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JBN's TWGOK Abridged is the title of the JaceBoat Network's abridged series based on The World God Only Knows anime. This series took about a total 6 months on production for the first episode. Despite the work and dedication, the first episode was immediately blocked from YouTube upon upload. Eventually, the episode went back up. Future episodes would share an worse fate.

JBN's TWGOK Abridged is a parody that keeps the plot relatively unchanged but drastically changes the personalities of the main characters. For example, the character Keima from the original was a genius who could conquer any dating simulator, while the abridged Keima is incompetent and can barely conquer a single dating simulator.

The World God Only Knows Abridged
Created by TMFilly
Run Feb. 1, 2016 - Feb. 23, 2020
Episodes 7
Link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBvCwcPlweA1PDILqG7DHqXE6DzGN1mne


  • Name means main/recurring character.
  • Name means Conquest character.
Character Voice Actor Previously Previously (Continued)
Keima Katsuragi TMFilly
Elucia de Lute Ima Jay Levi Killer Crest High7Guard
Haqua du Lot Herminium Piyo
Ayumi Takahara Koma-kun Ashtronaughte echecalex
Mari Katsuragi Amazing Zangoose
Chihiro Kosaka Feelinkit Viorose Ashtronaughte
Mio Aoyama RoseOfSweetness
Sora Asuka Pistacchieo
Kanon Nakagawa garbageGothic
Shiori Shiomiya Froboty HomicidalTeddyBear
Kusunoki Kasuga AudreyIsFantastic
Tooru Amami Froboty
Asami & Ikumi Yoshino TheToyScarecrow
Jun Nagase Alice Luna

Minor Roles:[]

TMFilly: Chief Dokuro

Apples612: Ichiro Kodama 1/2

g0Dwarrior23: Miyako Terada 1/2

Ohimesamaowo: Yuri Nikaido

RoseOfSweetness: Miyako Terada 2/2

WungoBongoVA: Ichiro Kodama 2/2

crystalllite: Rimyuel de Lute Ima


TMFilly: VG Girl 2 (Chihiro Fujisaki) 1/2, Upperclassman 2 2/2, Member of Pyramid, Noble 3, Little Boy 1, Little Boy 2

High7Guard: Upperclassman 1, Member of Pyramid, Grip 2

Blazedpopcorn: VG Girl 1 1/2

DrJuiceBox: VG Girl 1 2/2, Upperclassman 3, Member of Pyramid, Noble 2

Apples612: Upperclassman 2 1/2

Amazing Zangoose: VG Girl 3 (Sarah), Member of Pyramid

Katiesocks: Lowerclassman

g0Dwarrior23: Lowerclassman 1

BestGaymerNA: VG Girl 2 (Chihiro Fujisaki) 2/2

Rainedrops: Sandwich Vendor

PsychoticLP: Morita, Grip 1

musikmann95: Noble 2

RoseOfSweetness: Kanon's Manager

Froboty: VG Girl 4, Teen Girl 2

garbageGothic: Teen Girl 1

Naema: Teacher 1

Sacred Guy: Member of Pyramid

Sean Powell: Member of Pyramid

Joseph_Stalin_: Member of Pyramid

musikmann95: Member of Pyramid



  • Ashtronaughte
  • Blazedpopcorn
  • High7Guard
  • Sacred Guy
  • TMFilly


  • TMFilly


  • Insane_bow
  • Sacred Guy
  • TMFilly
  • Victorman101
  • zzz


  • Amazing Zangoose
  • Ashtronaughte
  • circusWood
  • crystalllite
  • TMFilly


  • Blazedpopcorn
  • TMFilly

Opening Disclaimer[]

Episode Voice
01 TMFilly
01 Remake TMFilly (Sped Up)
02 Amazing Zangoose
03 musikmann95
04 Joseph_Stalin_
05 garbageGothic
06 Jay Levi
07 Froboty


Season 1[]

Thumbnail Episode Air Date Plot Summary
Episode 1: Commence the Purge February 1, 2016 Keima's world is shaken when a demon named Elucia informs him that they have to purge loose souls.
Episode 1 Remake (#TIBA) June 29, 2016 Keima's world is once again shaken by the demon bitch in sheep's clothing.
Episode 2: The Demon Sis in Wannabe's Clothes August 31, 2016 In order to make loose soul purging easier, Elucia must overcome Keima's stubbornness and become his sister.
Episode 3: Tsundare to Tsundere October 1, 2016 Keima and Elsie find that there is a loose soul inside of the rich tsundere Mio Aoyama.
Episode 4: Divinesaunce December 25, 2016 Keima struggles endlessly to try to beat a buggy dating simulator.
Episode 5: The Melancholy of Kanon-chan May 7, 2017 Keima and Elsie find that there is a loose soul inside teen pop idol Kanon Nakagawa.

Credits Music[]

Episode Song Artist Extra Info
01 "All Star" Smash Mouth Copyright claim.
01 Remake "Last Dance (8-Bit Remix)" N/A Not used due to lack of time.
02 "MEGALOVANIA (Metal Cover)" RichaadEB Copyright claim.
03 "temmie get money for colege" Archdiggle
04 "Boss Burger N' Chips" Inverse Phase From Super Meat Boy! OST.
05 "Darling Baby" Nao Toyama From The World God Only Knows Insert Song Album - Birth.


  • Although the first episode took 6 months to create, all of the editing was done in the final 3 weeks.
  • In the first episode, "The Next Day" transition plays the stage starting sound from Sonic Adventure 2, to go along with the "City Escape" bit at the very beginning of the episode.
  • The first episode was edited in VideoPad Video Editor, leading to random cuts in audio across the video. Episodes 1 Remake through 4 were made using Vegas Pro 11. Episode 5 and on were created using Vegas Pro 13.
  • In the first episode, much of the content was based to be Japanese, including the arrangement of character's names, along with the use of honorifics. After the first episode, this was discarded for the most part. Episode 5 saw the return of honorifics when Kanon referred to Keima only as "Keima-kun".
  • In the first 3 episodes (Episode 1, Episode 1 Remake, and Episode 2), Elsie was voiced by 3 different people, one being a guy.
  • Bit and pieces of the first few episodes contain music from Homestuck, Undertale, and a Homestuck fan comic named Hexane.
  • This series' depiction of Elsie is inspired in part by Asuna from SomethingWitty's SAO Abridged.
  • The first uncensored episode was Episode 3, in which the only use of the word "Fuck" was right before the credits.
  • Sound effects are used from a variety of old games and shows, including the likes of F-Zero, Metal Gear, and a variety of Hanna Barbera shows.
  • The voice actress for Sora Asuka, Pistacchieo, was originally supposed to only voice Elucia starting in episode 3. However, an emergency recasting for Elucia in episode 2 saw Jay Levi voice the character. After her performance, Jay Levi was fully casted as the character, rather than filling the role temporarily, and Pistacchieo was allowed to voice the next main character, Sora Asuka.
  • Episode 4 came out incredibly late due to recastings, school issues, and personal issues. (It was originally supposed to be a Halloween special and came out on Christmas.)
  • The character Kanon had been recasted twice before her first actual appearance due to a variety of reasons.
  • Like Episode 4, Episode 5 came out extremely late, with its original expected release date to be March 3rd, and its actual release to be [TBD].
  • Episode 5 was the first episode for the method of voice directing to be used, with Kanon's VA, garbageGothic being the only one voice directed in the episode.
  • Recording for the Light Novel started as early as production on Episode 5.