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Gundam 00 Abridged
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Created by The Pretentious Society.
Run 4/28/09 pilot

7/12/09 - present (director's cut episodes)

Episodes 1
Link http://www.youtube.com/user/PretentiousSociety

Gundam 00 Abridged as presented by The Pretentious Society is one of the many Gundam 00 abridged series made for hbi2k's Pass GAS competition.


On April 20, 2009, hbi2k created the Pass GAS competition. He challenged his fans to make an abridged episode of a series that started with G within a week. Not being one to back down from a challenge, Fizzmaister created Gundam 00 Abridged and entered it into the competition on April 28, 2009. During that week, Fizz asked an acquaintance of his that he know was a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series, if she would be willing to voice the females in his series. StoneScorpio agreed to do the voices. Fizzmaister was not pleased with the editing, but was out of time for the contest. He promised a version two soon, but due to a short bout of depression (cause unknown), and then lack of interest in the mundane work of editing, it didn't come out until July 12, 2009.

Fizzmaister plans to abridge all 50 episodes of Gundam 00.


Prior to any work on the abridged series, Fizz created an abridged characterization for all of the characters of season one and the main ones of season 2. While scripting, he has the character sheet open to make sure that the lines are in character, and to play off a character's personality if he can't think of an appropriate line. He also uses the character sheet to store any jokes that come to him for future episodes. Fizzmaister, routinely creates scenes with just dialogue and later comes back and decides which character would be most likely to say that


  • Fizzmaister -- Most of the male voices.
  • StoneScorpio -- Female voices and little Setsuna


  • Daybreak's Bell -- L'arc~en~Ciel. Edited by Fizz.


Setsuna F Seiei[]

Setsuna a quiet and emotionless teenager. He is easily confused with Heero Yuy, and thinks he is in Gundam Wing abridged. He also has a fear of combs due to being a former member of the terrorist organization, KPSA, where he was a child soldier fighting to retrieve Ali al-Saarches's stolen comb. He is one of the four bishonen selected to pilot a Gundam.

Lockon Stratos[]

Stupid Sexy Lockon was born in Ireland, but he doesn't talk about his past too much. He maintains a cheerful personality, and tries to develop his character in such a way that he will attract the ladies. He is content that he is being developed as the cool older brother pilot as he thinks that it will make him more popular. He is one of the four bishonen selected to pilot a Gundam.

Tieria Erde[]

His background is unknown. He is an avid Counter-Strike modder and gamer. His favorite CS mods is a recreation of the O Gundam's armed intervention in Krugis. He uses his extensive gaming experience to help him pilot. He is the most bishonen of all of the Gundam pilots.

Alleluja Haptism[]

Was supposed to play the role of a deep philosophical thinker and moral relativist that would challenge the characters' and audience's perception of right and wrong. However, the show went over-budget due to Sumeragi's drinking problem, and Alleluja was reduced to a one-gimmick character with only three episodes of character development. He is one of the four bishonen selected to pilot a Gundam.

Sumeragi Lee Noriega[]

Sumeragi has a serious drinking problem, and is always drunk. Despite this she is a brilliant strategic analyst and tactician. The show went over-budget due to all the beer she purchased with company funds, and they had to cut most of Alleluja's character.

Wang Liu Mei[]

A rich Chinese girl, and head of her household. She is constantly mistaken for Lacus for some reason. She likes change.

Graham Acre[]

Ace pilot and Otaku extraodinaire. He smokes weed and believes it helps him pilot and even gives him super powers.

Patrick Colasour[]

Supposedly an ace pilot, however, this Frenchy has never shot down a single suit.