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Cold Cuts

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  • Marc Swint - Straw
  • Remix - Chayote


  • Dragon Ball Absalon
  • Sweet Brown ("Ain't Nobody Got Time For That")
  • Doctor Who (While charging his energy ball, Freeza yells "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!")
  • The Lion King
  • Windows Blue Screen of Death
  • Back to the Future


  • As Freeza is reading the disclaimer, he malfunctions during Dragon Ball GT, making him unable to read the rest of it. King Cold reads the rest of it.
  • After Freeza shoots the Supernova he threw at Trunks, he says "It looks like our little Super Saiyan is dead-ed-ed-ed- Cadaveriffic.", which is a reference to Episode 8.


(Upon encountering Trunks)
King Cold: So, is this him, sweetie? Is this the man who hurt you so?
Freeza: No, daddy. This is a new one.
Trunks: So, you must be "Frieza" (pronounces it like "Fry-za").
Freeza: A-actually, it's Lord Freeza.
Trunks: Really? Then why is there an "i" in it?
Freeza: There isn't.
Trunks: Huh, gonna have to fix that one when I get back then.

(After Freeza throws a supernova at Trunks)
King Cold: Freeza, what did you do!?
Freeza: Daddy, not now!
(Trunks lifts the supernova with ease, holding it with his right hand.)
Trunks: Well, Freeza. Looks like you dropped the ball.
(Freeza gets pissed off by Trunks' mockery.)
Trunks: Dropped the ball.
(Freeza is mocked once again by the Saiyan.)
Trunks: Drrrrropped, the ba--
(Freeza screams and shoots a Ki blast at the Supernova, causing it to explode.)

(After murdering Freeza, King Cold, and destroying his ship, Trunks looks to the Z-Fighters)
Trunks: Hey there, guys!
Vegeta: F*ck this guy!

Bulma: (drunk) So hey, like, just gonna throw this out there, you're really cute.
Trunks: Well, you know, my mom always said I was a cute kid.
Bulma: Oh, a momma's boy, huh? I'll be your mommy.
Trunks: (internally screaming)