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Template Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 6/12/2009
Length 10:00
Created by Endar_Ren
Written & Mixed by Endar_Ren
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Note: This is NOT a real abridged episode. This is a demonstration on how we would like articles about an episode formatted.


This section gives a brief overlay of the events in the episode.

The Brotherhood of Nod is rising from the ashes of defeat to achieve Kane's tiberium dream. But one enemy stands in the way. And that enemy is YouTube.


This section is only needed if there were more than one voice actors in the episode. Otherwise, do not bother with it.

Format for cast listing: Voice Actor - Their role.

  • Endar_Ren - Narrator.
  • John Doe - The void of space.
  • ????? - Ghoststalker
  • Joseph D. Kucan - Kane


If there was no music in this episode, then forget this section.

Format: (Start time - End time) Song Name - Band

  • (0:00 - 1:46) We Gotta Power -
  • (2:34-3:00) Hellmarch - I don't know
  • (Ending) Flower of Hell' - someone


Put the references used in the episode here. Try to keep the references in order of first to last.

Format: (Time of reference) - Source of the reference and any details that might help the reader make sense out of it.

  • (Opening) - "We Gotta Power" is the second opening of Dragon Ball Z.
  • (1:23) "Blunt" is a term for Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun. It refers to those who are not mutated by tiberium.
  • (4:54) Seth was the Nod mission commander in the original Command & Conquer. The joke was that he was shot in the head by Kane during a briefing and then the player was given his rank. Seth's body is later seen on display in the depths of the Temple of Nod.


This optional section is for anything special about the episode, like the first appearance of a popular joke in the series, the premiere of a new voice actor, etc.


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