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  • InuYasha
  • Yu Yu Hakushou
  • Bleach
  • Naruto
  • One Piece


  • Yajirobe reads the disclaimer for this episode.


(Trunks discovers the severed head of Android 19).
Trunks: Oh my god! Chiaotzu's dead!...And he really let himself go...and he's an android....That's not Chiaotzu....Oh, crap baskets.

Piccolo: You know, I never understood why you would even bother installing pain receptors. Kinda comes off as an intentional design flaw, if you ask me.
Dr. Gero: Don't you criticize my methods like you understand the neural system. Pain is imperative to recognize when you are in peril, to give the human mind cont(Piccolo chops off Gero's arm)EEEEEEEXT!
Piccolo: So contextually speaking, how f**ked are you?

Trunks: I'm sorry I'm late. The time machine's a little imprecise in terms of hours and (notices Dr. Gero) what the hell is that thing?
Piccolo: Trunks? What are you doing here?
Vegeta: Ha! That's a girl's name!
Krillin: Wait, isn't that the name of your kid?
Vegeta: What, are you trying to imply that this wannabe Super Saiyan from the future is my sooooooooooo...
Trunks: Well I guess that cat's out of the bag.

Tien: (thinking) Cat loves food, yeah yeah yeah yeah! Cat loves--
Piccolo: (thinking) Uhhh...
Tien: You heard...nothing!

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