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Saiyans? On My Planet? (It's More Likely Than You Think)

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  • Cheeseman - Reporter 2/Jimmy


  • Team America - The Team America March
  • Cha-La-Head-Cha-La by Hironobu Kageyama


  • The title is a reference to a meme that originated from a Net Nanny content-monitoring software advertisement, "Pornography? On my computer? It's more likely than you think."
  • Nappa calls Chaotzu a Pokemon.
  • When Gohan asks Krillin about his training, Krillin breaks down and cries "First rule of Popo's training, do not talk about Popo's training!" This is a reference to Fight Club, which has a similar rule.
  • "He blew up the cargo robot" is a reference to DBZ Ocean/Blue Water dub's refusal to mention death.
  • Fraggle Rock


Nappa: (Upon noticing Piccolo) Oh look, Vegeta! It's a Namekian!
Krillin: Hey! I take offense to that!
Piccolo: He's referring to me, you idiot. And it's not an insult; the Namekians are a fine, proud race of--
Nappa: That means he doesn't have a penis, right Vegeta?
(Piccolo gawks in shock; Gohan snickers)
Vegeta: (Amused) Eunuchs.

Nappa: (After creating the Saibamen) Vegeta, look! More bald people: the small one, the two tall ones, and... (sees Chiaotzu) Vegeta, look! A Pokemon.
Chiaotzu: I'm not a Pokemon! I'm Chiaotzu. Chiaotzu!
Nappa: Did you hear that, Vegeta? It's a Chiaotzu. I'm gonna catch it. (Takes out a Pokeball)
Chiaotzu: I told you, I'm not a Poke-- (Nappa throws the Pokeball at his face) OW!!
Nappa: Aw, it didn't work Vegeta.
Vegeta: That's because you have to damage it first.
Nappa: Alright, let's see if I can get a critical!

Nappa: I am Nappa. And this is Vegeta, he was a prison--
Vegeta: SHUT UP, NAPPA!!
Nappa: ...bitch!

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