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Vegeta Kills Bugs Dead

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  • The Way We Were - Barba Streisand
  • What Shall We Die For - Hanz Zimmer
  • Cha-La-Head-Cha-La by Hironobu Kageyama


(While en route to Earth)
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: (annoyed) No.
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: (becoming more annoyed) No.
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: (much more annoyed) NO.
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: (now very angry) NO!
Nappa: Are we there yet?
Vegeta: (even angrier) NO!
Nappa: Hey Vegeta.
Vegeta: (ready to snap) WHAT???
Nappa: (sees that they are approaching Planet Arlia) Can we stop at that bug planet?
Vegeta: (temper stabilized) Nappa, if it'll shut you up for five minutes, then fine!

Nappa: Hi! I'm Nappa! And that's Vegeta; he was a prison bitch!
Vegeta: Shut the hell up, Nappa.
Nappa: 'kay.
Vegeta: Anyway we're here because my partner's an idiot, so now that we got introductions out of the
way I think I'll just kill you and-
Nappa: Hey Vegeta!
Vegeta: Oh god what now!?
Nappa: I think that's our queen; I'm curious how they breed.
Vegeta: Oh goddammit Nappa, that’s disgusting! I say we just-
Nappa: Hey, you guys, breed for us!
Moai: Why should we listen to you? You’re surrounded by my thirteen elite...(Nappa blows all guards up, leaving an explosion and nothing but corpses)  ...dead guards. Well, you heard him honey!
Nappa: They’re not doing anything, they’re just standing on top of each other and... (Arlians start mating)awwww there we go!
Vegeta: (receives the photo that Nappa sent to his phone, grossed out) Oh goddammit Nappa...

(Vegeta has conjured up a plan to kill Moai)

Nappa: (witnesses the Rancor appearing) Vegeta, it's... it's... IT’S SO CUTE!!! Can I keep it? Can I keep it?
Vegeta: Fine, just catch it or something.
Nappa: Yay! Here boy, shake! (breaks the Rancor's arm off) Ahhh, got your finger. (Nappa prepares an energy sphere) Okay, now boy, catch the ball, catch the ball! (the Rancor tries to catch the sphere, only to be vaporized) Awwww! Aww, I broked-ed it, Vegeta. Must’ve been made of something weak, like paper maché...or Raditz.


  • The title is a reference to the slogan for the insecticide Raid.
  • Justice League
  • Vegeta: "I'm about to rock you... like a hurricane"; "Rock You Like a Hurricane" is a song by Scorpions.

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