape on a boat.

Act 3[]

Hearing the news of their escape, Allan sent Captain Walker on his plane to kill them, but only managed to destroy their boat and got caught by Tintin in the end. He, Haddock and Snowy then hijack Walker's plane. The first part of the episode ends with Tintin mocking Allan through the plan's radio device for failing to stop and Haddock finding out that Tintin does not know how to fly the plane.

Part Two[]

Act 1[]

The second part began where the first part of the episode left off.

Meanwhile, Tintin found out that the plane was running out of gas and Haddock pointed out, to everyone's fear, that a huge storm was heading towards their way. Inevitable, plane was flying through the heavy storm causing Captain Walker to escape with a parachute only and ultimately, making Tintin to fall asleep, which lead the plane to crash in the middle of the desert; after failed attempts from Haddock to prevent that. Luckily, they all survived the abrupt crash.

Act 2[]

While all walking in the middle of the desert, Tintin ironically started hearing 'Message In The Bottle' by The Police and Haddock, very exhausted, uncontrollably began farting, making everyone around him to fall in coma. What was presumed to be hours later, Tintin woke up in someone's house along with Snowy but was then led to Mark, the leader of the desert village, by someone with a Borat accent. There, Mark told Tintin where to find Allan and his secret hideout, but was interrupted by Haddock's sudden appearance which made him randomly puke piles of broccolis out of mouth due to his fear of them.

Act 3[]

Subsequently, Tintin and the gang began their quest for Allan's secret hideout around an anonymous town, after Tintin was encouraging Haddock to conquer his fear of broccoli. Luckily, not too long after that, Tintin saw Allan on an allay and followed him with Snowy, disbanding with the rest of gang, but to his annoyance, lost his track after a cart pulled by a horse blocked his path for a while.

Act 4[]

Lost in an unknown town, with no map and food provisions, Tintin was forced to become a hobo and started begging for money, but always getting coins made out chocolate. Luck struck again, when Allan tripped over Tintin's wooden stick while Tintin was hiding from him, and as a result, Tintin also found Allan's secret hideout.

Inside, Tintin once again discovered drugs hidden in large crates, just like on the Allan's ship. The silence was broken with Haddock's scream which was coming from a different room. Tintin then went to investigate and saw Haddock being tortured by Allan and his henchman, but managed to put a stop to it when he intervened by throwing a can on Allan's face.

Failing to stop Tintin, Allan cowardly escaped through the backdoor, thus Snowy started chasing him, with Tintin behind him, before they both ended up driving speedboats. With some help from Snowy, Tintin managed to tangle Allan on his own speedboat, ultimately capturing him.

Extra Act[]

The following act may or may not be considered canonical.

The first scene started back again in the desert, with Haddock being showed very tired and thirsty. Seeing Tintin's back in the far distance, he started being aroused by his butt, but due to the very high heat in the desert, he started hallucinating Tintin and Snowy as broccolis. Ultimately, this led Haddock to start puking and farting piles of broccolis out his mouth and butt, uncontrollably.

The last scene featured a tribute to Captain Walker, confirming that he did not survive the jump off the plane with the parachute.

Featured Characters[]


The first part of Episode Pilot took roughly two days to be produced, with the second part taking almost a week.

Music Used[]

  • Part 1
   Afroman - Because I Got High
   The Who - I'm Free
  • Part 2
   Audiomachine - Sands Of Time
   The Police - Message In The Bottle
   Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire
   The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
   Yello - Oh Yeah
   The Who - Overture

Joke References[]

  • Allan's ship, 'TheLulzBoat', is a ship in named after LulzSec's fictional boat with the same name.
  • When Tintin sniffs the drugs, 'Because I Got High' by Afroman playes in the background emphasising his action.
    • The same song plays in the background when Haddock denies that he is a drug dealer to Tintin when they first meet on the ship.
  • When trying to escape, Rebecca Black's face appearing on the ocean's reflection hints Tintin not go down, because that would have been a 'terrible' idea.
  • Allan's scream, "Fuuuu---!", may be considered a reference to the Rage Guy meme.
  • When Tintin follows Allan, he is stopped by a man on cart pulled by a horse who says "Move, bitch!". It is a line said by one of the characters from the film, White Chicks.
  • Captain Walker resembles Johnny, the main character of the film, The Room.
    • "Oh hi, doggie!" is a line Walker says to Snowy after he attacks their boat, which is an infamous line said by Johnny in The Room.
    • Based on the tribute sequence at the very end of the episode, Walker was born in 1969; thus, making a reference to the year when The Who's Tommy album was released, which includes the song played during the sequence, and others which play in the episode too.


  • Captain Haddock is seen holding a small drinking cup in one scene, which misterisouly disappears in the next scene. A small subtitle was placed next to his hand pointing that out, for comic-relief.


Both parts of the episode received extremely positive reactions from the YouTube and abridged community. As of 24th December 2011, the first part of the episode received 16 likes and 4 dislikes on YouTube. However, the second part did only slightly better, with 14 likes, 0 dislikes and 10 favourites.

The episode was generally praised for its humour and certain jokes, such as Captain Haddock's trademark; his over-the-top fear of broccoli, the drug scenes, and various other references. According to some sources, this might be considered the most successful solo project DrMircow did so far.

View-wise, as of 24th December 2011, the first part remains the most viewed part out of the two, with a stunning 6,000+ views. It is also the most viewed abridged video and the video with highest view-rate on the channel. The second part only managed to attract just over 650 views.