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  • The title is a reference to Battlefield Earth.
  • Gohan and Vegeta asking "Where is my Saiyan suit?" is a reference to a line from The Incredibles, wherein Frozone asks his wife "Where is my super suit?"
  • Radio Shack, Best Buy and Circuit City.


  • Bulma reads the disclaimer for this episode.


Yamcha: Hey! You've got a lot of nerve coming back here!
Vegeta: Oh, a valet. Neat. I'm not tipping.
Yamcha: Don't you remember who I am? We fought when you landed on Earth.
Vegeta: No, I fought Kakarot. Nappa fought everyone else. Well, except for that one scrub who got killed by a saiba… (recognizes who Yamcha is, laughs)
Yamcha: Oh yeah? I dare you to come over here and laugh at me!
Vegeta: (Flies right up to Yamcha). Ha. Ha. Ha.
Yamcha: (nervously) Yeah, see, now we can laugh together.
Bulma: Ok, seriously, we have enough to clean up without a pool of Yamcha's urine. (to Vegeta) You, come with me.
Vegeta: What? Why?
Bulma: Because you need a shower; I could smell you from East City.
Vegeta: (mumbles to himself) …smell you from East City…
Yamcha: (thinking) Yeah, you better run…

Vegeta: (shouting from the shower) Earth woman! Where's the cleansing powder?
Bulma: We don't have that here. We have soap.
Vegeta: The hell is soap?
Bulma: It's that yellow block there made of animal fat.
Vegeta: That sounds awesome! (Eats the soap)...Bah! This tastes nothing like what you just said!
Yamcha: OK, I change my mind. This is pretty neat.
Vegeta: Is that the beta male?
Bulma: No, Krillin just got here.
Vegeta: Oh God, they're breeding!

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