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DarkPhoenixMishima was the one who decided to start the group... the "group" was originally him and BDUB, after he responded to his first trailer on mishimaphoenix...

TeamKakugane originally didn't exist until KnightmareChaotix and Cassius614 joined, my original plan was just to host them on the old mishimaphoenix channel then turn DarkPhoenixMishima in a personal random video channel. Then later Awp joined, but he's not too importent.

Originally DarkPhoenixMishima wanted to do DBZ, LONG before TeamFourStar, but the length of the show, amount of characters, and lack of the Saiyan Saga made me scrap the project. About a year after DarkPhoenixMishima read a manga preview of Buso Renkin, then eventually found out an anime came out and bought it. Then he reconsidered doing the abridged thing again, looking at my small DVD collection (DarkPhoenixMishima feels an abridger needs the full series before he abridges it) Buso Renkin was the only completed one. DarkPhoenixMishima posted a trailer, then eventually found myself with a team.


  • mishimaphoenix -- Writer, Editor, Voice Actor
  • BDUBTheAnimeMaster -- Voice Actor
  • Cassius614 -- Voice Actor
  • xxDarkAwpxx -- Writer, Editor, Voice Actor
  • HarpieGirlSuzuka -- Voice Actor
  • KnightmareChaotix -- Writer, Voice Actor


  • Buso Renkin: TAS