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There's Something About Maron

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  • K.C. Diya as Maron


  • The title is a reference to the movie There's Something About Mary.
  • The Walking Dead
  • Oolong mentions Emperor Pilaf from the original Dragon Ball series, and how he saved the world by wishing on Shenron for a pair of panties.


  • Turtle reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • Krillin owned count: 29 - Krillin falls for Maron's elaborate scheme of pretending to be his girlfriend in order to get him to confess to insurance fraud.
  • When Garlic Junior and crew are defeated by Mr.Popo, it's shown that Garlic Junior is falling into "the Ring".


Nail: You ever think about buying a house?
Piccolo: Oh yeah, let me get right on that with all that money I don't have.
Nail: Well, you ever thought about getting a job?
Piccolo: I'm a green slug man. No amount of affirmative action is going to get me a job.
Nail: If you say so. By the way, that old guy has been standing there for like 15 minutes. Maybe you should say something.
Piccolo: Ugh, fine. (To Kami) What do you want, Kami?
Kami: Mr. Popo has kicked me off the lookout for the night. Apparently he has a...booty call.
(cut to the lookout)
Jynx: Jynx! Jynx! Jynx!
Mr. Popo: Shut up, bitch! You love it.
(back to Kami and Piccolo)
Kami: Last time he did this I found five corpses. He laughed when I said "five".
Piccolo: Well what do you want from me?
Kami: I was hoping I could stay at your house.
Piccolo: I don't have a house!
Nail: See, what'd I tell you?
Piccolo: Shut up, Nail!
Kami: Is someone in there?
Nail: Hello, Kami!
Piccolo: He can't hear you.
Kami: Actually I can. (To Nail) Hello, there. Who are you?
Nail: I'm Nail. I'm a Namekian Piccolo fused with on Namek.
Kami: You do know that technique is forbidden, Piccolo.
Piccolo: Your face is forbidden!
Nail: ...Sadly that was the best one up here.
Piccolo: SHUT IT, NAIL!

Krillin: This brunch is delicious, Yajirobe.
Yajirobe: Thanks, I cooked everything myself.
Maron: So, if you two had babies, would they be little fat men or kitties?
Krillin: And we are leaving.
Korin: Probably fat kitties.

Everyone: Happy birthday!
Turtle: Thank you. Thank you all so much for remembering my 1,000th birthday. And for this marvelous cake.
Roshi: Isn't that thing kind of a fire hazard?
Gohan: Well of course, Turtle. You're our very best friend.
Oolong: My birthday was last week and I didn't get a party.
Yamcha: You've been there for us from the very beginning.
Oolong: Anyone remember when I saved the world from Pilaf?
ChiChi: You're like a member of the family, I say.
Oolong: Seriously, I live upstairs.

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