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TME Sonic X Abridged

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Created by TailsWorkshop
Cast Mashudes

Kitty Seeboo
SD Loren
Palace Dawson

Run July 15, 2013
Episodes 3
Link Youtube Link

TME Sonic X Abridged is a abridged series created by TailsWorkshop based off the anime series Sonic X. It has only been published on YouTube, the channel was created on July 15, 2013, and the first episode was published on July 31st, 2013. There are currently three episodes in the series.


  • Mashudes - Sonic, Mr. Stewart, Nelson, Narrator
  • Powderpuffbunny / SonicFunTime - Tails
  • UltimateSuperX . - Knuckles, Big, E-102 Gamma, E-23 Missile Wrist
  • Kitty Seeboo - Amy
  • SD Loren - Cream, Rouge, Scarlet Garcia
  • job489 - Chris, Dr. Kai Narasu, Police officers, Minor Roles
  • Pokemon493Fan - Eggman, Surveillance Officer
  • DarkCloud1267 - Shadow, Minor Roles
  • Palace Dawson - Sam Speed
  • JJV407 - Ella, Bokkun, Mr. Tanaka
  • TailsWorkshop - Chuck, Decoe, Bocoe, Lindsey, Hector Dragg, The President's 3rd Assistant, Minor Roles

Episode List[]

Thumbnail Episodes Description
Episode 1: "The Worst Excuse for a Planet" Sonic and his friends (and enemies) get sent to earth once Eggman's "thingy" broke. The place is full of idiots who think Sonic is a cat! Will Sonic ever escape this madness!!?
Episode 1.5: "Sam Speed's Drawings" Sam Speed shows the Surveillance officer his horrible drawings.
Episode 2: "Area 51 Ripoff" Sonic meets Chris' grandfather Chuck who is very funny but stupid. Cream and Cheese are in trouble at the Area 51 Ripoff: Area 99! Sonic goes to save Cream and even gives Chuck a special role in the show!
Episode 3: "Dr. Eggman's Funnest Day Ever" Eggman is back and ready to take over Station Square, well mostly for fun. Sonic's nowhere to be found and Chuck is working against Tails and Chris! Will Sonic arrive at the scene to stop Eggman?


  • Sonic's personality is very similar to his actual counterpart. He acts like a smart a** mostly to Eggman.
  • Amy has a very sarcastic personality.
  • Knuckles is portrayed as a very stupid character who doesn't understand Amy's sarcasm.
  • Eggman is portrayed as a childish spoiled man who only conquers things for his own personal fun. He also calls all his robots "crappy robots".
  • Chris Thorndyke is portrayed as a homosexual who is a huge Justin Bieber fan. Chris also has a gimmick where he blinks very fast two or three times whenever he blinks most of the time.
  • Chuck Thorndyke is portrayed as a immature idiot who has a strong hatred towards Tails. This is the opposite of his personality in the actual series. In the actual series, he is a genius who is close friends with Tails. Chuck, normally a protagonist in the actual series is portrayed as a villain in the abridged series who helps Dr. Eggman in stopping Sonic and his friends, mostly Tails.
  • Sam Speed is portrayed as a childish man who acts like a baby and is obsessed with the children's television series Barney and Friends. Due to this, he calls his speed patrol team the "Barney Fan Club" instead of the "Speed Team". The other members of the team such as Hector Dragg also act like babies. The Surveillance officer is portrayed as some kind of guardian / daycare provider for the team.
  • Nelson Thorndyke (Chris' father) is portrayed as a drunk idiot who gets wasted daily at his job as the Chief Executive officer of the Thorndyke Brewery. Lindsey Fair (Chris' mother) is portrayed as a snobby, greedy woman who spends all her husband's money on jewels.


The series has gotten mixed reviews, mostly good from the cast members and mixed from other YouTube users. The first episode currently has over 500 views worldwide.

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