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Hyperbolic Plot Device

Created by







  • Megami33 – Bulma
  • Hbi2k – Dr. Briefs, Nail
  • Takahata101 – Anchor 2, Anchor 3
  • Lanipator – Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Mr. Popo
  • KaiserNeko – Trunks, Anchor 01
  • MasakoX – Goku, Gohan
  • Hnilmik – ChiChi
  • Remix – Kami, Android 16
  • Ganxingba – Tenshinhan, Android 17
  • ShudoRanmaru – Android 18


  • Goku reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • The dream that Krillin has in this episode is the same one that happens in the 2014 Halloween special "Celloween: A Flight Out of Cell". This is the first time a holiday special has tied in directly with the main series.


Goku: Hey, Getes.
Vegeta: (growls angrily)
Goku: I heard you lost your fight pretty bad.
Vegeta: (growls more angrily)
Goku: But you know what they say, Vegeta. When you fall off that horse, you get right back up, and you eat that horse. Come eat that horse with me, Vegeta!
Vegeta: What the hell are you on about?

Mr. Popo: Here it is, maggots. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
Goku: Wait, I thought it was called the Room of Spirit and Time.
Mr. Popo: I said that because you kept mispronouncing it.
Goku: Aw, I can do it. Hype-Ebola Mind Chamber.
Mr. Popo: No.
Goku: Hyperglycemic Crime Chamber.
Mr. Popo: You get one more.
Goku: ...Hypebonics Rhyme Chamber.

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