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These are the Character bios for Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged, including movies and specials.



Goku, in the Team Four Star universe, is an idiot (which is proven in Episode 2 when he asks Piccolo if he is a Yoshi, and if he can ride him) who has a near-obsession with food and fighting. Unlike the original Goku who was just slightly naive, this Goku is a complete idiot making the original Goku a complete genius by comparison (law of opposites) (Although TFS Goku is stupid and severely naive, he managed to outsmart the two "oiled up German guys" as well as tricking a great ape gohan into attacking Vegeta). He also shows neglectful tendencies towards Gohan, as seen by his constant disregard for his son's safety and interests. However, while desperate to avoid challenges that would result in humiliation and indignity, Goku is still a competent and powerful fighter despite having the intelligence of a severely naive child, proven when he was able to beat Nappa and Vegeta to a pulp (though not without help from Krillin and Gohan) and when he let Piccolo distract Freeza allowing the tyrant beat Piccolo up while charging the Spirit Bomb (this was due to his apparent grudge against Piccolo for letting Raditz beat him to a pulp while Piccolo was charging his attack even singing the same song in his head later on). Still, his naivety often irritates the many characters, especially Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan and Freeza. Goku seems to have lowered even more in intelligence since his fight with Vegeta, possibly due to the brain damage he received while fighting him, as well as the fact that he was smothered with Clorox in the hospital.

When he becomes a Super Saiyan, he was initially believed to be much more serious and intelligent as shown when he thought rationally by telling Gohan to leave Namek with Piccolo and Bulma from his battle with Freeza. However, it is later shown that his intelligence is selective. His vocabulary has increased substantially but he is still gullible enough to be bribed by Freeza with two pizzas which had stuffed crusts (although Goku refused the pizza until stuffed crust was brought up) to allow the tyrant to power up. Another example is when Freeza calls him an overgrown monkey, to which he replies, "And you're nothing but an overgrown... that thing Chi Chi keeps in her drawer!" (likely a dildo/vibrator). Yet another example of this is when he decides to distract Freeza (in an extremely stupid way) by alerting him that the dragon was back. he also mimicked Freeza at one point where Freeza had him from behind and he repeatedly performed a kidney punch. Also unlike the original series, he plays no part in King Kai's (and Dende's) plan to restore the Namekian Dragon Balls and then have Porunga transport everyone except for Goku and Freeza to Earth, telling Freeza he had no idea what happened to them or where they had gone to. Soon after, Freeza had been cut in half by his own attack. Goku cracks a few joke jokes relating to cut as Freeza was now split in half. Before Goku leaves, Freeza begs for some energy and Goku accepts. After an emotional monologue with Freeza after Goku had flew off, he changes his mind about changing and attacks Goku with the energy he'd been supplied. Goku then complains about Freeza wasting his energy for such an attack and "now has to give you more". He accidentally blows up the tyrant but thinks he just took the energy and fled. He flies to Freeza's ship and frantically searches until he finds the muffin button. He then proceeds to create gratuitous amounts of muffins, but the planet explodes in the middle of his fun. When trying to be brought to Earth, he denies and stays at his current location. At the end of episode 33, he returns to Earth by space pod in a new wardrobe and attempts to warn his friends of Freeza's attack only to be happily greeted by his friends, confused to why they are at his location. He meets Trunks, who is impressed with Goku's power and ability in spite of his aggressive stupidity. After hearing about how Trunks got to their time (impressively and intelligently questioning the flaws of time travel before tasting copper -- a sign of his impending heart failure) and about the Android plot, Goku explains the whole situation to the team (through Piccolo) that they must train before the Androids arrive. He then goes off to help Piccolo train Gohan, but then gets distracted by wanting to drive cars recklessly with Piccolo. By Episode 35, finishes his training with Piccolo and Gohan and tries to hide the secret of fighting the Androids poorly with them flying away while Chi-Chi screams. Soon afterwards, he starts to have the heart disease that Trunks explains about in the past episode, and complains about the weather being hot or wanting bacon. In Episode 36, it turns out Goku hates grape flavor so much, because when Goku realized the antidote for heart disease tasted like grapes (although Trunks said it was bacon flavored), Goku stopped drinking the medicine.

Goku, as with most characters, is terrified of Mr Popo. At the start of Episode 11, Goku is full on screaming to get Popo away from him due to some unknown event that occurred in his childhood. In later episodes we also find out more about Goku's intellect or lack thereof. As a child he believed that the 'Hyperbolic Time Chamber' was called 'The Room of Spirit and Time'. However, Mr Popo only called it that because Goku kept mispronouncing it; to the point where Popo literally knocks Goku off the Lookout for saying it wrong too many times. He also got scared when he and gohan accidentally destroyed part of the time of chamber.

However, he is one of the more kindhearted characters, as he was devastated by Krillin's death, took a death beam to the back to save Gohan from Cooler, told Yamcha he was his friend to prevent his suicide, continues to call Vegeta his "best buddy", and felt guilt at realizing his neglect of Gohan.

Later on, he and Gohan leave the chamber still as super sayians with both stating they can't "shut it off". Goku later meets Cell telling him he will defeat him. He returns and goes about mentioning Cell was handsome before stating he has no chance to face Cell but has a week to get strong to defeat him. When Goku and Gohan return home, Goku asks for Chi-Chi to make a birthday cake for Gohan since they missed a year in time chamber. However, Chi-Chi is annoyed that Goku took their son in a space time dimension as Goku asks if she is angry and she replies she isn't as she knows a way for Goku to make it up to her. When Chi-Chi has Krillin take Gohan out for a few hours, a worried Goku questions her previous statement. Chi-Chi says "He said one week and I'm using it" she proceeds to have sex with Goku who climaxes with a Kamehameha. In episode 56, after a series of sexual encounters with Chi-Chi, Goku sneaks out and goes to help restore the dragon balls by bringing back Dende who creates a new set of dragon balls which goku decides to go look for. He returns home and tells Chi-Chi what he'll be doing and is surprised when she is calm and Goku learns that she is pregnant causing him to get shocked.


Gohan is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, and is a half-human, half Saiyan hybrid. Unlike his original counterpart, this version seems to be far more intelligent, even in an early age, which comes from his mother wanting him to become a scholar. He remarks of how intense training can cause horrible muscle degeneration for someone his age, crippling him for years to come. Piccolo pokes fun at this, screaming out, "NEEEEEERRRRRRRD!!!", every time he says something intelligent. He shows this even in the most tense of times, like when Great Ape Vegeta was crushing Goku, he explains the laws of gravity as a way of saying the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Despite this, he is still a child, and still cannot, or prefer not to, grasp adult concepts such as intercourse.

Like his original, Gohan can become stronger and more confident every time he loses his temper, however, this version has a tendency to say scary comments, usually grotesque death threats or heavy curse-words. As said before, he'll usually explain how it's done before he says the actual thing, as when Nappa killed Piccolo, Gohan threatened to, "eviscerate you and use your intestinal tract as a condom while I fornicate with your skull!" after which Nappa asks what he just said, Gohan replies, "I'M GONNA SKULL-F*CK YOU!!!" He'll also, on some occasions, talk Hulk-style, like, "Gohan smash effeminate alien! Gohan strongest there is!" or say non-sensible things like, "Hey Freeza! The human body is composed of 75% water! I am 100% death! Have Some!!!"

This Gohan seems to be having issues with family, and being neglected by his father and pushed to study constantly by his mother has left him with an incredible amount of subconscious rage. This is first shown when he yelled at Chi-Chi for being so hard on him and telling him not to go to Namek, going as far as saying "SHUT YOUR F*CKING FACE!!!" This further evidenced when Goku's body was stolen by Ginyu, Gohan did not hesitate to attack him in a blind fury, saying, "You abandon me for a year with Piccolo, you send me off into space, and the next time I get to see you, you lost your damn body?! YOU'RE NOT EVEN YOU ANYMORE!!!!!!!" When Freeza was preparing to attack him, he thinks of what his dad would do, but all he sees is a image of Goku saying, "Bye, son!" then remarks that he may have issues. But despite the issues, Gohan still deeply loves his mother and father. Gohan is Dende's friend until Dende goes to his new home after he says he loves Gohan.

In the alternate timeline, while fighting the Androids, he finds Trunks and decides to make him his apprentice. As it turns out, his training style is like Piccolo's, focused on dodging and getting annoyed at Trunk's suggestion on building a raft instead of flying up. Gohan's family issues appear to have persisted into adulthood, since he seems more attached to Piccolo than his actual parents (especially since his last image of Goku is of his father fading into the sunset, saying "Bye Son", reflecting Goku's cheerfully neglectful treatment of him) and refers to Piccolo as "the father he never had". Trunks recalls that Gohan did not talk much about his family, and the subject brings a dark expression to Gohan's face as he lists his experiences his parent's behavior and his uncle (Raditz) kidnapping him. Furthermore, he has distanced himself from Chi-Chi to escape his insane, domineering mother, making her worry that her only son is dead, and considers the pain of Krillin and Piccolo(with Goku being a "sure, why not") to be fuel to becoming a Super Saiyan. 


Krillin is Goku's life-long companion and fellow member of the Z-Warriors. In the Team Four Star universe, Krillin is the butt of many jokes and often suffers abuse and misfortune from either his friends or his foes (one time mentioning how they're the reason he goes to see a therapist). In the second FAQ, it is explained that the reason of Krillin's scapegoat status is due to the fact that Yamcha, who is taller, muscular, yet even weaker than Krillin, isn't around enough. He has a counter for the number of times he had been "owned" physically or verbally (reaching 10 by the end of episode 10 and 28 by episode 29; he has so far been "owned" 30 times as of Episode 38). He also has a habit of making insensitive comments that others disregard as "too soon".

Besides being very selfish, often willing to let others get hurt to save his own skin, he is also more of a coward than he was misconceived in the original anime. Very occasionally, he is shown to have a brave side, briefly taking on Freeza as well as letting Gohan fly to Guru's house while Krillin attempted to distract Vegeta, and even getting right back up again after getting "owned" by Dr. Gero. On a few occasions, it is shown that he is attracted to Bulma (like in the 1st episode when he realized Bulma was single when she revealed she mentioned her breakup with Yamcha). However, he is also shown to dislike her constant bitching going so far as to give her a verbal tirade on her bitchiness only to receive a slap from her upon finishing. Like Goku, Krillin is terrified of Mr. Popo as both have endured the terror of his training. Krillin also has the weakness of uncontrollably spewing vital information to his enemies when in a state of extreme fear (this is noted by both Vegeta and Krillin himself). He also has a tendency to quack when filled with terror, having his noises regarded as coming from a "space duck". A running joke is that Krillin keeps calling Dende "L'il Green", apparently being oblivious to his name, and going so far as to call Nail "Big Green". In Episode 29, Freeza exacts revenge on Krillin and blows him up from the inside, killing him as retribution for severing his tail in Episode 25. Krillin dies in a comical way, screaming repeatedly while flying up into the air until he exploded. He is later revived, but is still in his state of shock as when he was being flown up in the air before he exploded.

It was later revealed in episode 31 that he received over 5.7 million for false life insurance for his "twin brother" Juan Sanchez, who he poses as to get the cash. However, he had to pay up the money back to the government for insurance fraud due to the reality that his "girlfriend" was actually an agent.

He has spent recent episodes acting as a sort of medic, just giving away Senzu Beans to the allies (as he unconvincingly denies).

And in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 type scenario, Vegeta occasionally makes him play scary video games.

He's only just met Android 18, so he hasn't hooked up with her yet.

In episode 56, Krillin meets Dende again and after Mr. Popo calls Dende "little green"; Krillin states he is Dende's "best friend" and he can only call him that name. This causes Dende to finally snap at Krillin and hit him with his wooden staff while demanding Krillin call him by his name, causing a scared Krillin to call him his name while Dendr wants him to call him "Super Kami Dende"


Piccolo is Goku's former enemy and current ally. In the TFS universe, he has a sarcastic disposition and is often easily irritated by Goku's stupidity (similar to how Vegeta feels around Nappa. This is in turn similar to how Vegeta is annoyed by Goku's stupidity and Piccolo is frustrated by Nappa's). He was also Gohan's mentor between the death of Raditz and before Vegeta and Nappa arrived, had a thing for calling him a "NEEEERRRRD" when he said something intelligent, and repeatedly attacked him right after telling him to dodge, which traumatizes the child to the point of paralysis whenever the word is shouted out. He protests against being brought to Namek via wish from Porunga, since Freeza was still on the planet, and thus there is a high possibility of getting murdered again, thus turning the whole Z-fighter's mission a waste, pointing out how stupid the wish is. Luckily, he passes by Nail and they fuse just like in the original series. Unfortunately, Nail continues to pester Piccolo in his head instead of fading away as in the original series. In episode 29, Goku gets his revenge on Piccolo for leaving him to get beaten up by Raditz while charging up his Special Beam Cannon by doing the same thing when facing Freeza while charging the Spirit Bomb, even mentally singing his 'charging my attack' song. He was later shot down by Freeza's Death Beam, But not before saying "F*ck You.".

Despite being rough in terms of personality, it is also shown quite often that Piccolo is lonely, and has been so for quite a while. This is evidenced in the first episode where he checks his Myspace page, and quickly agrees to join up with Goku after his offer to friend him on Myspace. This may also explain his relationship with Gohan and why he was so willing to sacrifice himself against Nappa, since Gohan is probably one of the few people who gave him company for a whole year. He also seems to hate repetivity and boredom despite him being used to it, as evidenced when he arrives on Namek for the first time during episode 25 and begins to remark how amazing it is, only to yell out how boring it is despite him feeling at home. He also yells out "SOCIAL ACTIVITY!" when he spots Nail in the same episode, further hinting his need for company. Despite this, he seems to have no interest in meeting his race, preferring to meditate (or nap) near a stream. Piccolo has a tendency for classifying villainous trios by three different Characteristics, 'pretty' one, 'stupid' one and 'one with weird powers'.

In Episode 31, Nail later questions why Piccolo does not have a house, which he answers that he has no money and no one wants to employ him anyway. Kami later joins in their conversation, much to Piccolo's chagrin.

Tien Shinhan[]

Tien Shinhan is Goku's friend and ally. In the TFS universe, most of his jokes revolve around his father-son relationship with Chiaotzu and how he is the most serious character in the show. Another recurring joke is his hatred towards "weeaboos", specifically in regards to those who insist on saying proper nouns/names from anime in a "Japanese" way, even if they are clearly English, i.e. when fighting two aliens very obviously named Jingle and Bell, he became enraged when they insisted their names were Jinga and Beru, shouting "F*CKING WEEABOOS" and blasting them. He was also mistaken for wearing a Mr. Clean costume in the Halloween Special although he was just dropping off Chiaotzu. in TFS Tien seems to be rational such as when King Kai kept leaving cliff hangers and he refused to ask. Another example is when explaining to Yamcha why they shouldn't care about Goku being dead when they have two sets of dragon balls saying death has no consequence because they are literally waiting to return.

In Christmas Tree of Might it's revealed that Tien is Jewish, as is Chiaotzu. When asked by Krillin pertaining to their presence, Tien retorts about trying to be culturally sensitive, further calling Krillin a 'Buddhist Ass'.

(Probably because "Ganxingba" who voices Tien is Jewish).

A running gag is that Tien holds a grudge against Vegeta, to the point where Yamcha remarks on him having a "hate boner", In return, Cell holds a grudge against Tien for impeding him from hunting the androids.


Chiaotzu is Goku's friend and ally, and Tien's partner. In the TFS universe, he often acts like an immature child, like insulting the audience for wanting to participate in voicing the characters, saying they suck, and it's up to Tien to correct him. He does take responsibility once by sacrificing himself in a kamikaze attack to kill Nappa. Of course, this is because he thought his friends would bring him back with the Dragon Balls, but Tien reminded him that they can't because they already brought him back once before, to which he responded "Wait, what?" just before he exploded. He knew King Kai was about to say that Freeza blew himself up along with his opponent. When questioned about it, he says that's what he did. He claims that when you return from the dead for the third time you get a free sundae.

His reaction to the Ginyu Force was that they all looked like "a bunch of queers."


Yamcha is Goku's friend and ally. In the TFS universe, Yamcha talks in a thick skateboarder accent. Most of Yamcha's jokes revolve around his uselessness (much like Krillin's but to a far larger scale), and his attempts at being a ladies man. Tien claims that Krillin is picked on because Yamcha isn't around enough. Whenever Yamcha's name is mentioned around others who never met him, such as Guru or Vegeta, they will say it sounds disappointing or "like Raditz". There is a song about him (parodied after "Rudolph the red-nose reindeer") called "Yamcha the scarred faced bandit" that describes him as "The most useless fighter of all". He was mad that King Kai would not teach the dead Z Fighters any of his techniques. When he tries to tell Bulma about the news of Goku dying, she dumps him for not calling her in months and then King Kai has Tien break Yamcha's leg. When he was revived, he is teleported to a pond on Earth and ends up breaking his good leg. He is shown in the Halloween Special wearing a wolf fursuit, suggesting that he is a furry. 

Yamcha's Voice has changed. In the first season, he had a thick, deep Australian accent. In recent episodes, however, he has a Western American accent, similar to Krillin's. The reason for his voice change is unknown.

In Future Trunks' timeline, he hung himself in despair when finding out Bulma is Pregnant with Vegeta's child. In the regular timeline, he's just annoyed that Bulma's child isn't his. When Goku was defeated by Android 19, he voluntered to to carry the Z-fighter declaring that it was the only thing making him useful, to which his friends agree and Vegeta asking why he was there. Finally reaching a breaking point against their ridicule at his strength, he sarcastically tells them "You know what have fun" (foreshadowing the z-fighters defeat at the hands of the androids). It would seem that of all the Z-fighters Goku is the only one who seems to care the most for Yamcha telling him "Wait, Yamcha you're my friend"(upon finding out about his death in Trunks' timeline) to which yamcha is touched.  Cell also shows Yamcha sympathy by telling him not to let his friends bully him.

When Trunks is killed when Cell shoots a beam through his chest, Yamacha remarks on his death, while remarking that its haunting like his own.

Future Trunks[]

Is the future son of Vegeta and Bulma, like gohan he is a half-human saiyan hybrid he first appeared in episode 17 where he was discussing with his mother to use the time machine to save goku and his father however he suddenly hears vegeta's rageful screams (all the way in the past on namek) he prompting him to say "Daddy ?!". He then appears at the end of episode 32 when Freeza and his father King Cold invaded earth he confronted them and killed all off most of his men asking "How many points was that ?" after freeza assign points to what the soldiers should kill. He then battles freeza's soldiers and ends up killing them all with a single slash while saying he had went through so many manneaquins to perfect that move. He then told freeza he could fill in for the super saiyan freeza was expecting before transforming this act both scared and angered freeza who threw a powerful attack that could destroy the planet at trunks. Trunks surprised the villian by catching the attack and begins to taunt him by saying he dropped the ball on that one repeatedley but on third time he was cut off after freeza who shot a beam at the blast causing it to explode. He then appeared on a nearby mountain where he told freeza he should "split" before firing a blast at him. Freeza and his father dodged by jumping in the air and commented that trunks wasn't funny before getting cut in half and blasted.Trunks then does battle with King Cold where he blasts him to a mountain after giving him his sword when begging for his life cold offers trunks a planet then saying three and downplays it to two and a half however, trunks noticed he went down and the latter remarked he was a haggler before being killed. Trunks then destroy freeza's ship and tells the Z-fighters to come where goku would land and promises snacks and beer which they all participate in. While talking to gohan he tries to explain how he knows goku but is cut off by bulma who comes onto him by saying he was really cute prompting trunks to nervously say his mom would always said he was a cute kid. This scares him so much that he screams in his head and loudly tells krillin he could have another drink after he had asked for one. Trunks would then stare at his father Vegeta who told him to knock it off as he "doesn't play that way" and when goku lands on earth he remarks to himself "Thank god" being exasperated with the z-fighters . He would then meet goku and while doing so he would let it slip that bulma and vegeta are his parents and he would become impressed by goku's strength but exhausted with his stupidity. He warns goku about the android threat, though would correct him by saying the correct term is  "Cyborgs" but goku ignored him nonetheless trunks  explains the death of the z-fighters and goku's heart attack before giving goku the antidote to his heart virus and lying it tastes like bacon when goku remarked he hated grapes. He left the area and returned to his time machine which he would fly over the heroes and say he would like to know vegeta a little more while saying he hopes to know bulma a "little less".

He would then return during the android threat where he mistakes a destroyed android 19 for an overweight chiaotzu before realizing his mistake. He met up with the z-fighters while they were fighting gero and when called by his name by piccolo vegeta remarks that's a girl's name until krilln points out that's his son's name causing vegeta to put trunks being from the future and having his son's name together. Trunks says "Well that cat's out of the bag" before asking what androids were the z-fighters facing confusing them but this brushed aside until noticing bulma who was flying over with baby trunks but much to future trunks' horror and this led to to android 20 (really Dr.Gero) to escape by shooting down the ship. Trunks save them and angrily questioned vegeta over why he didn't save his wife and child only to learn that they were never married. He is then shocked to learned that the android they were fighting was really Dr. Gero and when vegeta flies off he follows him. During their flying vegeta asks why trunks is following him and trunks points out they both know he's his son and vegeta remarks "And are you as disappointed as I am?". When the others have reached the lab trunks remarks that vegeta got lost a couple of times and asked how the others are "friends" with him. After 17 and 18 kill Gero trunks destroys the lab before they can activat 16 but sees that didn't do anything as they were still alive to which he is shocked. He tries to stop vegeta from going after the androids but is punched in the stomach. When the z-fighters find vegeta fighting the androids he begs his father to stop but is ignored and sees him get brutally beat by 18 after calling her a c*&^t he tries to help but ends up having his sword destroyed and 17 knock him to the ground he tries to get up only to have 18 throw vegeta  which knocks him out. He is woken up after being given a senzu bean by krillin and remarks he can't believe 18 kissed him and during a talk with his friends it is shown that future bulma has not truly told him everything about the past as he seems unfamiliar with most locations, country music and a fax machine. Later on when evacuating goku he nervously asks yamcha "How's it going ?" and gets an "I'm hanging in there" comment by yamcha (unknowingly referencing his death in trunks timeline). On the ship he explains how his time travel works and gets a call from his mother and is noticeably uncomfortable as is bulma now knowing their relationship. He is then told that his time machine has been spotted in the forest and is shown a picture of aged version of his time machine and notes how it's impossible as he has it on him he hatches it and it begins to crush goku. He then travels with gohan to find the machine and along the way he tells gohan what he's like in the future and subtley hints at what happends to his arm after looking at it. The two find the machine and are then join by bulma whoa awkardly greets her son but this is then brushed aside as they investigate the machine.Trunks then takes out his that has the word hope on which would verify if they do match he rubs the moss of and it ends up saying so. It is then shown that apparently Trunks says "crapbaskets" too when frustrated. He then finds an egg and an old shell of a creature and after placing his hand in it the juices end up on his hand which complains about nonstop. After bulma leave he then asks gohan if he had any hand sanitizer on him to which the child asks "Do you not ?". The two then go to Kame house where they are told of the events of Ginger Town and when trunks volunteers to go as krillin asks if vegeta would be there also but trunks (correctly) denied he wouldn't. 

After briefly meeting Cell before the latter escapes, Trunks learns from Piccolo that Cell is an android created by Gero. He along with Krillin later go to the basement of Gero's lab where they find the present time Cell in an incubator and Android 17's designs. They steal the blueprints and destroy the present Cell and leave the area. Trunks then goes into the Hyperbolic time chamber with his father and spends a full year of training with him for in entire day. When he emerges, his hair has grown and he has now gotten over his uncomfort around Bulma and he accompanies his father in confronting Cell who was hunting android eighteen. Trunks is mostly silent as Vegeta effortlessly beats Cell but breaks his silence when Cell boasts that if he was perfect he would have destroyed Vegeta which peaks Vegeta's interest and causes Trunks to scream in frustration.

When Vegeta allows Cell to achieve his perfect form by absorbing android 18, trunks tries to stop but Vegeta gets in his way. While dealing with both Cell and Vegeta he discovers that Krillin had destroyed the remote that can shut down the androids angrily asking "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He tries to stop cell again only for Vegeta to get in his way which is when Trunks finally loses his patience and states he will stop Cell and when Vegeta asks if he is thwarting his plans Trunks angrily states "You know what?! Yes!!!" before powering up and blasting his father away. He kicks cell away from 18 and fights him until cell uses solar flare to blind everyone present and absorb causing him to achieve his perfect form.

While Vegeta engages Cell, Trunks tends to Krillin (who was kicked away by Cell) and the latter states that Vegeta is doomed as Cell is holding back his power just like him. After Vegeta is defeated by Cell, Trunks angrily powers up and enters his ascended form having Krillin take Vegeta away Trunks goes to confront Cell.

Before the battle, Cell tells Trunks how he killed an alternate version of Trunks and stole his time machine to travel to the past a year before the current him showed up, meaning Cell achieved his plans because of Trunks. Trunks is shocked but when Cell tells him he's just a child playing hero, Trunks angrily declares Cell to be a mistake he has to correct. Trunks charges at Cell and hits him with barrage of attacks until Cell tells him to go all-out provoking Trunks by asking if Gohan knows Trunks let him die in the future, Trunks states he will power up. He does so and attacks Cell seemingly holding the upper-hand until Cell reveals that he simply allowed Trunks to hit him out of pity as he states Trunks' ascended form may have strength but lacks speed. Cell further proves his theory by knocking Trunks down and giving himself heavy muscles while imitating Trunks, which the latter calls a terrible impression but 16 calls accurate. When Cell tells Trunks to come down and stop wasting his time with his ridiculous form. Trunks exits super saiyan and tells Cell to kill him as he latter remarks on how easily trunks' spirits have been broken causing Trunks to angrily ask if everything was a game to Cell. Cell then tells Trunks if that if it was a game he would be having fun or defeating Goku before Trunks mentions that even Cell fights Goku the latter would win and no would remember Cell. This gives Cell an idea and he spares Trunks as he admits he would get nothing from killing him and states he has something to prove to the world. Trunks asks him what he's planning as Cell states his revolution before telling a stunned Trunks to watch the news on television to find out his meaning.

Trunks powers up in anger as Krillin and Vegeta return asking where cell went and he tells them what. When Android 16 shows up, Trunks tries to stop Krillin from befriending the android but fails to do so. The three then go to capsule corp. where Trunks meets his grandparents (like Bulma his grandmother tries flirting with him before Krillin tells her who he is) and the other z-fighters show up. He informs them of what occurred and they tell him he's fortunate to be alive and Trunks finds out that a majority of them have died before (Krillin and Chiaotzu twice). Bulma and his present self soon show up and checks out his injuries treating him as a baby before he tells her his age. He then watches old TV shows just as Cell appears on television and announces the Cell Games.

Trunks is killed when Cell shoots a beam through his chest, as his friends remark on death. His father falls into a rage and proclaims Trunks as his baby boy before attacking. After Cell is killed, the dead Trunks is brought to the lookout and is resurrected by Shenron. According to him, he was dealing with King Yemma about his desk and remarked on how he got his clothes back.



In the TFS universe, Bulma has the same personality to her character in the original anime/manga, except she's often the subject of crude sexual humor. Also, it's implied she can be quite promiscuous, as shown in episode 17. She is often to be thought as a bitch or the queen of bitchdom especially by Krillin (who tells her this very intricately in episode 18). Most of the jokes in the second season revolve around how she is constantly alone and abandoned by the heroes. To this end, she is (usually) nice to Gohan but spiteful towards Krillin for (unknown reasons ).Like her original incarnation, she is prone to outbursts of complaining and panicking at the worst times.

When the countdown to Namek's destruction began Gohan went looking for Bulma to bring her back to Goku's ship, and found her barely holding onto a plateau (Growling and snarling like a raging animal, strangely). While on their way to the ship, Bulma raged at Gohan about how she was abandoned to nearly die while the planet began to crumble at the same time and how it has left her freaking out. Gohan, having had enough of Bulma's complaining, calmly asked Bulma how high she would have to fall to reach a fatal terminal velocity. Bulma, getting the message, gave no reply.

She is contacted by Yamcha, via King Kai, but stops Yamcha in mid-sentence by breaking up with him for "not calling her in months." When Yamcha explains he was dead, she says, "well that's not stopping you now," and on the spot asks Vegeta out. King Kai interrupts the argument to tell of Namek's destruction, and Bulma volunteers to house the entire Namekian race at the Brief's compound (only if they agreed to keep out of Dr. Brief's scotch). When Vegeta took off (with the scotch) she yells for him to "call her." She is also present when the Namekian Dragon Balls are used to revive Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chiaotzu. In Episode 34, Bulma had made sexual advances on Future Trunks (not knowing he was her future son) making him uncomfortable at the end of the episode she has sex with Vegeta and then questions to Vegeta of not wearing a condom.

Three years, in the Android Saga she is seen with her baby son and later on reveals that Vegeta went off into space after learning from Bulma that he would have to get a job to support their child. Later she tries to get a close look at the androids but her ship is crashed by Dr.Greo whom she recognizes and tells the Z-fighters where his lab is located and it is revealed to her that the boy from the future is her adult son to which she is shocked stating "Oh, my god! I solicited my son for sex." to which Krillin laughs at her predicament. She is later taken back home along with her son and Yadjirobe by Gohan who flew them all the way to Capusale Corp in West City. Once at home she calls Krillin who is she rude to again and asks for Trunks and awkwardly greets him with a "Heyyyyyy"  (clearly showing she is uncomfortable since their last talk). In the alternate timeline, she even hits on Gohan, much to his discomfort.

Later on, she meets up with Future Trunks and Gohan in the forest where she once more has an awkward greeting with him before they discover the time machine. Bulma learns of her future self's personality and laughs at it before playing with the old shell of the android cell. When Gohan and Trunks discover Cell's old cocoon and note on how it probably became a monster, Bulma quickly flees the area completely shocked before getting a call from Krillin about what happened in a city not to far from there. Later on, she receives diagrams on how to shut down the androids from Krillin and when finishing she takes present trunks with her and they meet up with krillin (who she accidentally hits with her ship) giving him the remote and leaving.

She goes to the lookout with present Trunks and nervously greets Future Trunks (who emerged from the time chamber) but he tells her that due to spending a year in the chamber he was over their previous meetings. Bulma then gives Vegeta, Trunks, Goku, Gohan their battle armors.

She stays on the lookout and converses with Tien and Piccolo and when they bet on who will mess up with the androids out of Vegeta or Krillin. She joins in and states that both of them will mess up to their shock as she explains she known the two of longer than they have. When Cell achieves his Perfect form due to Krillin destroying the remote to shut down the androids and Vegeta allowing cell to absorb 18. Bulma states she won the bet but is silenced when Piccolo states Cell destroy the world.


Chi-Chi is Goku's wife and Gohan's mother. Unlike the original series version, who is just strict, TFS Chi-Chi is completely insane. Much like the original series, she's greatly annoyed with Goku, but due to TFS Goku being a complete idiot, Chi-Chi is clearly more annoyed to the point of complete anger and frustration. Upon learning from Krillin that Goku was dead and that Gohan was abducted by Piccolo, she wanted to "castrate" Krillin in his sleep with a rusty carving knife. After talking Krillin into spending the night (against his better judgement), she attempted this exact thing, but Krillin was able to escape before she could do it. She chases Krillin, but Krillin decides to gather the Z-Fighters before she could do anything.

Her insanity is also clear due to her stubborn fixations on making Gohan study no matter what's going on. Goku himself isn't as afraid of her as Krillin, though when Raditz tried to kill Gohan Goku mentioned "Anything you could ever do is nothing compared to what Chi-Chi would do to me if she found out he died." Later while on Namek, upon finding himself in Ginyu's body, he however mentioned that Chi-Chi would kill him if she found out.

In the non-canon, "Christmas Tree of Might" Christmas special, part of their sex life is hinted at, when it is implied that she will give Goku Mouth Present for Christmas (likely due to spending all their money on Gohan's schoolbooks) which Goku reveals he was looking forward to. She has a dark presence as said when Gohan claims he senses one on the plane. In Episode 34, Chi Chi refuses to let Goku train Gohan for the battle of the Androids and also refuses to make dinner for Goku. When Goku suffered from a heart attack she was there to tend to him and made sure that gohan kept up with his studies and giving him new work when he completely memorized the other.

In episode 45, when Goku recovered from his heart attack and explained his plans of going out to train with gohan and defeat the androids. Chi-Chi surprisingly calm gave goku permission which shocked both him and Roshi but she stated there was only one condition that he promise they have another baby (foreshadowing Goten's birth). Goku was utterly nervous and speechless to her request and quickly teleported away giving no complete answer as a response. When roshi commented on if goku's response was a yes, chi-chi replied that it wasn't a no either.

When Goku and Gohan return home, Goku asks for her to make a birthday cake for Gohan since they missed a year in time chamber. However, Chi-Chi is annoyed that Goku took their son in a space time dimension as Goku asks if she is angry and she replies she isn't as she knows a way for Goku to make it up to her. She has Krillin take Gohan out for a few hours as worried Goku questions her previous statement. Chi-Chi says "He said one week and I'm using it" she proceeds to have sex with Goku who climaxes with a Kamehameha, possibly conceiving Goten.

In the alternate timeline, future Chi-Chi lives with her father, and has completely alienated Gohan. The dissonance between reality, where she is a widow with a son "who never talks to her and is probably dead", and her idealised narrative, in which she is "a grandmother, with a Nobel-Prize winning son" by now, has caused her to completely break from reality. She now sits knitting a baby sweater for the grandchild she does not have.

Master Roshi[]

Master Roshi is a turtle hermit and a martial arts master who trained Grandpa Gohan, Ox King, Goku, Krillin and Yamcha. TFS Roshi seems to act like a normal old man and is more serious than his anime counterpart who's a "dirty old man". He is still somewhat perverted though not as much as his anime counter part. Hints of his pervertedness and crude humor is shown when he was laughing offscreen upon hearing Krillin mention Gohan "pounding the tuna" for his mother. And like everyone else he is also annoyed by his former pupil's stupidity. It's revealed in episode 42 that he smokes marijuana.


Shenron the Eternal Dragon of Earth. In the TFS Universe Shenron is sick of being summoned by the main characters. He is also tired of the Z-fighters' tendency to make stupid wishes, even when Shenron offers them a better wish. In the 'Christmas Tree of Might' Christmas Special, it is noted in the credits that he got a restraining order, most likely against the Z-warriors. In Episode 30 (Part 1) it is also revealed that Popo is his master. In the Dead Zone Special, he speaks much like Shenron does in the original series, though he switches back to his TSF self when he hears Garlic Jr.'s wish for immortality, as he couldn't remember the last time someone nutted up and asked for that and congratulates him before adding he can't wait to hear how he'd f@#%'d this up (foreshadowing Garlic Jr. being responsible for his own defeat by opening up the Dead Zone). When Garlic Jr. asks what the hell does he mean, Shenron response It means: Your wish has been granted. In the World Strongest special, he is summoned at first he believes it is z-fighters before seeing he was called on by Konchin which surprises him to have someone else call him as he asks him wish. He is irritated when the latter asks him to simply melt the ice off his lab when he is able to do more powerful things. At the end of the special, he is summoned by the Z-fighters he asks them who died but when Gohan tells him that no on did and they instead called him to create a new body for Dr. Wheelo's brain which he is intrigued as it is a way better wish than just melting ice. He gives Dr. Wheelo a new body with the large brain bulging from inside.


Kami is the Namekian guardian of Earth and the creator of the Earth's Dragon Balls. He's a lot like the original version, except it seems that he's bored with his job, as when he is brought back to life, his only reaction was, "We're back here again. Fan... freaking-tastic." Kami likes pot and shows no complaint when Popo was growing some during his absence. He is also very lonely, as when he warned Piccolo of the Saiyans, he stayed inside Piccolo's head to have company. This may be due to having to live with the evil Mr. Popo, who seems to have some sort of grip over him, (when Kami questioned why he won't go to Namek to wish him back with their Dragon Balls, Popo just replied, "pecking order" to which Kami complied.) It has been shown that Kami can be a smart ass when questioned by King Kai to whether he was questioning god he replied "are you?" In Episode 31,He was later kicked out of the lookout for the night while Mr. Popo was having a 'booty call'. He then decided to crash at Piccolo's for the night, only to realize that Piccolo has no house. He later has a friendly conversation with Nail. In season 1 Kami has an stereotype old man voice, but in season 2 onwards he has a normal voice like most of the cast. Later at episode 42, he is fused with Piccolo, even though he rejected the idea of being a part of Piccolo. Kami admits that he wanted to drive a car once, but when cars were invented, his eyes weren 't so good for it. In the Cooler 2 Special, while Piccolo is on the spaceship traveling to New Namek, Nami asks Kami how long has it been since he had been on Namek, TSF Kami reveals it has been 500 years and remembers his childhood on Namek reminiscing about the Namek of the past, the beautiful blue landscapes and culture before mentioning the bond of kinship between them and their albino Namekian brothers, unaware of the albino Namekian purge caused by Guru.

Mr. Popo[]

Mr Popo is a genie and the assistant to the Earth's Guardian. Like many other characters in the abridged series, is the exact opposite of his anime counterpart and is pure evil. We first see him when Kami is telling him that the Z fighters are coming to train with him, starting him off laughing maniacally, with the psycho squeal on the violin playing in the background. It is implied that it was Mr. Popo (not King Yemma as in the original series) who managed reach the end of Snake Way. His first spoken line when training the Z fighters is "All right, maggots, listen up." He frequently puts them through horrific and psychologically scarring training, and is apparently this cruel to everyone as shown in a PTSD style flashback Goku has in the hospital of when he was first beginning his training on the lookout, by flashing between Goku and Popo, before cutting to Goku screaming "Get him away from me!" Another example is when Krillin is asked about how his training was he simply breaks down and cries "First rule of Popo's training, do not talk about Popo's training!" (This could be a reference to Fight Club, which has a similar rule.) He also is at the top of his "Pecking Order." It goes (bottom to top): the Z Fighters, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo's stool (He's not talking about furniture.), Kami, then Mr. Popo. Additionally, Kami's ship only responds to the word "Popo" not because it is the password, but because it just knows better. He also isn't concerned about Kami's death and spends the time he has alone planting (Which in Episode 24, it turns out that he's been planting pot/marijuana, but Kami doesn't mind due to its ability to relieve his glaucoma). He also has a more politically correct counterpart called "Blue Popo" (created to fit FCC regulations) who appears in the promo skit "Blue Popo Wants to see you at Youmacon 2010" he replaces the racially insensitive Mr. Popo to tell viewers about Youmacon 2010. However his crass counterpart, Mr. Popo, returns and assimilates Blue Popo into a copy of himself. Like in the anime, Mr. Popo has flying carpet with the ability to travel vast distances in the blink of an eye (when Bulma inquires as to why Goku didn't use it to get to the battlefield to save his friends, it is revealed that Mr. Popo was "making toast" and couldn't be bothered), though he also hints that it requires human souls to accomplish this feat. In DBZ Kai abridged he quotes he is a [potential] rapist, "but will never say it flat out". In Lord Slug Abridged, he has a Jynx (Pokemon) as a hooker, whom he treats poorly, and that he may torture cats.In "The Revenge of Cooler" he brings back the Sun,or make a new one, after it went out when Cooler is slammed into it.His prediction of Krillin dying on Namek comes true when Freeza blows him up, prompting him to say "Called it". He then collected the Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron only to ask Kami "the f*ck am I doing". When Shenron is summoned, he interrupts his typical "speak your wish" line when he sees it is Mr. Popo, and refers to him as Master and asks if is time to lay waste to the earth and its population, but Popo says to "give them a couple hundred more years, see if they can clean this up!", sparing the people of Earth at least for the time being. Mr. Popo is also somewhat very powerful. When Garlic Jr. and his men attack the lookout, Popo swiftly defeats them in retaliation for trashing the lookout. When Kami returns to the lookout and asks what happened, Mr. Popo replies having Italian for dinner, and the lookout was trashed because 'it was nothing but garlic!" He apparently wears "Cloverfield" as a costume, as revealed in the Halloween special. In Season 3, Popo drank a gallon of LSD from milk carton and keep repeating "all these squares make a circle", as the tiles on Kami's Lookout are square yet the Lookout itself is circular. After Kami fused with Piccolo, Mr. Popo started celebrating since he got the lookout for himself. However, after his initial celebration he seemed a lot more docile and calm as mentioned by Goku. It appears he misses Kami as while looking at Goku he sees a faint vision of Kami. He remains calm up until he attacks Goku and knocks him off the Lookout with a single punch in Episode 46 after he keeps mispronouncing the name of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He later knocks Vegeta off the lookout after the latter annoys him. In episode 56, he meets Dende who unlike many characters shows no fear of him and even stands up to him causing Mr. Popo to smile and state he likes Dende.

King Kai[]

King Kai is a trainer of heroes who reach his small planet home at the end of Snake Way. He was Goku's mentor when he died, as well as Yamcha's, Chiaotzu's, Tien's, and Piccolo's when they all died. King Kai is very easily annoyed, which is seen when he's constantly telling Bubbles, Gregory, and Bojack to shut up, or when he tells Krillin to wish Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien, and Piccolo back to life before he kills himself. Unlike his anime counterpart, he shows little to no interest in jokes (Although he does seem to have a crude sense of humor, shown when he chuckled at the memory of Bardock's death during the Genocide of the Saiyans). Bubbles, Gregory, and Bojack live with King Kai on his planet, and are the only company he's had in 500 years until Goku showed up. King Kai constantly tells them to shut up. He later defeats the Ginyu Force when they arrive on his planet with ease. He tries to contact Mr. Popo only to be blasted back just for contacting him. He seems to like saying the word 'musk', much to the dead Z Fighters' annoyance. He also seems to like insulting Yamcha, as shown on the "Christmas Special:Tree of Might" and when he asked Tien to break his leg. 


Bubbles is King Kai's pet monkey. He can't speak English, and only communicates by making monkey noises, which King Kai can never understand. (except in the FAQ special). He seems to care for Gregory (Unlike King Kai) as when Gregory corrected King Kai saying he's a cricket. (Not a grasshopper) King Kai said he does not care, but Bubbles said in subtitles "I care".

Talking Movie Bubbles[]

Talking Movie Bubbles is Bubble's counterpart that appears in Lord Slug Abridged and can speak perfect English, but in a stereotypical Englishman way. He even has a top-hat, monocle, and thin mustache to complete the image. He seems to annoy King Kai the most, as he threatened, "Movie Bubbles, I swear to God! In a trunk, off a cliff!"


Gregory is a cricket who also lives on the planet. He is sometimes the voice of reason on the planet, such as when King Kai was taking bets on who would win the Vegeta-Goku bout, Gregory stated that it wasn't appropriate because the fate of the Earth was at stake. But when King Kai threatened to hit him with a mallet, Gregory ended up betting 1,000 Zeni on Goku.



Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and the first main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z and later anti-hero. In the TFS universe, Vegeta has a similar personality to his original self; a high sense of pride and ruthlessness that is present in any Saiyan, but he is much more extreme due to his royal title. However, this version is prone to making quick jokes/puns to taunt his opponents (for example, he constantly makes fat jokes around Dodoria, makes gay jokes around Zarbon, and throws doggy treats at Guldo, among others) and his narcissism and vanity are greater emphasised for comedic effect. He's basically shown as the only sane person in the show. Not quite as sane as Gohan, but still with a degree of sense. He also has a much shorter temper than in his original version, probably due to years of putting up with his highly annoying partner, Nappa. In fact, his rage reached its peak when he figured out that Gohan had stolen the Dragon Ball he hid earlier in the lake of a Namekian village he destroyed (his screams were so loud in fact, that they transcended time and space, enabling Goku, King Yemma, and even his future son, Trunks, to hear them since the screams would take years to reach Earth) and later goes temporarily insane after finding Krillin, to the point where he is literally seeing red (even popping a blood vessel when he finds out Krillin doesn't have the Dragon Ball he was asking for) only snapping out of it when he senses Gohan's power level spiking due to Guru unlocking his potential. He also seems to think that bald people are annoying and a displeasure to work with (Shown in episode 19 when he tells Krillin that he is still only the second most annoying bald person he's ever had the displeasure to work with, the most annoying being Nappa). He treats people with very little respect, including Krillin and Guldo. Despite his shortcomings, he has moments of brilliance on several occasions, such as when he got Ginyu to accidentally spill the beans on where the Dragon Balls were in episode 22.

Unlike in the original, he was distressed that his entire race was destroyed, as shown in "Bardock: Father of Goku Abridged." However, he was distracted from his dismay when Nappa announced that they were going to the Dairy Queen.

Like his counterpart, he has a deep resentment towards Goku, both for thwarting his plans for destroying the Earth, and for his intense stupidity. It is later shown that he actually has a little respect for Goku, as when he was shot in the heart by Freeza. But he doesn't die before telling Goku that his entire race had been enslaved to do his bidding, and then heartlessly betrayed by him when he destroyed their planet and killed off almost all the inhabitants, and placed it in Goku's hands to avenge them. Goku then theorizes that if it weren't for Freeza, Vegeta would have been a good person, but only for Vegeta to reply, "Oh, no! I'd definitely still be evil. If this situation were reversed, this conversation would never have happened. You'd be dead, and I'd be laughing!" His final line is "Kakarot, you are the last remaining Saiyan... Oh God you're the last remaining Saiyan!" (therefore the most stupid). He appears again after Freeza attempts to drown Goku in Goku's vision, trying tell him to unleash the power of the Saiyans deep within him, only to be asked why he is naked in the vision. Vegeta then says, "Idiot you don't take your clothes with you when you die." But when Goku points out that he did (including the weighted clothes that he wasn't even wearing), Vegeta then angrily yells, "THAT LYING RED MOTHER-F*CKER!!!" (namely King Yemma) he tells goku to use the Kaioken to defeat freeza before saying he was going to and get his clothes back.

In episode 30 part 2, he is revived by Mr. Popo's wish and is relieved to have his clothes back and begins to question if he's alive before he punches himself in the stomach  to prove it. He is delighted, but then coughs up blood. He tries to fight Freeza, only to be teleported away before he could blast him. Vegeta seems to like stating what he did without telling who did it until afterwords. In Episode 30 part 3, he was asked by Bulma if he wants to live with her, to which he replied, "Only if it's got a pool!". Later on in the episode he left Earth by stealing Dr. Brief's Spaceship, as well as his scotch, and departed from Earth yelling "Sayonara Bitches!"

Vegeta reappeared in episode 32 after crashing the aforementioned spaceship and proclaiming "I'M BACK, BITCHES!" According to Bulma, he has a nice ass. Due to a miscommunication between himself and Bulma, he also once ate a bar of soap. Vegeta has a hatred for the color pink, making him livid about the pink shirt Bulma gave him. Later, when he begins training in a 500x gravity simulator, Bulma continues to berate him, finally ending when Bulma offers to him "my room, ten minutes" where they then proceed to have sex (where Vegeta climaxes with the Galick Gun). Bulma then asks him where his condom is, to which he replies "... THE FUCK'S A CONDOM?"

In episode 34 Vegeta was shown in a flashback when he and Bulma were arguing after they had sex.He then left after hearing he had to get a job and help Bulma raise Trunks. He returns in episode 36 where he finally becomes a super saiyan (his way of realizing the legend was... throwing a huge tantrum. "I WANNA! I WANNA BE A SUPER SAIYAN! I-WANNA! I-WANNA-I-WANNA-I-WANNA-I-WANNA~!", or "Push ups, sit ups, and plenty of juice"). He claims he has a pure heart of "unadulterated bad-ass." This leads Tien to quip, "More like pure, unadulterated ego!"

He apparently spends his spare time playing video games with Nappa, as shown in Two Saiyans Play. While he is still annoyed with him, he shows noticably less contempt towards him than in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, even showing decency towards him.

He's also very sexist. He doesn't refer to Bulma by name, calls Android 18 a 'Washing Machine' for being a robot and a woman, and also calls her a c*&^t, leading to her breaking both his arms.

Still Super Saiyan, Vegeta declares vengeance on "those metal brats".

Upon meeting Cell in his Semi-Perfect Form, he refers to him as "ugly".

Vegeta then proceeds to horribly beat cell until the latter provokes him by stating he would be win if he was in his perfect form. Interested Vegeta allows Cell to absorb 18 by making sure Trunks doesn't interfere but when the latter becomes fed up Vegeta asks if he is thwarting his plans which Trunks confirms before blasting Vegeta away. Landing in the ocean vegeta remarks "Huh, this is a new feeling pride in someone else. Unfortunately it's overshadowed by all this unyielding rage!!!" Vegeta flies back to the battle as cell uses solar flare blinding Vegeta as he angrily states "My rage has blinded me !!!" Once his sight returns he smiles as Cell absorbs 18 and achieves his perfect form.

Vegeta then confront Cell and battles and realizes he is outclassed as Cell shrugs off his attacks and effortlessly defeats him. The unconscious Vegeta is taken away by Krillin and when he awakens he is confused over his defeat until Krillin cheers him up by mentioning his defeat by cell and other villains. However, Krillin takes it too far after mentioning Vegeta's humiliating defeat causing him to punch Krillin.

Vegeta is horrified after Trunks is killed when Cell shoots a beam through his chest, as his friends remark on death. Falling into a rage, he proclaims Trunks as his "baby boy" before attacking but is defeated by Cell. As a final act of revenge, he distracts Cell with a final attack while the latter is having a Kamehameha clash with Gohan and is killed as a result.


Raditz is Goku's brother, Gohan and Goten's uncle and main first antagonist of the series. While he doesn't appear in many episodes, Vegeta and Nappa often joke about how weak he is. The reason for his weakness compared to his fellow Saiyans was likely due to being neglected by his father, Bardock. Raditz is also used as a unit for measuring power levels and later as a unit of currency. He is said to have beaten King Yemma in other world and bloodied someone in Hell. He is wandering the universe somewhere, because King Yemma mentioned that Raditz kicked him in the balls and ran off somewhere (to which Raditz replies that "he didn't keep his eye on the birdie"). Later when Nappa makes a joke about Raditz being weaker than Krillin, the scene cuts to Raditz overhearing the joke, prompting him to say "I...hate...all of you." When he first met Piccolo he was about to say an attack (it might have been what it was originally called in Japan, a.k.a. "Double Sunday") but a fight occurred between the writers, and it was changed to the English version "keep your eye on the birdie".


Nappa is Vegeta's partner, former commanding general of the Saiyan army and the secondary antagonist of the first season. In this version, however, (like Goku) Nappa has the mind and maturity of a child, (possibly referencing to his already low intelligence in the original series) although majoring in child psychology at Saiyan University ("with a minor in PAIN!"). He is prone to doing or saying anything annoying, which irritates many characters, especially Piccolo and Vegeta. He also has a habit of wasting time and making light of anything, which may be the result of Vegeta's short temper. He treats almost everything in fighting as some excuse for a game, such as when Piccolo and Krillin went into close combat with him, he thought they were playing Patty-Cake, or when Krillin prepared his Destructo Disk, he thought it was a Frisbee. He also has a thing for animals, like when the King Moai summoned Yetti, he tried to keep it as a pet, (only to accidentally destroy it.) and giving the Saibamen names. He also seems to have a minor obsession over Pokemon, both in YGOA and DBZA, When he saw Chiaotzu he said "Look Vegeta, it's a Pokemon" which is not a surprise because of the fact that Chiaotzu looks like a white little person. In episode 7, after blowing up a city Vegeta reprimands Nappa for his actions and reminds him of their goal as Nappa makes a stupid remark. Vegeta tells Nappa one of these days Nappa will die and be out of his hair forever causing a logo saying "Epic Foreshadowing" to appear. He also apparently does some male modeling (his modeling career ruined when Krillin cuts his face with his Destructo Disc) on the side (appearing on the cover of a magazine Vegeta is later seen reading. This may explain his dislike of the paparazzi as he wishes to protect his image.) After Goku powers up Vegeta told Nappa that Goku's power-level was 1006, to get Nappa to fight him. After a massive off-screen beating, Vegeta then tells Nappa he had the scouter on upside-down (another "over 9000" gag)) Goku explained that since Piccolo was dead, the Dragon balls were useless. Vegeta, who realized that Nappa killed Piccolo, thus turning their whole mission for Earth (and his suffering of Nappa's annoyance) a complete and utter waste, kills Nappa. However, after Vegeta flees from Earth after being beaten severely by Goku, Nappa appears before Vegeta (usually when he's unconscious) in the form of "Ghost Nappa" (which come with his own theme song, which is a parody of the the Ghostbusters theme) which torments Vegeta to no end, to the point where his scream is heard throughout space when he learned that he would never be rid of Nappa and apart of the army of Saiyan the only his the Earth is Removing the lost cameo in the charge over zero and once of more powerful vegeta is take Nappa what power level is it and vegeta say the word is "its over 9000".

When Vegeta is in a state of extreme rage, as he was in Episode 18, Vegeta actually sees him. Vegeta also sees him again in Episode 21, telling him to tell Goku that "he (Vegeta) fell down some stairs" instead of admitting that Recoome beat him up. Nappa has now turned into more of a cameo, visiting Vegeta every other episode. He also occasionally haunts other series, having appeared twice in YGOA (Episodes 40 and 50), and once in Code MENT (episodes 10 and 10 Totally Non-Canon Version). It is revealed that Nappa is so childish because both his parents died in a space ship accident when he was a child stopping him from being able to grow up. TFS Nappa (& by extension, Ghost Nappa) can be considered one of Dragon Ball Z Abridged's breakout characters.

In Episode 25, Nappa is revealed to have been King Vegeta's royal vizier (Evident by the Jafar turban he was wearing). Despite being a royal vizier, Nappa is horrible at his job as he gives King Vegeta really bad advice on how to confront Freeza in preventing him from blowing up planet Vegeta, which of course backfired as one swift 'shoryuken' to the chin by Freeza resulted in the quick death of the Saiyan ruler.

In the ending of Episode 30 part 3 Nappa calls Vegeta from Hollywood, much to the latter's shock. He goes to explain that, by technicality, he was revived by the dragon balls. He then says that he no longer works for Vegeta and explains that he is a producer working on a project (he wrote) "about a man who is tragically killed by his best friend and comes back as a ghost to haunt him," calling it Citizen Nappa and mention Mark Satan AKA Hercule will staring in it (foreshadow Hercule/Mr. Satan's appearance). He then hangs up, leaving Vegeta to say, "God...damn it...Nappa." Even though he was killed by Vegeta, he bears no ill will to him, even asking Vegeta out for lunch after his revival. This means his haunting antics as a ghost was likely out of amusement. At the end of the Dead Zone special, he is shown on the phone with Krillin, and it is revealed the whole story was Krillin pitching his idea for a film staring himself and Nappa questions several parts of the story including why Krillin would have a part about Gohan peeing on him, though Krillin responds by saying "How much will he pay him to get peed on, causing Nappa to smile and say Krillin will go far in Hollywood. With Nappa as producer, Krillin's Hollywood film "Skygina" was eventually produced and grossed 7 billion Zeni in its first week though due to Krillin's lack of foresight and a convoluted contract he earned no money from the film and was stricken from the credits, though it can be assumed that Nappa made a fortune as the films producer.

He apparently spends his downtime playing video games with Vegeta implying that the two have managed to put their differences aside and become friendly towards each other .

Nappa's constant comedy and stupidity is noted in the first episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged, in which he states that he is 'hilarious' and that 'you (the viewer) will quote everything I say.' Later, in the second Abridged Kai episode, Guru said the same thing as he died.


Bardock is the father of Goku and Raditz, gohan's grandfather and was an considerably strong Low-Class Saiyan. This version was more laid back than the original, and wasn't afraid to speak out his mind, as when he called Celepa a, "raging dyke" right in front of her. Like the original, he has no interest in family ties, but at least gave it a try after being reminded how Raditz turned out after not paying attention to him, but quickly gave up when learning how weak Kakarot is. Also like his original, he shows concern for his comrades, as when he saw them defeated by Dodoria and his men, he hoped that they were resting in the blood of their enemies, of course, this was less than the original, as he explained to a dying Tora that he was the only one he cared about, and that everyone else was bland, except for Celepa for at least she had a decent pair of tits.

In "Episode of Bardock", he was blasted into the past by Freeza, but he doesn't realize this at first, until he pieces it together with Planet Vegeta looking more sh*tier, the Saiyans of the past (whom he is disgusted by), the ancient blasters that Toobi and Cabira had on, and Freeza's ancestor, Chilled. When he does, he becomes so enraged that he becomes a Super Saiyan, then proceeds to beat Chilled senseless, and walks into the sunset. In the end, it turns out to be all a story Goku made up in Gohan's dream.

King Vegeta[]

King Vegeta is Vegeta's father, trunks' grandfather and the King of planet Vegeta and leader of the Saiyan race before Freeza destroyed it. This version does not tolerate 'smart asses', and follows the advise of his colleagues a little too closely; when he was informed that Freeza intended to destroy their planet, his royal vizier, Nappa, advised him to "Sit him down, look him dead in the eye, and tell him "Don't blow up my planet!", which prompted King Vegeta's death by Freeza's hand.

Vegeta seems to have mixed feelings with his father; he values the armor his father gave him as a gift, yet he hates his father, and at the same time, hearing others say disrespectful things about him (Such as when Yajirobe called his father "a total prick", during which Yajirobe recanted his earlier statement about King Vegeta being a great man), angers him to the point that he responds with pure violence.


Tora was Bardock's best friend and a member of Bardock's platoon. As it turns out, he is the only one that Bardock really cared about.


Celepa was a member of Bardock's platoon, and notably the only known female Saiyan. She claims to hate men for their bluntness. Bardock comments that she is a "raging dyke" and apparently has a decent pair of tits. Bardock also comments after her death that he thought her hair was cool.


Panpukin was a member of Bardock's platoon. He once used the, "just Saiyan" gag on someone before tearing out their throat.


Totepo was a member of Bardock's platoon. He had no lines.


Brussel is one of the 2 Saiyans that was encountered during the Z-fighter's time trip. He is outrightingly evil as he bragged how he and Sprout were going to torture the Z-fighters, which annoyed Sprout.


Sprout is one of the 2 Saiyans that was encountered during the Z-fighter's time trip. He was annoyed by Brussel's bragging and reminds him that he knows that they are evil and to shut-up.


Super Kami Guru[]

Guru was the previous Grand Elder, and thus leader, of the Namekian race, and the creator of Namek's Dragon Balls. However, Super Kami Guru is the opposite of what he is in the original Dragon Ball Z. Unlike the original, who is a kind father-figure, he is senile, annoying, and has ADHD. He likes to spot wilderness and loudly announce it to Nail telling him shortly after to "Kick its ass". He also calls Nail "Big Green" (thanks to Krillin) and wants to use the Dragon Balls to wish for a big screen TV as soon as he realizes he does not already have one. He also gets mad at Nail when he's arguing with Vegeta, telling him to "stop making out with his boyfriend".

According to Dende, Super Kami Guru was worse than the drought that Namek had to endure and he first mistook Krillin for an Albino Namekian, who were apparently wiped out in an event called the "Purge". However, unlike DBZ Guru, this Guru is healthy and fine, coughing only once (though it was to spit up phlegm on Nail) and seems to enjoy the atmosphere when enemies come in, such as when Super Kami Guru tells Nail to show his "war face" or when Super Kami Guru announces loudly that the Ginyu Force are on their way. In episode 16, He referred to Kami as a pretentious prick for naming himself after God and told Nail to call him Super Kami Guru from now on, but allowed him to say Guru for short. In episode 22, there was a joke made when Freeza said "I'll dispatch of this worm, then I'll be back for you slug". To which Super Kami Guru responds "Leave my brother out of this!" Implying that Lord Slug may be Super Kami Guru's brother in this series.

After Porunga is summoned, Super Kami Guru dies, but only because "it would be a real dick move". In the Lord Slug Abridged Movie, it is revealed that Super Kami Guru is in fact Lord Slug's (Evil) Half Brother and the reason why Lord Slug tried to take over the Earth, sending a letter to him suggesting he should go to earth to "have a good time"( whilst mentioning that earth has dragon balls and their defenses "suuck"). Super Kami Guru has an obsession with Batman (whom he compares Dende to, because both lost their families) and wants a TV because no one knows who he is on his planet. In the second part of Episode 30, he is brought back to life (after dying to pull a "dick move") along with the rest of the Namekian race. After seeing that the planet is about to be destroyed, he cries: "Oh, God. Global Warming?! NAAAAAAAAIL!!!!!" After being transported to Earth (right before he thinks he's going to die), he confesses that he was the cause of Namek's drought, which was before blamed on the Albino Namekians, all of which were killed in "The Purge". As it turns out, he  put the blame on the other namekians and drank all the water, which is how he got so fat  his people are shocked as guru says he can die with a clear conscience.

However, when Guru doesn't die, the enraged Namekians attack and kill him, much to Vegeta, Bulma, Gohan, and Piccolo's horror (with his last words being NAAAAAAAAIL!!!! choke on it and choke on that)." It is revealed that his corpse was eaten by Moori, which makes him the new grand elder.


Nail is Guru's bodyguard. Guru annoys him to death and Nail says that the only place worse than where he's at right now is Canada. He is extremely aggressive towards strangers, but is fairly welcoming to Gohan and even Vegeta. While Vegeta and Nappa were traveling to Earth, Nail hoped that something, no matter what it is, would happen due to how uneventful and boring life is on Namek, in a major brick joke. Nail seems to enjoy making comebacks in arguments and is very sarcastic and insulting towards people, which is shown when Vegeta tells him to die and when Freeza asks for assistance in using the Dragon Balls, however later in episode 23 he doesn't say a word to Freeza for the whole hour it takes them to reach the Namekians' ancient battleground despite Freeza's constant taunts. He seems to do what he wants when he is not given specific information like in episode 19 Guru says to "slap him" (meaning Vegeta) but slaps Krillin (Guru thanks him anyway). In episode 22, he does seem to be touched when Guru encourages him and gives him courage (though it is revealed once Nail leaves that this was just a trick to get Nail out of there). Like the anime, Freeza leaves him to die. When Piccolo is brought to Namek, Piccolo finds him on the way to fighting Freeza, who instructs him on how to fuse with him (Embarrassing him by guiding his hand to where a penis would normally be, and saying "Ha! If we had junk you'd be gay right now!"); he remains fused with Piccolo for the rest of the series. When Piccolo cheers the same way he did in the original United States FUNimation dub (1999) of the Dragonball Z anime, Nail spoke to him in his head and embarrassed him even more by questioning the point of the chanting. When Piccolo lands on earth (via the Dragon Balls) and Super Kami Guru is calling for him he tells Piccolo not to alert him of where he is.In episode 30 part 3, he asks Piccolo if he wants to hang out with the village Namekians only for Piccolo to reply no and telling him that he's boring. Nail made a brief appearance in Cooler's Revenge Abridged when Piccolo was fighting Sauza. Nails makes small "appearances" in some episodes.


Dende speaks in a monotone voice instead of a childish one (similar to Young Piccolo Jr) and is extremely cynical, weighing his options if he would rather stay and get killed along with the rest of his village by Dodoria, or stay with Krillin and Gohan. In a reference to the Westwood dubs based in the Philippines, known to Dragonball Z fans as the "Big Green Dub" due to Piccolo's name in the dub, Krillin refers to Dende as "Little Green," and, despite Dende's correcting him numerous times, Krillin doesn't notice at all, leading to Dende developing a strong dislike for Krillin. Examples are when Dende silently enjoys when Krillin suffers or tries to skip out of bringing him back from the dead.

Dende does not think highly of Guru at all (going as far as to say "someone has to be" when Krillin states his sorrow for Dende's loss of Guru). Dende also seems to notice Bulma's breasts saying, "They look lovely, I wish to nestle between them." Dende has healing powers like his original series counterpart, but in episode 25 after healing Gohan he reveals that when he healed Krillin he tricked Krillin into thinking he was immortal (which causes Krillin to recklessly attack Freeza because he believes he is immortal) instead of telling him that he just healed him (due to how much he dislikes him). Dende also reveals he healed Gohan because he is the only one he can relate to, he even says while healing him "Come on you can't leave me alone here, you're the only one I can talk to." Dende has a strong desperation for others to know his actual name going so far as to heal Vegeta if he can get his name right (which Vegeta doesn't do). After healing Vegeta thanks to piccolo and his convincing Dende is then killed by Freeza his last line being "I'm your white mage and nobody f*cks with the white mage." After his death, Krillin once again called him little green only for gohan to correct him by saying dende's real name to which krillin ironically stated dende should of said something.

In episode 30 part 2 after being revived goes to Porunga and makes the same 2 wishes he did in the original series but when King Kai asked how he knew his plan, he said "I didn't. I just wanted to screw over Freeza." Dende in TFS seems to like messing with people; a good example being when Freeza said "You! No! No you didn't!", he replied "So what if I did!? What you gonna do about it? Come at me bro!" only for Freeza to attempt a kill shot which missed due to Dende being wished to earth by Porunga. At all means possible he avoids trying to revive Krillin, but Gohan convinces him to do so. Dende confesse his love to Gohan, which both surprises Gohan and Dende as the latter, in a panic state, believed his confession was too soon to say and hurriedly wished for all the namekians to be teleported to their new planet. Dr. Briefs hearing the statement remarked " What a fag" before being cut off.

In Kai Abridged, Dende's arrival is usually marked by him grinning smugly and saying "Hey"

In episode 56, Goku brings Dende back to the lookout to be the new guardian and while protesting he is swayed into doing so after seeing Gohan who he is still attracted to. He then creates a new dragon that can grant two wishes and placed a limit on their power to prevent another "freeza moment". When Mr. Popo calls Dende "little green", the latter shows no fear of Mr.Popo when telling him to call him by his name causing him to say he likes Dende. When Krillin states he is Dende's "best friend" and he can call him that name, this causes Dende to finally snap at Krillin and hit him with his wooden staff while demanding Krillin call him by his real name causing a scared Krillin to call him his name while dende wants him to call him "Super Kami Dende".


Porunga is the Eternal Dragon of Namek. He doesn't seem to be any different from his original counterpart, except that he only speaks Namekian (although later he is taught English). When the Namekians arrive on Earth, a Namekian Dragon Ball landed on a Namek (Ironically the only one Super Kami Guru actually liked, much to his laughter) When he is summoned on Earth four months later (one Namekian year), the townspeople mistake him for Godzilla. Until a sheriff says "Gojira" repeatedly on a megaphone. *He also mentions the purging of the Albino Namekians implying another race wiped out by their own kind in a small but humorous poke at racism. This later leads a large plot point in the season finale.

Planet Trade Organization[]


Freeza is the supreme leader of the Planet Trade Organization, self-proclaimed "most-powerful being in the universe," exterminator of the Saiyan race, (most of them, at least) and the main antagonist of the second saga.

In the TFS universe, he is shown to be quite an eccentric, classy and cool-headed person, much like his Kai counterpart, but noted on how, despite the amount of time he has on his hands, he can't come up with better names for the planets he owns. However, as with his original character, he is still a malevolent and sinister villain bent on destroying worlds. He keeps a very accurate mental list of lines of heroic speeches used by his disposed enemies and frequently makes jokes about the races he's killed off. He thinks of his brother Cooler as "a prick" (but is wise enough not to fight him until after he becomes immortal, at which time he intends to "walk right up to him and slap him in his smug prick face") He also has an obsession with (Space)Twitter. Along with that, Freeza has no concern for his lower minions, similar to the anime, and he usually kills them to either demonstrate to Zarbon (and other high-ranking minions) what failure would be like or to end an awkward conversation (like what he did to Zarbon when Zarbon told Freeza that he was straight). His new scouter from Jeice and Captain Ginyu in Episode 19 sports a ringtone of "「F」", showing he is a fan of Maximum the Hormone's tribute. Much like in the original Funi dub, Freeza's voice tone deepened after his first transformation in Episode 25.

Like the original series, he harbors deep hatred for the Saiyans, constantly calling them "monkeys", which led to him destroying their planet in hopes of eradicating them. While he claims this is because they have outgrown their use for them, he is, in reality, afraid of them growing too powerful for him to control. He has heard the Super Saiyan legend, but denies it saying it is nothing more than a, "stupid-legend passed by [their] filthy monkey ancestors around a campfire like it was their own dung!" Apparently he has heard it so many times to the point that he can now recite it word-for-word and is angered by Vegeta's frequent Super Saiyan speeches, to the point of shooting him through the heart for repeating it the third time, stating "You have no idea how old that got". He, however, has some sort of respect for Vegeta, saying that killing him will be like putting down "Ol-Space-Yeller".

Like other characters, Freeza is baffled at Goku's display of unintelligence, much as Vegeta was during his fight with Goku, but still managing to keep his cool during the fight, but is constantly losing more and more patience as Goku keeps using Freeza's own words against him and inadvertently insulting him. During the fight, Freeza gloats that if he is evil, let God strike him down on where he stands, only for God to strike him with a lightning bolt. (Not that it did anything and afterwards he cries, "Nice try jackass, next time give it your A-game!").

While having trouble fighting off Super Saiyan Goku, he slowly loses his temper with Goku's combat superiority and his refusal to talk back. He claims that Goku thinks he's better than him, when in fact he's not, saying that he owns him, his planet, and this planet. He then finally loses it and then launches a powerful blast targeting the planets core.

When the smoke clears, however, it is shown that "he missed." He then states that he often misses his target when under stress. Goku claims he was too scared to blow up the planet with both of them on it, but Freeza rebukes this saying he can breath in space. He makes a random guess on how long it would take for Namek to blow up. (A reference to the anime when Freeza estimated five minutes for Namek to blow up even though it took several 'filler' episodes.)

Goku then decides to "kill him in four." Freeza then claims he hasn't achieved 100% power. After Goku states this wasn't his problem, he tries to bargain with Goku on the promise of a pizza (which failed), then 2 pizzas (which also failed) but after Goku tries charging at him, the bargain went to stuffed crust (much to the chagrin of King Kai). After he achieves 100% power, he then proceeds to beat Goku. Then he brags of how "[He] can get away with this sh*t with you people", stating that even though he reaches his final form, blows up a planet, and achieves 100% power, people just sit right there and let him. Goku then responds to having a meat-lover's pizza.

After Freeza beats Goku into a volcano, he tries to flee the planet, only for Goku to sneak-attack him. Freeza then proclaims that Goku was nothing but an overgrown monkey, only for Goku to claim that Freeza's is an overgrown that-thing-Chi-Chi-keeps-in-her-drawer. (Most likely a dildo or something of the like).

Goku then tries to distract Freeza, only to reveal that Porunga was alive and able to grant wishes. After kicking Goku in the "Gotenks", Freeza tries to gain immortality, only for Porunga to ignore him and grant Dende's wish instead. After seeing the Dragon Balls scatter, proving that everything Freeza's done up to now was for nothing, and an attempt by Goku to cheer him up, Freeza finally snaps and tries to kill Goku, but ends up blowing up another planet instead. When Freeza grabs Goku from the back, Goku responds with Freeza's own technique: the Kidney Punch, and then the Stomach Punch.

After fighting with Freeza, Goku decides to leave Freeza in the middle of the fight much like the original version (but in this version, it was because he was bored.) Freeza claims that Goku was scared that the planet only has one minute left before detonation, but Goku claims that Freeza doesn't even know what a minute is. When Goku powers down to his normal form and then leaves, Freeza (now really angry) tries throwing his version of a Destructo Disk at Goku, claiming it to be the pizza he promised, which then enrages Goku back into a Super Saiyan. Freeza tries to hit him again, but it has the same control as an RC plane, even Goku pokes fun by saying "it's OK, Krillin never hits anything with it either".

Freeza then remembers that he promised 2 pizzas, and tosses another disc at him. After tricking Freeza into jumping from his own discs, Goku proceeds to slap him across the face continuously (from which Freeza pees a little). When Freeza recovers, Goku tries to warn him of his own disk, but Freeza decides not to be tricked again, only to be hit anyway.

After some cutting jokes by Goku, Freeza begs for Goku to spare him a "cup" of energy and Goku gives him his power. He is then shocked that Goku, after everything that he has done to him, gives him another chance at life. He notices this as a chance to change his ways and become good, only to refuse and try attacking Goku one last time, only for him to "give [him] more" blowing him up in the process. Goku, thinking he took the energy and left, leaves to find his ship.

It is revealed that he survived both Goku's attack and the destruction of Namek, and, in a parody of Star Wars, is rebuilt in a Darth Vader like fashion. He cries out for the destruction of Namek's Dragon Balls, ending the season.

As mecha, Freeza seem to have some malfunctions, causing him to repeat some words in a fast pace, ending them usually with small explosion in his mechanical ear.

Mecha Freeza and his father, King Cold appear in Episode 32.  In that same episode, Mecha Freeza made a scavenger hunt for his soldiers to kill every one on Earth (human heads are worth 1 point, Namekian heads are worth 20 points, Filthy half saiyans brats heads are worth 50 points, and if they find a Miserable odious insubordinate full blooded Monkey Garbage (Referring to Vegeta since he rebeled against Freeza) they win the Scavenger hunt.) Unfortunately for Freeza, his father and his men, Trunks arrived to meet Goku. Upon finding out that he too is a Super Saiyan, Freeza went on a murderous frenzy, but ultimately met his end by getting sliced to pieces by Trunks then obliterated.

In his Second Form, Freeza impales Krillin with his horns. After shaking him a few times, '1-Up's appear on screen (referencing the "Super Mario" franchise where a character gains an extra life after collecting 100 coins or a Green 1-Up Mushroom). The reason Team Four Star did this may be a clearer way of showing how and why Freeza survived many seemingly inescapable moments alive.

Let's imagine Freeza starts with one life.

After he impales Krillin and owning him from the fifteenth to the twenty-fifth time (the most a single person has ever done individually and in a single episode), Freeza has gained two extra lives from what he's just done. He now has three lives.

During his fights through from Piccolo to Kid Gohan and even Vegeta, Freeza still has all three lives. But when Goku arrives, he loses one of his lives when he is "killed" by the Spirit Bomb (thus explaining how he survived something that would have defeated most other foes); therefore after the Spirit Bomb Freeza has two lives.

Freeza then proceeds to fight Goku again, only this time Goku is now a Super Saiyan after Freeza made Krillin explode right in front of his eyes. He stays at two lives until near the end of their fight when he uses his Destructo Discs against Goku. When the attack back-fires and Freeza gets sliced apart by his own attack. Because of this, Freeza loses a second life returning him back to the one he had at the start. This would also explain how he could still communicate after losing the vast majority of his lower body.

After Goku has given him his energy and then leaves, Freeza then fires an energy beam towards Goku in an attempt to kill him. However Goku counters the attack with very little difficulty, causing Freeza to lose his final life. Most people who haven't seen the series would believe that Freeza is now dead. However in Mario you can still continue when you have 0 lives, but it means that when you die you actually die without the chance to respawn.

So Freeza has been recovered by his father, turned into Mecha Freeza and have landed on Earth almost two years after the events on Namek. When Freeza attempts to kill Trunks, he is swiftly sliced up by Trunk's attack and then promptly vapourised. And, seeing as how we are assuming that in the two year hiatus that Freeza did not aquire any more "additional lives" that this means Freeza would now be dead.

So Freeza's life count goes:

Start - I ; Impales Krillin - III ; Spirit Bomb - II ; Destructo Disc - I ; Beam Struggle - 0 ; Trunks - Dead

King Cold[]

King Cold is the father of Freeza and Cooler. He seems to treat Freeza as a little daughter rather than a full-grown son, referring to Cooler's remarks that he was always being spoiled. As such, unlike his original counterpart who was more callous on his son's demise, King Cold harbored a subtle hatred towards Trunks for killing his son. He appears at the bonus scene of episode 30 where he oversees as his scientists reconstruct Freeza in a similar manner to Darth Vader. As an added reference to Star Wars, when Freeza awakens and asks what happened to Namek and the Dragonballs, Cold replied, "It seems, my little princess, in your anger you destroyed them both!" Freeza then exclaims "NOOOO!" in frustration.

He reappears in in episode 32, where he travels to Earth with Freeza to aid him in having revenge on Goku by killing everyone he loves, along with everyone else on the planet. He ends up being killed by Trunks after the Saiyan youth slices his son then obliterates the pieces. In episode 33, King Cold speaks with trunks and acts casually about Freeza's death to trunks' shock and king cold asks for the boy's sword only for the boy to say he thinks he hates Cold as the latter asks to just hold it. Once he has it he tries to attack Trunks and nervously asks if he is still confused about hating him and trunks replies "Actually that pretty much sealed it" and blasts King Cold in the stomach sending him flying to a rock wall. Cold begs for his life promising to give trunks a planet then three planets before saying "Two and a half". When Trunks pointed that Cold just went down he replies "I'm a haggler" right before trunks killed him with a powerful blast.


Cui is very similar to how he is in the anime, but he is ruder and allegedly mentions his asexuality often (which Zarbon and Vegeta are disgusted to hear of). He is completely unimportant to Dodoria, Zarbon, and Freeza; they have issues with even pronouncing his name, calling him "Kiwi".


Dodoria is Freeza's second strongest minion, and as every bit as sadistic as he is in the anime/manga, but is usually the butt of most fat jokes, usually by Vegeta. Shockingly, after Vegeta berates "him" for crying like a woman as he is threatening to, "take him apart like a pink potato-head," "he" says that she actually is a woman, apparently the most beautiful, and fertile, on her home planet (before Freeza blew it up). This news leads to Vegeta saying that he will begin repressing the truth, starting by killing Dodoria, despite the aliens offer to team up, overthrow Freeza, and rule the universe as husband and wife. Dodoria then meets his end by being vaporized by Vegeta. Freeza expresses surprise when Zarbon informs him of Dodoria's death, simply responding with "...the f*ck?"


Zarbon is Freeza's strongest minion behind the Ginyu-Force. Apparently, everyone thinks he's gay, because everything he says is pretty much homo-erotic comments like, "Oh trust me, I know what it's like to take a hard one to the face." but is actually heterosexual; he tells Freeza that he has a girlfriend, but Freeza is completely unconvinced of this claim (thinking his name was Chuck). When he transforms, Vegeta claims he's not that different, just a lot less subtle. In episode 28, after a gay joke, Freeza mentions that he misses Zarbon.


Appule is the one that Zarbon puts in charge of watching Vegeta as he recovers, which Freeza believes was a mistake, saying that Appule "couldn't handle a shot of raspberry-schnapps, much less Vegeta!" He is the brother of Echpei, as he's seen playing Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as himself beating Bardock out of revenge (Bardock killed him in "Bardock: Father of Goku Abridged."). When Zarbon asks why Vegeta isn't nude in the healing pod to absorb the, "healing juices," he quotes that Zarbon, "freaks him the f*ck out!" He also makes the same mistake as in the anime/manga, standing in front of Vegeta and taunting him right before the Saiyan wakes up. Before his death, he says, "Here I come Echpei!"

Private Namole[]

Private Namole was once a loyal servant to Freeza. Freeza told him to come in for a second, until he murdered him as an example of what will happen to Zarbon if he didn't bring Vegeta to him.


Orlen was a soldier who barged in on a conversation between Freeza and Zarbon to warn that Vegeta broke out of the healing tank, but Freeza murdered him quickly simply to end the conversation. (He just learned Zarbon has a girlfriend.)


Banan was one of the 2 soldiers that destroyed the Namekian spaceship. He insulted Sui's aim saying he couldn't hit the broadside of a space-barn. He was beaten by Krillin and left to drown.


Sui was one of the 2 soldiers that destroyed the Namekian spaceship. He rebukes Banan's comment on his aim by replying he was to busy hitting the broadside of his mom. He was beaten by Gohan and left to drown.

Captain Ginyu[]

Captain Ginyu is the leader of the Ginyu Force. He makes a lot of references to King Cold. He is quite sophisticated compared to his anime counterpart, but annoys Lord Freeza with his tendency to make up dances for simple occasions like having the Dragon Balls gathered (Although he is ordered by King Cold to do these dances). Cooler has also ordered Ginyu to do the "Daddy's Little Princess Dance". Unlike the original, where he planned to replace his team with other members of Frieza's force long before they actually died, Captain Ginyu is geniunely distraught by their deaths, except Guldo. He also performs the dances to increase morale for his men. His favorite food is Waldorf Salad and Goku constantly refers to him as "horny" or "purple". Unlike the original version, he got crushed by Vegeta after being switched into a frog.


Jeice, "the Red Magma" is a member of the Ginyu Force. This version is from a planet literally called Space-Australia (more specifically Space-Brisbane("Go Space-Broncos!")), a reference to the Australian accent given to Jeice for the original FUNimation Ocean dub. Many of the jokes with Jeice refer to Australia. There is a running joke that revolves around Goku constantly punching Jeice in the face. Jeice also used to have a sister, who was eaten by a Space Dingo when she was a Space Baby in Space Australia (a reference to "A Cry in the Dark" [1988]). In Episode 23, there is a reference to the movie "Jurassic Park" as Jeice states "Clever girl." right before being killed by Vegeta. He was swiftly defeated by King Kai when he arrived at his planet. It is revealed in,"Coolers Revenge Abridged" that Jeice is the cousin of Sauza.


Burter "the Blue Hurricane" is a member of the Ginyu Force. Like the original, he claims to be the fastest guy in the universe, but this version makes references to this during the fights that took place between Episodes 20 and 21. He is also very defensive towards his self-proclaimed title, which is displayed in Episode 21, when Jeice tells him that Guldo is technically faster than him because he can stop time. He claims that he's only trying to be special like the others, since otherwise, he's just "the big blue snake guy", to Jeice's "little red guy", something Ginyu admits after the latter has died. In episode 25 Vegeta claims that Guldo said he was gay. He was swiftly defeated by King Kai.


Recoome is a member of the Ginyu Force. He is a proclaimed wrestler and all of his attacks start with "Recoome". He also often refers to himself in the third person. His background music is "At Hell's Gate" from Episode 1, Mission 1 of DOOM (specifically, a fan remix called Hangarmageddon.). According to Jeice, Recoome is usually busy with most of his matches. According to Captain Ginyu, he seems to know a lot of people. Recoome gets really upset when his "matches" are interrupted (As seen when Goku is talking to his friends). Goku easily takes Recoome out, but says that "he would fight him in a minute". When arriving at King Kai's planet, he began taunting him only to be defeated and sent back to Hell. Also, it is said that his penis is extremely large and most of the power level is getting up to the all rounds in vegeta form every place that they need to fight which of the planet Namek battle of honor.

  • He didn't have had enough room in his space pod to masturbate en route to Namek.
  • King Yemma compliments its size, even stopping his work and looking almost in shock.
  • When stuck head first in King Kai's Planet Burter, Jeice and Guldo pull him out by his left , right and "middle" leg respectively.


Guldo is a member of the Ginyu Force and is considered the weakest and least important member. He has a history with Vegeta in which the latter constantly threw dog treats at him whenever they encountered one another (episode 19) just to piss him off. When Guldo is beheaded, he begins to wonder if it is really over and if he can still dream before Vegeta throws a dog treat at him causing him to reply in a slow tone " I f**king hate you" and Vegeta replies "I know" before destroying Guldo's head.

The rest of the Ginyu Force show very little concern for him not being surprised that he was killed so easily by Vegeta. Indeed, Ginyu doesn't even seem surprised that Guldo is dead (initially, he thought only Guldo died when Jeice reported to him about the death of Guldo, Recoome and Burter). It is revealed in Episode 25 that Guldo is the one who, randomly, told Vegeta that Freeza can transform. He was defeated by King Kai and thrown into Hell along with his crew. His power is a reference to Dio Brando From "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".


Mongo was with Dodoria when they attacked Bardock's platoon. When he accidentally killed Piear due to Bardock's tricks, he blamed Bardock for his death, only to be reminded by Lemi that he was the one who killed Piear, only to be told to "shut the fuck up" by Mongo. He was killed when Bardock used Lemi as a shield and then blasted him with an energy wave.


Lemi was with Dodoria when they attacked Bardock's platoon. When Mongo attacked Bardock while Lemi was using a full nelson on him, he flipped over so Lemi served as a human shield. His last words before they were blasted were, "Goddamn-it, Mongo, you team-killing fucktard!!!". A reference to the Halo Machinima series: Red vs Blue.


Piear was with Dodoria when they attacked Bardock's platoon. After a failed joined attack, Bardock disapeared, only for him behind Piear, grab him by the neck, and forced him to be partly visible in the smoke, so that Mongo would think that he was Bardock, thus he was blasted and killed by his own teammate


Echpei was with Dodoria when they attacked Bardock's platoon. After he thought he killed Bardock with a continuous energy blast, he suggested hitting the shower right before he was killed head-first by Bardock. It is revealed he was a relative of Appule's his brother to be exact . Indeed his last words were in a very rushed request was "Tell my brother Appule I love him."


Malaka is a scientist under Freeza's command. He first appeared in episode 12 with Vegeta in a healing pod. He's the first person to deduce that Nappa was haunting Vegeta after the latter killed him (though he thought that was stupid). He claims that science was, "delicious" and "magical". He also sometimes mispronounces sentences (he rebukes this saying he's a doctor, not an English teacher). After Vegeta was healed, he apologizes for not saving his tail, believing that everyone will make fun of him for it. Vegeta retaliates by asking which was Malaka's favorite internal organ. Malaka answers to it being his liver, only for Vegeta to rip it out. Malaka is also seen in the Bardock special along with Planthorr and Kakarot as a baby, and in episode 30 repairing Freeza.


Planthorr is a scientist under Freeza's command. He first appeared in the Bardock special alongside Malaka and Kakarot as a baby. When Bardock was released from the healing tank, Planthorr tells him that his team has taken their next assignment, and advises him to sees his son before going. After Bardock claims he'll pass, saying he's never paid attention to Raditz when he was growing up, Planthorr changes his mind after reminding him how Raditz turned out.


Dr.Gero/Android 20[]

The former head scientist of the now defunct Red Ribbon Army that Goku destroyed as a child, Dr. Gero swore revenge against the Saiyan. As evidenced by Future Trunks, Dr. Gero created a pair of powerful Androids (Goku is the first to refer to them as 'androids' whereas Future Trunks notes the technical term being 'cyborg. This is in reference to the difference in dubs and translation; in the original Japanese dubs the androids are dubbed "jinzoningen" which translates to "artificial human" i.e. a cyborg, a hybrid of a human and robot.) to kill Goku and the Z-Warriors. As a result the future Trunks comes from is in ruins as the androids killed all the Z-Fighters (save for Goku who died of a heart attack and Yamcha who committed suicide by hanging himself).

Three years after Future Trunks' warning, Dr. Gero and Android 19 appear during the designated time above South City, destroying Yajirobee's hover car and immediately hiding in the city below. They are discovered by Yamcha after Gero and 19 kill some of the locals (at least two of them prostitutes). Much to Yamcha' uselessness, Gero almost kills him by draining his energy and punching a hole through his chest.

Dr. Gero in the Abridged version is seemingly very boastful and doesn't even attempt to hide his true identity, referring to himself in taking revenge on Goku. He's also shown to be somewhat gullible and often turns to 19 when he's unable to find an answer for something most often believing 19's judgement, like the thought of the Z-Fighters being psychic.

The abridge Gero's status as an android is further emphasized by the fact he does not attempt to hide his identity and refers to himself in the first person. He also has robotic sounds that are emanated whenever he moves. He also blatantly states to no-longer having a penis. Unlike the original abridged gero does not even remember how he became an android in the first place as when questioned by #17 and # 18 he replies "How did I do that ?" . He is killed by Android 17 who stomps on his head but not before asking krillin "Can you spare on of those senzu-". 

Android 19[]

Just like in the original series, Android 19 serves as Dr. Gero's accomplice. He speaks with a heavily modded robotic emotionless voice and tends to speak in protocols and programs.

Dr. Gero constantly turns to 19 for answers regarding nearly everything. 19 speculates Yamcha being Son Goku with a 94% probability, going down to 87% after Gero notes about Yamcha's iconic scar. 19 also comes up with the conclusion of the Z-Fighters being psychic with a 92.4% probability, promptly stating "they can see da future" in homage to the Kannassans.

Before fighting Goku 19 is ordered to load his combat protocol "murder.exe", emphasized by his eyes slowly turning red. Piccolo and Tien become intimidated at loading up 70%, only to have the load drop to 65 before receiving an error message right before Goku punches him into a rockface.

He's first shown as sluggish and incapable against Super Sayian Goku, constantly getting struck and having a very slow reaction time. It isn't until Dr. Gero threatens 19 with violence that the android reboots murder.exe and absorbs Goku's kamehameha. 19 almost manages to kill Goku (who began to exhibit his predicted heart attack) by draining his energy until he is abruptly kicked away by Vegeta.

19 tries to drain Vegeta's energy by grabbing him by the wrists, only to end up his hands getting torn off by Vegeta by squatting on 19's face. 19 runs away, saying "No, please. Get away. Leave me alone." in complete monotone until resorting to repeating "no". He gets blown up by Vegeta's Big Bang Attack, his disembodied head being all that remains (his 30-day trial then expires before he offers a Winrar purchase). To add further insult to injury, Krillin throws a Senzu bean at it, followed by Vegeta throwing a dog treat.

When Trunks arrives on the scene he mistakes him for an overweight Chiaotzu.

Android 16[]

Android 16 is yet another android that Trunks didn't predict created by Dr. Gero. He speaks in a more robotic way than his anime/manga counterpart. Because 18 interruped the update when his capsule was opening, 16 is even more literal minded than Goku, and his only purpose in life is killing him. He refuses to fight anybody but Goku, making 17 ask him to look for a hobby. He likes birds after he gets a hobby. Whenever he looks at someone, he processes whether or not they are Goku, and if they are not, whether or not they are a bird, due to these apparently being his only interests. His vision shows binary that, if decoded, spells out "Kill Son Goku" and "Feed birds".

Possibly due to his interrupted update, his literal mind often interprets meanings incorrectly; such as when 17 says they're going to take a van, 16 proceeds to lift it, i.e. take it, only for 17 to correct him. 16 also does not understand the actual meaning behind the driving slang term for "shotgun" when he's seated in the back of the van. When the van broke down 16 was apparently fixing it, 18 at one point asking how the "tranny" (transmission) was coming along, to which 16 responded with not believing the car identifies as any gender (mistaking the term for transsexual). He soon figures out what she meant and pronounces the transmission fixed, indicating he has engineering knowledge.

After Android 17 and Piccolo's fight is interrupted by the arrival of Imperfect Cell, 16 has enough sense to warn that 18 should flee. When Cell is about to absorb 17, he hits the wrong buttons when proclaiming his intentions to destroy all life on Earth, including Son Goku, to which 16 responds by punching Cell in the face and freeing 17. When 17 asks why it took so long for 16 to interfere, 16 responds by saying he was waiting to see how things turned out. 17 mistakes this for sarcasm, to which 16 replied by saying he was not programmed with a sense of sarcasm (to which 17 responds to being proud of him). Despite being programmed to only kill Son Goku, 16 proclaims Cell's genetic structure to consist 10.78% of Son Goku's DNA, parameters he found acceptable and proceeds to fight Cell on his own.

Like his main series counterpart, due to being fully robotic, Cell is incapable of absorbing him (resulting in sounds akin to a vacuum cleaner). This would technically make 16 a true android (a humanoid/human looking robot) when Cell referred to 17 and 18 as cyborgs (as they are called in the Japanese dub, the term "jinzoningen" literally meaning "artificial human" which can refer to the western term for cyborgs).

After a brief fight with Cell 16 inflicts massive damage with his "rocket punch", slamming Cell violently into the ground, making a hole and blasting him nearly point-blank with Hell's Flash. During an intermission with 17 and 18, 16 proclaims to not want the two to linger due to being uncertain if he could kill Cell and warns how much harm he could inflict on the world should he absorb 17 and 18. 17 retorts by reminding the fact that they themselves were planning on doing the same, only for 16 to proclaim he likes the two (touching 18 in particular). 16 proceeds to explain how he's come to like the Earth, particularly its birds. His words touch 17 and 18 so much they decide not to do what they were meant to, 17 going as far as declaring to not kill Goku, to which 16 responds with "Let's not get crazy!".

Unfortunately the touching mood is interrupted when Cell sneaks up behind 17 from underground and promptly swallows 17 through his tail and transforms into Semi-Perfect Cell.

16 immediately tries to flee with 18 (inadvertently referencing The Terminator, a movie who's titular character 16 is partially based on, with the famous line "Come with me if you want to live") but is waylaid by Cell. When the newly upgraded Cell is enjoying sputtering his new lips 16 punches him in the face, only for it to do no damage and gets blasted. This results in a part of 16's head damaged. The damage seemed to have altered his programming slightly when proclaiming his head being damaged and asking 18 "How are you?", indicating he may have gained his previously lacking sarcasm. His memory was seemingly affected as he doesn't seem to remember how Cell absorbed 17 just a few moments ago.

In episode 44, when Trunks and Krillin discover the blueprints in Doctor Gero's basement lab the show makes a reference to a revelation by Akira Toriyama on how 16 is modeled after Doctor Gero's dead son.

Android 17[]

One of the two android siblings that Dr Gero hastily reactivated to defeat the Z Fighters, he first speaks in a robot tone like Android 19, but instantly reveals that he was joking wit him, and made a reference to Looney Toons' Buggs Bunny, asking him "What's up Doc? He also commented on the length of his 'sleep', which was because he tried to destroy Gero; and that he was very broken up about it. His reasoning behind it was every time Gero spoke, all 17 heard was "kill me, kill me, kill me', which he blamed on his auditory. He stood and watched with a humored demeanor as Gero released 18, an act he would only do if he were in grave trouble, which 17 commented on. 18 attempted the same robot voice, 17 stopped her as he had already done it, to which she insulted him, but just as quickly lost interest. 

Gero went on to tell the twins of his earlier encounter, to which 17 finds humorous and 18 finds surprising. 17 comments that he thought 19, whom he called a "fat clown thing", was a joke, when Gero said he had built and lost another android. Then he came upon the realization Gero was an android, and both twins asked how he did it. To which Gero responded by silently questioning himself  'How did I do that?'. He is also aware of Android 13, whom he mocks by imitating 13's country accent and redneck appearance, causing Gero to state he was going through a phase when he created 13. In a conversion with 18 about Vegeta's Super Saiyan transformation ("Turning off the blonde"), it is revealed that 17 dyed his hair black and the he was originally blonde like 18, but dyed his hair according to 18, because people would often mistake him for her, causing him to make him to as if that makes him girlish or 18 man-ish, causing 18 to remark her brother talks like how Vegeta fights. Despite dyeing his hair black, 17 insists that he wore his blonde hair better than his sister, though she suggests he is just saying that to save face.

Future Cyborg 17[]

In the History of Trunks Special, his counterpart TFS Future Cyborg 17 possesses a similar personality and even suggests he is tied of killing humanity and voices his desire stop killing humanity and become a Park Ranger, where he could live out in the woods and kill poachers, however after being kicked by Future Gohan he angrily decides to wipe of all of humanity and then "Range to shit out of the Park". Also like his counterpart, TFS 17 was originally blonde but dyed his hair, which Future Cyborg 18 also suggests is due to people mistaking him for her. He also destroys a clothing store that gave 18 free clothes. When Future Cyborg 18 asked why he states because they didn't give him anything though 18 points out that's cause it was a women's clothing store, 17 responds he is perfectly secure with himself indicating he has no problem wearing women's clothing (which implies that people used to confuse him for his sister before he started dyeing his blonde hair to black, due to the implication that he has no problem crossdressing and the confusion was due to a combination of his blonde hair and crossdressing causing people to think he was a blonde female, his sister 18.)

Android 18[]

Android 18 is 17's sarcastic sister. She's noticably less evil than her brother. She does place innocent lives in jeopardy, but only because she is evading Vegeta, who is tearing cars apart screaming "I WILL KILL AS MANY PEOPLE AS I HAVE TO IF YOU'RE ONE OF THEM!"

She threatens to break Vegeta's arm, and does so when he calls her a "c*&t" (this is the first time the 'C-Bomb' has been dropped during an episode, which is why everyone looks so shocked when it is). 

She's only just met Krillin, so she hasn't hooked up with him yet, but she does kiss him because he's cute, but 17 mocks her for it.

She later watches as 17 fights Piccolo and meets Cell for the first time. She witnesses 16 beats Cell before the latter absorbs 17 and comes after her until Tien attacks him telling 18 to run or destroy herself. 18 takes 16 and flees the area, heading to another island where she watches as the newly trained Vegeta overwhelms Cell.

She is soon found by Krillin who she calls the "cute one" before noticing the detonator that would shut her off. She nervously greets Krillin who asks if she will promise to not kill Goku as she (while arguing with 16) states they only want to kill Cell causing Krillin to destroy the detonator. She is somewhat flattered but says he should of kept it, just in case as they are spotted by Cell (who Vegeta allowed to absorb 18). Cell attacks them knocking aside 16 and Krillin before Trunks intercepts Cell and tells 18 the same thing Tien did. 18 goes to help a protesting 16 and is helped by Krillin as 18 tells herself if they live through this she will hook up with Krillin.

When Cell blinds everyone with solar flare and moves in to absorb her, 18 tells 16 to watch over Krillin as she moves in to attack Cell only to be absorb allowing Cell to reach his perfect form.


Cell is a specialized, bio-android imbued with the Z-Fighters' powers and attacks, created by Dr. Gero, and the main antagonist of the third saga, replacing Androids 17 & 18. Cell first made a cameo appearance in the Bardock Special, in his Perfect Form, seen in Bardock's vision after Goku fights Freeza. Bardock refers him as a "Giant Green man-bug". His appearance likely proves that Team Four Star will continue the series till at least the end of the Cell Games Saga. This is confirmed when Team Four Star mentioned that the Cell saga will be made as the last season of the series, making Cell the final villain of the series. It was mentioned in Twitter that Cell will speak in nothing but rhymes, but as of his official debut, this idea has been dropped.

He was mentioned by the Kannasans about him reaching his Perfect Form. His Imperfect Form was seen in the intro of the Android Saga. From Episode 40, it is implied that Cell will be played more seriously than the previous villains, lamp-shaped by both Nail and Mr. Popo.

His presence in the series was foreshadowed a few times; aside from his brief appearance at the end of the opening of Season 3, Gero almost let slip that he was in his basement after being asked whether Android 16 was his "secret project." Vegeta also later commented that there had been three Androids that Trunks had missed (19, 20, and 16) and asked if there would be a fourth. His presence is further enforced when Kami mentions a greater evil than the androids, leading to a larvae Cell in his incubator laughing menacingly. Mr. Popo even breaks the Fourth Wall at this point saying that "That's (Cell's cameo) f**king ominous!", sounding kind of scared; unusual for his character (however, bare in mind, he had just finished consuming "A literal gallon of LSD" from a milk jug, so go figure.) Like in the anime, Piccolo is the first to encounter Cell in his Imperfect Form. He hears Cell approaching, walking slowly while singing 'Mr. Sandman' very slowly. His voice is raspy and a bit high-pitched, and he called Piccolo his 'friend'. It seemed Cell would be portrayed as most the serious and dangerous of all the major villains, though will still have some jokes based around him. For example, in Episode 42, he approaches a news reporter off-screen and absorbs him before the reporter can ask his opinion on legal marijuana use.

From Episode 43 however, it shows that in spite of the seriousness of the character, he is very quirky and immature at times: He has a habit of making innuendos during conversations, constantly shouted "beep" when a battle ball team's driver was applying the horn to make him move and seemingly had an argument with himself when eyeing Nicky Town.

Cell encounters Piccolo again while the latter was fighting 17, having followed his power level since androids/cyborgs don't have them. He immediately powers up (Piccolo asking in horror of how many people he had absorbed, to which he responded with a nonchalant "Enough) and promptly attacks 17. Piccolo tries one last ditch effort to kill Cell with his Light Grenade, but it did no damage, after which Cell approaches Piccolo and punches him in the head (interrupting Piccolo's last words aimed at Nail) snapping the Namekian's neck before blowing a hole through him and tossing him into the sea.

Cell proceeds to brutally beat 17 before attempting to swallow him. When Cell speaks about his plans to immediately afterwards absorb 18 and then kill all life on Earth, including Son Goku, 16 suddenly punches Cell away, freeing 17. Cell and 16 proceed to fight (despite the latter having only been programmed to kill Son Goku, 16 explains that due to Cell being made up of 10.78% of Goku's DNA he finds the parameters acceptable). During the fight Cell attempts to absorb 16, but due to 16 being fully robotic (hence "Android #16") all he gets is his tail sounding like a vacuum cleaner. 16 at one point tears off Cell's tail, only for Cell to ask how long it would take to regrow, which was no time at all as Cell regenerates his lost appendage with a "Boop".

After getting struck square in the face by 16's rocket punch, getting slammed hard enough to end up underground and getting blasted by 16's Hell's Flash, Cell manages to survive and sneak up on 17 while the androids/cyborgs are deep in conversation, quickly swallowing him and evolving from Imperfect Cell to Semi-Perfect Cell.

Semi-Perfect Cell has a noticeably deeper voice and becomes enamored by his possession of lips. He goes as far as playing around with them, first making sounds using the consonant B until simply sputtering his lips like a child, declaring he finds it fun before continuing, only for 16 to punch him in the face. Cell simply sputters his lips again and blasts 16, severely damaging him. Like his previous form he still exhibits some hints of his tendency for innuendos and crude humor when asking 18 if she was giving herself a "boob exam" when she threatened to detonate the bomb inside her (to which Cell responds by asking if it (her bomb) was inside her boob and soon after spouts "Boobie bomb!").

Like in the actual show his attempts at absorbing 18 are thwarted by Tienshinhan who begins constantly blasting Cell with his Shin Kikoho (whom Cell briefly proceeded to insult due to being arguably one of the weakest of the Z-Fighters and even asking if Krillin was busy, which proceeded to infuriate Tienshinhan further).

After Tienshinhan almost dies from the repeated use of the Shin Kikoho, Cell prepares to kill him for impeding his progress, only to be flabbergasted when Son Goku teleports to their location with Instant Transmission. He's further flummoxed upon seeing how Piccolo had survived the injuries Cell had inflicted on him earlier, making him ponder; "How durable is he?! How durable am I?". Before Cell could take any action, after ominously being told he's going to die, Son Goku literally pops away, leaving Cell completely confused regarding the predicament.

Cell then looks for Android 18, while angrily thinking to himself how Tien "made triangles into squares" and how he would check out Goku's "Instant Transmission" technique later. When he screams to locate 18, his dialogue is mistaken by the local island residents for being a strained relationship and give him advice. When one suggests he has performance dysfunction, he destroys the islands. He stops before 18 when Vegeta appears before him and tries to hold a conservation with the latter, in spite of being called ugly. When he presses Vegeta's Goku Button, Cell is promptly punched in the stomach by Vegeta.

After being punched, Cell demands Vegeta to stop fisting him (which Vegeta replies "Okay"). Vegetal does so, but he did it so harshly it only causes further harm to Cell. Cell asks if he can have a minute, Vegeta responds with "Sureyoucan (pun on Shoryuken of Street Fighter)", and uppercuts Cell and then tosses him into the cliff Trunks was standing on. Cell unsuccessfully throws punches at Vegeta, who dodges every hit with ease. Vegeta takes this opportunity to mock him, saying that had Cell trained instead of absorbing people, he would've actually put up a fight.

Cell is then horribly beaten by Vegeta and this causes him to break down screaming he wants to be perfect (similar to Vegeta's super saiyan rant). Cell then tricks Vegeta into allowing him to achieve his perfect form by stating if he were in said form he would win which interests Vegeta who allows it. Cell then goes locates 18 and with vegeta keeping Trunks busy he easily defeats Krillin and Android 16 but is unable to absorb 18 when Trunks blasts Vegeta away and stops him. When cell sees 18 preparing to escape he becomes fed up and uses solar flare to blind everyone which allows him to absorb 18. Upon reaching his perfect form, cell sings a song about how he has finally achieved his new form as the z-fighters look on in horror.

Cell then proceeds to fight Vegeta and overwhelm causing the latter to launch a barrage which are deflected by Cell who knocks the powerless Vegeta into the ground.

Before the battle, Cell tells Trunks how he killed an alternate version of Trunks and stole his time machine to travel to the past a year before showed up, meaning Cell achieved his plans because of Trunks. The two battle with Trunks seemingly holding the upper-hand until Cell reveals that he simply allowed Trunks to hit him out of pity as he states Trunks' ascended form may have strength but lacks speed. He further proves his theory by knocking Trunks down and giving himself heavy muscles while imitating Trunks. When Cell tells Trunks to come down and stop wasting his time with his ridiculous form. Trunks exits super saiyan and tells Cell to kill him as he latter remarks on how easily trunks' spirits have been broken causing Trunks to angrily ask if everything was a game to Cell. Cell then tells Trunks if that if it was a game he would be having fun or defeating Goku before Trunks mentions that even Cell fights Goku the latter would win and no would remember Cell. This gives Cell an idea and he spares Trunks as he admits he would get nothing from killing him and states he has something to prove to the world. Trunks asks him what he's planning as Cell states his revolution before telling a stunned Trunks to watch the news on television to find out his meaning.

Cell then goes to create an arena for his tournament but is frustrated when his ring has one square not filled in. He makes a new one which is similar to the lookout and has the same error causing him to start over again. He recreates his square arena but it has the same flaw but he leaves to broadcast the cell games and tells the world about his tournament which will be held in a week. He returns to the arena and fixes the previous problem and while talking to a sponsor he meets Goku and after a long talk Goku leave.

Movie Villains[]


A Saiyan, who takes his hate of Christmas out upon the Earth by growing the "Christmas Tree of Might" and eating the fruit that contains the planet's "Christmas Joy". He has a crew of Christmas misfits (Including a mall Santa gone rogue, a killer Christmas carol robot, two elves that defect from Santa, and a guy who raped Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer). He explains that the reason for his animosity towards Christmas was because Santa Claus never visited Planet Vegeta, complaining that he would bring other planets their presents. However, after Turles is defeated, Santa explains to Goku that he didn't go to Planet Vegeta because they kept trying to shoot down his sleigh. He is briefly mentioned by Raditz in Episode 1, when he stated he knew they should have sent Turles to Earth instead of Goku. In episode 13, it is revealed that he was one of the editors of the "Official Saiyan Handbook" (other being Broly's father Paragus).


Amond is a member of Turles' Misfit Minions. He was once a mall-santa who always gave his wishers what they want, but always in a gruesome way. (Like he dropped a real fire-truck on a kid's house after he asked for the toy version, or blew up a cancer patient after he asked he could take away his cancer). Krillin referred to him as the second worst kind of mall santa, 'right behind those ones that molest kids.'  Among then said he was that worst kind of mall sata, implying he had done just that as well.

Rasin and Lakasei[]

Rasin and Lakasei, called Jinga and Beller (much to Tien's chagrin), were once elves that worked in Santa's workshop, but were banished when one of their robots made to aid production went on a murderous rampage.


Cacao was the murderous robot that Rasin and Lakasei made. When he first appeared, he was singing, "Fa la la la la, la la la, DIE!"


Daiz was banished for raping Rudolph, which is considered so evil, he was forever on Santa's naughty list, with ominous laughter in the background.


Bojack is the main villain in the movie "Bojack Unbound". He is sealed inside King Kai's planet (which King Kai claims is the reason for the intense gravity on his planet). Being a "space pirate", he speaks with a stereotypical pirate accent, starting all his sentences with "Yarrrrgh". Recoome greets him when he crashed into King Kai's planet headfirst.

Lord Slug[]

Lord Slug is a Super Namekian, who, using the Dragon Balls, makes himself younger again.

When he first appeared, he could say nothing but muffled sounds (which, strangely, his soldiers, Bulma, and Shenron could understand). His origin is different than the original movie. (In the Jap Ver., he was a baby who escaped Namek during the tempest, but had a mutation that made him evil.) (In the Eng Ver., he was one of the Super Nameks, a race of powerful but evil Namekians who were banished by the Dragon Balls) In this version, as explained by King Kai, he is the banished other half of the Grand Elder Namekian. He is often called 'King Piccolo' by his servants (which he killed afterwards) and Goku because of his similarities to him, and gets angry because of this. When Goku kills him, he remembered he could have wished for immortality, which is what he yells out.

At the very end of the Lord Slug special, it is revealed that Guru was the one that gave Slug the idea of getting the Dragon Balls and taking over Earth, and that Guru is actually the evil half of Slug.

Commander Zeeun[]

Commander Zeeun was a member of the Lord Slug clan. Like in the movie he was killed off easily by Slug, but instead reffering to his age, he accidentily called him King Piccolo (twice).


Gyousha was a scientist working for Slug, but was killed off for also calling him King Piccolo.


Kakuja was also a scientist working for Slug, and managed to survive by calling him his real name.


Angila is an officer of the Lord Slug Clan who can stretch his arms. According to himself, he's the pretty one.


Medamatcha is an officer of the Lord Slug Clan who can spawn, as he calls them, "mini-me's" or "little matchas." According to Piccolo, he's the weird one with the freaky power. He often makes crude comments, as he threatens to smack Goku with his dick, or have his "little matchas" rape Christmas after he's done killing it (though he doesn't know what it is.)


Wings is an officer of the Lord Slug Clan. He is considered the big, tough, stupid one by Piccolo, as proven when he calls him such, Wings threatened to kill him, and Piccolo took back that he was tough, Wings accepted this until after a minute he realized what the true meaning was. He is quite resilient, as he keeps coming after Piccolo even after he broke his hand and arm and kept knocking him off the same building over and over, only to show true wit and try take him by surprise in the building, only to have a decent conversation with Piccolo until he realizes who the former is. When he realizes he's beaten, Wings tried to make friends with Piccolo, only to be blasted in the face after a hi-five joke.


Broly was briefly seen off-screen during the Bardock Special when Bardock was scanning his son's power level. He was delighted that it was 10,000, only to find out that it was Broly's power level, not Kakarot's.

In the TFS Halloween Special, Nappa's costume was Broly and saying he's Vig Mignogna (Reference to Vic Mignogna voicing Broly in the FUNimation Dubbed Dragonball Z movies)

Is may be possible of TFS will make Broly the Legendary super Saiyan Abridged movie.


Cooler is Freeza's brother, who is frequently mentioned but only appeared in the Bardock special and in "Cooler's Revenge Abridged". It's clear that Freeza and Cooler have a very bad relationship, with Freeza frequently calling Cooler a prick. In fact, one of the first things Freeza plans to do after wishing for immortality is to "walk right up to him and slap him in his smug prick face". Cooler, on the other hand, like his canon counterpart, thinks of Freeza as nothing more but a spoiled brat who has to "bitch" to his father to get what he wants, including entire galaxies. He also likes to humiliate Freeza, such as ordering Captain Ginyu to preform the "Daddy's Little Princess Dance" in front of Freeza. When he appeared in the Bardock special, he refused to shoot down Goku's space pod. He stated his reason as being "because [he] was a prick". That or just to simply spite his brother as later evidenced in "Cooler's Revenge Abridged" when he says that if Freeza wants to rule the universe so badly then he should deal with the consequences of his mistakes. He then states that "If this comes back to bite him, that's his fault."

In "Cooler's Revenge Abridged", Salza reported the news to Cooler that his brother Freeza has been killed by a Saiyan, to which he smugly replies that he hopes someone remembers to pick up the phone, "Because I ****-ing called it". Cooler and his men then made a course to Earth to find and kill Goku (which took them 3 months to get to Earth).

It is also hinted that Cooler is envious of his father's preference of Freeza, even going so far as to discuss it with Goku during their fight. In the end, as he is defeated, he realizes that he is just like his brother, recalling his speech about his brother dealing with the consequences of his mistakes, yet still saying, "At least I'm still Cooler."

He returns in "Cooler 2 The Return of Coolers Revenge: The Reckoning", voiced by General Ivan once again. He seems to be even more cocky and arrogant then the last time, claiming that The Big Gete star is going to f*uck Planet Namek, first figuratively, then "very literally", and he constantly mocks Goku and Vegeta as he fights them. Surprisingly, despite all his soldiers simply saying "Vead" (or "Beep" or whatever you hear) over and over, he isn't the only one who can understand them; all the z-warriors can, as well. He seems to enjoy constantly kicking Vegeta in the dick, all of his clones doing it to him at least once before he and Goku are captured. His back story about how he merged with the Big Gete Star is also reduced; his remains were simply floating through space, and the original computer chip that he would merge with hit him, causing him to go "what the fu-" and then the story ends. He also hates being told that Freeza already did everything he is doing, even if it was something that couldn't be helped like simply being turned into a cyborg and going to Namek. This is actually what causes him to be defeated; he attacks in a rage after Vegeta tells him Frieza underestimated them as well, and Goku destroys him completely. A scene after the end credits shows Vegeta destroying the original chip that created the Big Gete Star, declaring a "Flawless Victory."


Saulza is the leader of Cooler's Armored Squadron. Like Jeice, he is the center of many country-referencing jokes due to his accent. In his case, it's France. Like when he was blasting Goku, he cried out, "LE- SUCK IT, BITCH!" He also often uses "le" in other sentences. blasting the entire area to make sure that there was nothing left of Goku, he claims that it would the perfect place for a shopping mall with a cigarette shop, bagguette resturant, Napoleon museum, and a movie theatre only showing films starring Jean Reno. When he is killed by Piccolo, he admits that Jeice is his cousin.


Neiz is the member of Cooler's Armored Squadron and later killed by Piccolo while using Electric Bind Wave technique and getting close.


Dore is the member of Cooler's Armored Squadron, He appears to attack Gohan and this ensures a fight between Piccolo, who soon thereafter kills him with a homing energy blast as Dore tries to chase Gohan.


Chilled is a powerful space pirate and the ancestor of Freeza and his family who appeared in "Episode of Bardock" He attacks Planet Plant in hopes of obtaining their medicine, only to be defeated by Super Saiyan Bardock.

This version, however, happens to have an incredibly high-pitched British accent and is incredibly flamboyant, often making ridiculous traditions, such as naming all of his subordinates after fruit or making all of his most elite warriors learn dance choreography. He also has a weekly holiday called Wrestle Wednesday (because they both start with W's (it's alliteration)). Like the original, he doesn't know who Freeza is, but this version thinks he sounds like a "classy lady." He's also more cowardly, as when Bardock grabbed his fists, he begged him by saying "Please don't break my butt!"

His soldiers are loyal to him, even in his death, as they kept calling each other fruit names.

Android 13[]

Is another one of Dr. Gero's androids, before he appeared Android 17 mentioned him by imitating 13's country accent and redneck appearance, causing Gero to state he was going through a phase when he created 13. In the Super 13 special, when 13 was activated by the super computer he mentioned to Gero's voice that his speech patterns is the real him before asking for his hat. 13 then appears before Goku and Trunks stating to Trunks (who was telling Goku not to tell Vegeta about 14 and 15) that he would of been wrong about there being two androids as there are three. 13 then mentions the reasons for him them not being activated until he battles Goku whose stupidity causes him to wonder how Gero struggle to kill him as Goku mentions his stubbornness. 13 and Goku battle as Piccolo and Vegeta show up to aid them. When 14 and 15 are destroyed by Trunks and Vegeta (respectively), 13 absorbs their power cells and becomes Super 13 who easily overpowers the Z-fighters (even punching Goku in the groin, similar to what Cooler did to Vegeta). He is told repeatedly by Gero's supercomputer to kill Goku as the latter creates a Spirit Bomb but each time one of the z-fighters stops him and he is finally destroyed by Goku absorbing the power and striking the android.

Android 14[]

Is another one of Dr. Gero's androids, he appeared in the Super 13 special. His reason for being defective is that Gero couldn't fix his mechanized speech. He fought against Trunks overpowering the latter with a barrage of head-butts until the latter goes super saiyan and defeats 14 by cutting him in half. 14 reflects on his life before he explodes.

Android 15[]

Is another one of Dr. Gero's androids, he appeared in the Super 13 special. His reason for being defective as mention by 13 is due to him having a drinking problem. 15 fought against Vegeta and had the upper-hand until Vegeta goes super saiyan and overpowers him until 15 knocks him against a wall. They charge at each other and Vegeta falls to the ground as 15 taunts him before it turns out that he sliced off 15's head. 15 explodes before Vegeta throws a dog treat at him (similar to Guldo).


King Yemma[]

King Yemma is the one who judges the dead souls and tells them if they go to Heaven or Hell. In the TFS universe, he proudly proclaims himself the "closest thing to a god in this show ... until you get to the Kai's, then I'm horribly insignificant.". He has an obsession with mahogany and claims that his desk is made from mahogany that can alter the fabric of space and time. He forces every soul to strip before they go to the afterlife and likes Recoome's body after the latter strips. In the extra Yemma's Bad Day it's revealed he has a secretary named Denise who speaks in an incomprehensible murmur, a reference to the Peanuts.

Apparently Yemma was married, but ended up divorcing his wife. During Vegeta's mental breakdown in episode 18, Yemma heard the crazed Saiyans scream from the afterlife and thought it was his wife, prompting him to order her to leave him alone, spiteful for her having taken all their kids.

Goz and Mez[]

Goz and Mez are 2 ogres, and as such are gate-keepers of Hell, who Goku meets when he falls off Snake-Way. In this version, they speak with a heavy German accent and are big on fitness, vowing to Goku that they will, "Pump, (clap) You Up!!!" They do squats, stretches, and "Grappling in their speedos" which they do as a way to work off stress for when Goku ate a fruit that they were going to use to make fruit salad for King Yemma's barbecue, for which they get need Olive Oil for (as in the Grappling)

They are mentioned in 28, as when Freeza boasted that Vegeta was in Hell, Goku rebukes this saying that he went to hell once and the only real bad parts were "these oiled-up German guys trying to wrestle me."

Goz appears in 29, humming and picking his nose. When King Kai kicks the Ginyu Force off his planet, he calls out, "Mez! We have visitors! Prepare ze camps!"



Atla is the Arlian who greeted Vegeta and Nappa when they were imprisoned on Arlia. After Vegeta killed King Moai, Atla expressed his deep gratitude and declared that they will erect statues of them. (out of their dung, of course.) He was killed when Vegeta blew up the planet.

Arlian prisoner[]

Another prisoner when Vegeta and Nappa were imprisoned on Arlia. He begins his speech in a homage to the TV show "OZ". He bragged how he was going to make Vegeta his bitch while in the cell. His appearance is just Atla colored green.

King Moai[]

King Moai is the cruel fascist king of Arlia. In this version, when Nappa asked him to breed with his Queen, he refused at first because he had guards around, but then complied after Vegeta and Nappa killed them. After Nappa killed Yetti, Moai ran away, begging to be spared, promising riches and women. When Vegeta proclaimed that was going to rock him, "like a hurricane" Moai proclaimed that he loved that song right before a rock thrown by Vegeta's telekinesis hits his chest, killing him instantly.


Yetti is a monster Arlian, and is Moai's secret weapon. In this version, Moai called it the Rancor (a reference to Star Wars) When it came out, Nappa thought it was cute and wanted to keep it as a pet. He then proceeded to play with the monster, first by shaking with it, but ripped off it's finger, then threw a energy blast at it, telling it to catch it, but was blown up instead. Nappa tried to cuddle with it even though it's dead, and tries to remember back when they "first got it" which was only for the few seconds ago.

The Kannasans[]

The Kannasans were a race that Bardock and his platoon eradicated. Like the original, they are psychic and can see the future, but in this version, they are full-blown idiots, and because of that they did not prepare for Bardock's attack when they foresaw it. As evidenced by one Kannasan, they have a tendency to blurt out "I can see the futuuuuure!!!" and what they see in the future.

When Vegeta tries to escape Namek, he decides to go to Freeza planet #419 (Kannasa) because no-one ever goes there anymore since it's species miraculously repopulated. Here, many Kannasans spout countless DBZ spoilers to the heavens that, "Bulma and Vegeta have a kid, the real Buu is a child, Cell reaches his perfect form, Goten and Trunks become a guy, Gohan's the strongest in the universe but still doesn't do craaap!!!!"


The Plant are the alien race Bardock encountered in Episode of Bardock. In this version, they all sound alike (like Kermit the Frog), say "Hi-ho" as a greeting, call their healing medicine "SPUG" (Super Polymorphic Unleashing Gel (pronounced "spooge", which is a slang term for semen)). In addition they are all named after rappers such as Dre (a.k.a Dr. Dre), the village doctor (real name: Ipana), Tupac, Dre's son (real name: Berry), Rza, one of Dre's patients, Ice Cube, who hates the police, and Chris of the Clan Brown, who was exiled for unknown reasons (possibly assaulting someone named Rihanna). Bardok even kills one called ODB (Ol' Dirty Bastard) while demonstrating how to properly tramatize a village after the end credits.

They wind up worshiping Bardock as their "violent savior" after he kills Chilled's scouts, singing "Fa who dores" (from the Dr. Suess book, "The Grinch that stole Christmas").  Their kind nature and singing ways greatly annoy Bardock (and Chilled to an extent).

Later, it turns out the race is actually called the "Saiyans", making them the ancestors of Bardock and the other Saiyans. This enrages Bardock, a lot, as he was already, from the very first moment, disgusted with them, threatening to kill them with a smile, make a house out of their bodies, and eating them, which they consider an invitation rather than a threat.



Maron is Krillin's girlfriend at one point. Like the original, she is beautiful but somwhat stupid and spoiled. She constantly asks Krillin (who calls himself Juan Sanchez) for money and presents (Like a $1000 for a broken nail, or Turtle for a pet.) She also asks dumb questions, like what would Yarjirobe and Korin's kids wold look like (to which Korin replies "probably fat kitties"). She works as a waitress and, sometimes, a prostitute.

At the end of TFS 31, however, it turns out the whole ditzy-bimbo act just a ruse. She is in-fact an agent of the State Fraud Bureau sent to spy on Krillin until he admits to insurance fraud (which she recorded with a recorder implanted in her boobs (the one place Krillin couldn't reach). She then states that Krillin has to pay back everything he owes, including the money he spent on her. When Krillin claims he spent over $500,000 on her, she claims that, as a government agent, she's not a good person.


Aquaman is member of the Super Friends in episode 5 in a DC parody. Much like Krillin and Yamcha, he is made fun of by his rumored uselessness. He constantly brags about how the whales would save them, to the point where he is constantly shouting out the word into open space, which annoys his "friends" to no end. He is not shown personally and is only heard shouting.

In episode 8, he appears again, mourning over the loss of the whales "sunk" by Nappa.

George Takei[]

George shows up in several episodes vocally saying "Oh my" to King Kai's unintentionally sexual comments. Somehow King Kai dials him instead of Goku often.

Vegeta's Spirit Animal 'Orpheus'[]

Orpheus is a crab that makes a quiet and small appearance in DBZ. He appears in TFS Episode 27 after Vegeta is struck down by Freeza into the water. In the TFS Universe, he is a talking Jamaican "spirit animal" that tries to tell Vegeta how to defeat Freeza until his unkindly end of getting eaten by Freeza. Later in Episode 28, after Freeza receives a dropkick from Goku, Orpheus falls out of Freeza's left ear after Freeza began cracking his neck side to side.

Majin Buu[]

Like Cell, Majin Buu was seen in his Majin form in Bardock's vision referred as a "Fat Pink man-child". He was also mentioned by the Kannasans when they said "The real Buu is a child!"

Para Para Brothers[]

The Para Para brothers are seen in Bardock's vision. Bardock sees them dancing in his vision. Knowing that they exist, Bardock decides to "welcome the sweet embrace of death" after watching them talk and dance, listening to the Para Para Brothers' music as he dies.


Is Goku and Chi-Chi's second son and Gohan's younger brother. He was mentioned by the Kanassans who state "Goten and Trunks become a guy". He briefly appears in the "Super 13 special", he trains with a teenage Gohan for the tournament before he disappears due to 13 striking Goku in the groin. Gohan who completely forgot Goten wonders why he was training. At the end, Goku is given a senzu bean to recover from his injury but mentions he'll need more than one. Chi Chi later gives Goku permission to train Gohan to fight Cell provided he allow her one thing which Goku asks about. Chi-Chi states she wants another baby (foreshadowing Goten's birth) as Goku is left speechless and nervous before teleporting away. Roshi asks if that was a yes as Chi-Chi states it wasn't a no. In episode 56, Chi-Chi -