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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann TAS
Created by JFOtaku7810
Cast JFOtaku7810


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The reason JFOtaku7810 started the series was because he wanted to show people his creativity, not only making music videos and spoofs, but to make a parody out of a whole series. After watching a number of anime, he came across Gurren Lagann and instantly had a passion for it. Upon starting and choosing a series to make a parody, he chose Gurren Lagann as he could image how the series would end up becoming a comedy. However, when he checked on Youtube and noticed that there were a few people who were making the same series already, he thought he wasn't going to make it. Luckily he received a few comments saying that everyones comedy style is different. By taking by that advice, JFOtaku7810 got the green light and started his own version of TTGL.
JFOtaku7810 started making his series by thinking of ideas, some references to current news and poking fun at other media material. He based his comedy on making a situation or event comical and made the character stand out differently from an abridged cast. Most Abridged Series use music that is common and recognizable, though some of it is based on old school cartoon themes from the 80s and 90s.


JFOtaku7810 made an episode, he had watched from the whole series before starting on the first episode. The reason for this is that he would know before hand what the characters were like and even what would happen to them in the very end; by doing this, he wouldn't make any mistakes in later episodes. Then he sat down and watched that episode so that he could start to write that event of the story. Afterwards, he thought what would happen in that scene, like dialogue, sound and music. Soon he got the chance to talk to his co-writer, Nowacking, to see what ideas she could come up with. Later, he started to type the script, checked if it was alright and sent the finished script to Nowacking. After checking, JFOtaku7810 began editing the episode. After finishing, he sent the video to Nowacking, who gave the episode the final touches and then the episode was presented to the website.

JFotaku7810 started making his series on his laptop and used the editing software Window Movie Maker. Storing the finished episodes or other media materials that would be used in later episodes, he saved them on a 1TB / 1000GB Hard Drive.


  • You Spin Me Right Round by Dope

Common Themes[]

Kaminas Jackass skits[]

In most of the episodes, Kamina seems to have a habit of making up names for each of the attacks but in TTGL TAS, Kamina performed his own Jackass skits with the theme and text as he performed an attack.

Breasts words[]

Gurren Lagann was produced by Gainax, and some people knew that Gainex is known for its jiggly breasts in their Anime. In TTGL TAS, scenes with Yoko and Kiyoh, a different word for breasts is heard. For example, in episode 2, you can hear the word Jiggly as Simon was in between Yokos breasts.

Kaminas name calling[]

In TTGL TAS, Kamina kept calling Simon with an heavy I instead of E.

Drill Censor[]

In the series, each swear word used by a character was replaced by the sound of a drill. An appropriate sound for which the series is based on drill power. (The sound of the drill censor is based on a Cordless Makita power drill.) However, when Kittan swears, his censored sound is replaced by a sound effect of a person saying Meow. The Creator describes the Meow censor as from the hit show Whose Line is it Anyway? by the comedian Colin Mochrie.