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TheDastails is an American abridger, best known as the creator of Nisekoi Abridged and Fairy Tail Abridgement.


  • Nisekoi Abridged
  • The IrregularMENT at the Magic High School
  • Fairy Tail Abridgement
  • My Hero Academia Abridged
  • Haikyuu Abridged
  • Re:Zero Abridged
  • Black Clover Abridged
  • YaMENTa and the 7 Witches

Voice Roles

  • Magic Kaito 1412 Abridge by MrSukafu - Student 1 (Ep 2)
  • Index MENT by Skoringo - Tsuchimikado
  • Whoragami by LaLaLaLalelaida - "Creepy Asshole Pervert"
  • Blood C Abridged by Traitors&Cowards - Tokizane Shinichiro


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