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This Death Note abridged was originally being voiced by Liam Dempsey AKA TheSakuraTV alone up until episode 8 where he introduced both Santeg101 and Tommygunner121 to the series. Then Soowaba joined to be the voice of Light Yagami and then joined by xmvnx666x to be Misa. He then uploaded a Trailer saying he was going to do a DragonBall Yo! goku son and Friends OVA fan dub.


  • ​Death Note The Abridged Series
  • Yugioh Season Zero The Abridged Series
  • Beyblade The Abridged Series
  • DragonBall Z OVA Yo! Goku Son and Friends Return dub

Cast and Crew[]

RagingLimit -[]

Founder, Editor


Co-Founder, Writer, Voice Actor - Rem, Jelous, Naomi Takada, extras


Voice Actor - Light


Voice Actor - Misa Amane, Wedy, Sayu


Voice Actor - Cheif


Voice Actor - L, Matsuda


Voice Actor - Aizawa, Mogi, Ukita

Chris Wallace-[]

Voice Actor - Higuchi, Aiber, Namikawa

Abridged Summery[]

A high school student named Light Yagami (voiced by Soowaba) finds a note book that who ever name is written will die. He is up against a person named L (voiced by santeg101) who in the actual series suspects Light and tries to get a confession but in the abridged he keeps saying stuff like "this cannot be the first kira I don't remember sending this". L is also likes Light very much and because of one episode where he is chained to Light it keeps getting brought up in random episodes. Sometimes the episode gets caught off track where they are watching random stuff or on stuff light facebook (where Light said "busy killing criminals" then L replys "hey Light Wuu2" without notice that Light is Kira) or watching SpongeBob SquarePants or Looney tunes.

Death Note The Abridged Episode 1[]

This episode had to be redone due to it being deleted due to copywrite though RagingLimit said he would delete it due to its poor quality though he does the episode voiced by him and another person who voices Light which is unknown


- Light plays Call Of Duty: Black Ops

- On the telly the first person Kira kills is James from Team Rocket from Pokemon due to the fact that it happens in a Kanto Hospital which is where Ash (Pokemon protaganist) lives

This is the last episode written by Raginglimit and he didn't like having much references however it does have at least one in each episde

Death Note The Abridged Episode 2[]

This episode was the first to feature MasendanX


- Sayu says "I respect your privacy for knocking but not respecting when I barge in anyway" a line from Fairly Odd Parents when trying to barge into his room

- While L is talking to the police through his laptop its gets the blue screen of death thanks to him downloading a Kira finding app

- Light shows ryuk a video from youtube the popular video made by wolvoboynproud who is infact MasendanX's Brother

- A band in the episode sings "I want you in my life, kira" which is a parody of South Park "I want you in my life, Jesus"

- In the same scene as the band a girl is watching a video of a kid playing his magic keyboard a video from youtube

- At the end of the episode there is a clip from the Phoenix Wright video game where Phoenix Wright is cross-examining Light Yagami because he is a murderer

Death Note The Abridged Episode 3[]

The episode was completely voiced by MasendanX and written by RagingLimit

There was no References for this episode[]

Death Note The Abridged Episode 4[]


-Light is on facebook where he has a status as "had to kill another criminal where are they coming from" then L appears and talks to him not knowing what he put