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Botch Brigade
Team Name Botch Brigade
Members 2
Started May 25, 2018
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Botch Brigade (formerly known as Take Your Views) is an American abridging group, consisted of two main directors/producers, dougo and cherriiiontop. It started in May 2018 and their first series was Persona 5 Abridged. In late 2019, they announced Black Clover Abridged.

During 2020, the team would rebrand as Botch Brigade.

Take Your Views Logo

Previous logo from 2018-2020


  • dougo - Creator, director, writer, editor, voice actor
  • cherriiiontop - Director, writer, editor, voice actor


  • Persona 5 Abridged (Sep 12, 2018 - present)
  • Black Clover Abridged (Mar 18, 2020 - present)

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