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It's Been A Year If It's Been A Day

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  • AinTunez


  • Goku reads the disclaimer for this episode.


Vegeta: Watch it, Namekian. Unless you wanna go right now. And I think we both know how our last fight went.
Piccolo: And I think we don't, because we've never fought.
Vegeta: I--wait...really? But then how did you--
Piccolo: Your dumbass friend.
Vegeta: Riiiiiight. Wow, we've never actually fought. That's so weird. (Turns to Popo) Isn't that weird, black man?
Mr. Popo: Yeah, almost as weird as what's gonna happen if you call me that again.

Android 16: Another reason I want to kill Son Goku? He is so orange. It's like, come on, there are other colors. Am I right?
Bulma: (ignoring 16) So we'll have to machine the skull ourselves.
Android 16: Another reason to kill Son Goku, you ask? His stupid face. Have you seen it?
Bulma: Yep.
Android 16: That's a face even a mother could kill.
Goku: (putting on his gi) Ah, good old orange. Really brings out my stupid face.

Cell: (talking to a Hetap representative) Alright then, it's officially the Cell Games presented by Hetap.
Goku: I'd kill for a Hetap.
Cell: (surprised) Whoa, Jesus!
Goku: No, actually. It's Goku.

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