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Tales of the Abridged is an abridged series created by Maddogg91, (maddoggninetyone on youtube), parodying the Anime adapation of the popular game Tales of the Abyss. This is Maddogg's second major series behind Ninjas In Da Hood, but his first true successful series.



Tales of the Abridged came about from a random idea by Maddoggninetyone during his many "What if I abridged this series who would be who moments." He's done this several times sparking ideas such as G Gundam Abridged, InuYasha Abridged and even a Dragonball Abridged that never saw air. His only other series that made a slight splash was Tenchi Muyo Abridged Ryo-ohki. Finally he decided to ditch his friends on skype and go ask some real voice actors to join, using the site VoiceActingAlliance as a median. There he found Tik115, who auditioned for the part of Guy, Jade, and Master Van and easily nabbing the roles of Guy and Van while Felix Lock scored the part of Jade as well as Largo. Also from the VAA's Sacred Tear, with an amazing performance to win Tear and Natalia. Dobuchu won the part of Ion and Synch the tempest as well as Luke's Mother. Stephanie W proved to be the cutest sounding Anise, Lucky Cat1 as Mieu, and a whole lot of others filling in as the god generals. Another part of the cast, Mattroks101, a successful abridger in Baccano! Teh Abridged Series, won the part as Dist the Reaper for his flaymboyant voice acting prowess.

Recently Felix Lock, Dobuchu, and Lucky Cat1 have left the cast causing Maddoggninetyone to search for new cast members. Starting from Episode 1, the show took off better than expected, though the picture quality was rubbish, the jokes were decent enough to get people to start subscribing and showing interest. Episode 2, saw a large leap in quality, along with visual gags and better scripted scenes. Episode 3, improved on all of these details, adding much more livelyness to the episodes.


There are many prominent characters featured in the series, most based on the original characters of Tales of the Abyss.

Luke- Voiced by Maddoggninetyone Luke is a troubled young man who remains the victim of countless kidnappings. As a result he was locked away inside his manor in the hopes that no one could kidnap him again. He sneaks out of his window one morning and encounters his butler, Pierre who is busy managing his garden. Pierre warns Luke that jumping out of the window is a dangerous activity which causes Luke to yell at Pierre and tell him to do his job instead of worrying about him. As Luke leaves, Pierre wishes something bad happens to Luke. Getting away from his boring in the room life he hides in a tree to avoid running into anyone. The attempt is sadly ruining by Luke's best friend and caretaker servant Guy. Guy warns Luke that he is being sought after by Princess Natalia, his fiance and cousin. Luke shows early signs of not wanting to deal with the Princess by making excuses such as being kidnapped again and being a robot who's not actually the real Luke. She does not fall for it, and scolds him for lying to his "future wife" much to Luke's reaction hating the idea of marrying his own cousin. Luke then experiences an odd sensation, which allows Ben Kenobi of Star Wars to communicate with Luke, mistaking his telepathic communication with Luke Skywalker. After a few events Luke meets up with his sword training master Van and asks to be trained, but instead a mysterious, or Mystearica woman attacks Master Van prompting Luke to defend him. The woman and Luke have a reaction and blast off into a new area while everyone looks around confused.

Luke comes to after having a flash forward to events ahead. He wakes up shocked not being in his manor and begins to hypervenilate until the woman calms him down. The Woman is revealed to be Tear Grants, attempting to assassinate Van for unknown reasons. She begins to educate Luke on the many wonders of the world like rocks... and the moon. After being annoyed by his questions she asks him if he wishes to join her in his return home to which he agrees after encountering monsters. The two set off on their adventure.

Luke is can be describe in many ways... After being kidnapped after many times, Luke lost his memories forcing him to have to restart everything only in a short 7 years and being the age 17 at the moment he is extremely immature and ignorant. Not to mention being trapped in a house with no knowledge of the outside world. Luke has a problem with confusing big words for people, like Sarcasm.