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  • Psycho Soundtrack - The Murder
  • Cha-La-Head-Cha-La by Hironobu Kageyama


Roshi: Well, Goku is passed, but his sacrifice has stopped a great evil. (Krillin takes up Gohan's hat) Thanks to him, our lives can return to peace once mo--
Nappa (other end of Raditz's scouter): Raditz?  Raaditz?
Roshi: (Krillin and Bulma approach Raditz's corpse) What the hell is that?!
Nappa (other end of Raditz's scouter): (rapidly) Guy who's as strong as the Saibamen says what? (Raditz doesn't answer) That usually gets to him, I think he's dead Vegeta.
Vegeta (other end of Raditz's scouter): Big shocker, nobody cares!  We're 10 times stronger than him anyway!  We'll go to Earth, find the Dragon Balls, and kill everyone, and we'll be there within a year or so...depending on filler of course.
Nappa (other end of Raditz's scouter): Aanything else we need to go over, Vegeta?
Vegeta (other end of Raditz's scouter): Nnope, that's about it.
Roshi: ...well...fu-- (switches to opening sequence)

Kami: And so, we need Goku here to get to King Kai's for his masterful training, Lord Yemma.
King Yemma: Give me one good reason I should allow this.
Kami: Because if you don't... (he points to a line of souls waiting to be judged) that line's going to increase by 6 billion!
King Yemma: 6 billion? I'm supposed to be intimidated by 6 billion? Please, I can judge 6 billion souls faster than you take a piss, old man.
Kami: (Offended) Y'know, I am the guardian of Earth. Can I please get a little bit more respect here?
King Yemma: Big deal. I'm the closest thing to a God in this show...until you get to the Kais. Then I'll be horribly insignificant. I do have a desk though; it's made of Mahogany... (As if in a trance) Mahogany.
Kami: Uh, anyway, can we please--?
King Yemma: (Yells) SILENCE! (Kami and Goku stare in fear) Mahogany.
Kami: (Awkwardly) Um...sir?
King Yemma: (Snaps out of it) Wha-WHAT? Oh, uh, sure, whatever...he can go to King Kai's...but he'll have to run on... (Deep voice) SNAKE. WAY! (Dramatic music plays)
Goku: (Unphased) Sounds fun.
King Yemma: Prepare to be surprised.

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