A Raging Semi

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  • Zach Manley

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  • Street Fighter ("Shoryuken")


  • Semi-Perfect Cell reads the disclaimer for this episode.


(Gohan tries to become a Super Saiyan but fails.)
Goku: Good try, Gohan. But you can't just power up and become a Super Saiyan. It comes from pure raw emotion. You know where I was when I became a Super Saiyan?
Gohan: Yes, you--
Goku: I was on Namek. I thought I finally defeated Freezer with the Spirit Bomb. But as it turns out, he was still alive.
Gohan: Dad, I was the--
Goku: He killed Vegeta, and he killed Krillin...
Gohan: I saw everythi--
Goku: Piccolo...tripped or something. It was pretty bad for everyone. Then, he threatened to do the same to my son. (Sudden realization). Oh hey, you were there....Why didn't you go Super Saiyan?
Gohan: (Defeated sigh)

Cell: How? How?! How did you get this strong?!
Vegeta: I trained all day yesterday.
Cell: Oh, you think you're being cute.
Vegeta: Bitch, I'm adorable.
Cell: FINE! (Jumps up on cliff side)Then how about THIS?! Galick Gun...(Charges up attack)
Vegeta: Oh ho ho and that's just precious.
Cell: FIRE! (Fires energy beam at Vegeta, presumably killing him in the process).

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