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Founding Members:

Tyler1337Admin, MasterKid1514, Sakuratsukino29, Ishida1017, LordViral2, ShikamaruUchihaSama, Sarutobi66

Non-Founding Members:

HokageTitan, Sodsuke.

Special Guests:

Stokes26, Nowacking, Knightshade04, Fanta-chan, ZeroMaster, Tonyzx15, GanXingba, Travolta3335, Chicknwings, Agito4876, AcidDude, UltimateZDawn.

Date of Founding:

November 19, 2008.



TeamSupeSharu is a group of parody makers that make 'abridged' series, which are comedy series on the basis of voicing over clips and making a concurrent series out of it. The team was founded on November 19th, 2008, and have since then begun their main series, Code Geass the Abridged Parody Series, and have taken on other pojects.

Code Geass the Abridged Series[]

Main article: Code Geass: The Abridged Parody Series

Main Information[]

The series is famous for detaching from most commonly used plots such as pop-cultural references and extreme profanity. At most, the series employs such things as to break a usual sober moment or provide a loop through which the plot can jump through to continue on with the story. This series follows, unlike most other series, a dedicated plot that can be chronicallized and compared to the original series. Mass amounts of fans have come to comment that they enjoy the take on the plot this series has, as well as the new character traits the characters are given.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children the Abridged Parody Movie[]


The movie was initially announced by a video to the song 'Before I Forget' by the band Slipknot, showing various clips synched to the music in the background. At the end, several usernames were given as the cast-list. However, several users would drop out of the casting due to personal reasons.

This project started several months prior to the formation of TeamSupeSharu, initially just being a collaboration between Tyler1337Admin and SaiyaUnleashed of Hellsing Abridged fame. The two, however, never got around to bringing the project up to bear and it faded away. Tyler1337Admin brought the script back to life and rewrote and complete the entire script with what he claims to be "overall better jokes, character-traits and a more enjoyable plot-line". The script was finalized and sent out in secret to the confirmed cast members that were recruited beforehand, and the project subsequently launched. Tyler1337Admin took the helm of this project as the editor, but due to several set-backs the movie was put on perpetual hiatus until further notice. The project resumed on July 24th, 2009 and is assumed to be completed by no later then August.