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  • Blade Runner

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Piccolo reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • In the original series, Cell had already been given the name "Cell" before he encounters the Z Fighters. In the abridged series, Piccolo asks Cell what his name is and Cell replies that he doesn't actually have a name, and comes up with the name "Cell" for himself based off his cellular-absorption abilities.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Cell: Wanna see something cool? (Puts two fingers to his forehead and begins charging the Special Beam Cannon)
Piccolo: What is he doing?
Kami: That looks like your technique.
Piccolo: Well it's not!
Nail: He's doing the finger thing.
Piccolo: So? Goku does that when he telepo--
Cell: Makankosappo! (fires the Special Beam Cannon)
Piccolo: Oh crap!
Kami: So that's how you pronounce it!

Cell: (begins charging the Kamehameha) Ka...
Piccolo: (thinking) No! That's impossible! The only one who knows that technique is Goku!
Cell: Me...
Piccolo: And Gohan...And Master Roshi...
Cell: Ha...
Piccolo: And Krillin...And Yamcha...
Cell: Me...
Piccolo: And me that one time I tried it just to see if I could--

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