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Freeza Burn

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  • Neil Patrick Harris as The Spirit Bomb


  • The "Mena Mena" song from the Muppets


  • Krillin reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • This is the first episode that Yamcha talks since Vegeta3986 left.
  • The conversation between Goku and Piccolo is almost identical to the one in episode 2, except they switch lines.
  • Krillin Owned Count: 28 - Freeza kills Krillin by sending him into the sky and blowing him up.
  • Popo's line at the very end, "Called it!" is a reference to his line in episode 11, "See you when you get back...except...this season...(looks at Krillin)...you!
  • If one thinks about it, the fact that "Gods" attack did not harm Frieza makes sense, as the Dragon Ball Z equivalent is Kami, who would be unable to harm Frieza due to the differences in their power.


Goku: No! I can't lose! I have to beat you! You're evil, and you have to be stopped!
Freeza: Oh, come now! If I'm really as evil you say I am, then let God strike me down where I stand!
(Lighting strikes Freeza)
Freeza: Ha! Nice try, jackass! Next time, give it your A-game! Anyway back to-- (Looks at Goku stretching his hands high in the air) What are you doing?
Goku: (Thinking to himself) Have to use the Spirit Bomb! It's my only chance!
Freeza: Seriously what...what is this all about? Are you trying to telling me you once caught a fish that big?
Goku: I'm just...stretching.
Freeza: In the middle of a fight?
Goku: Yes!

(As Goku is charging the Spirit Bomb)
Piccolo: What's going on? He's just standing there with his hands up.
Krillin: (thinking to himself) Wait a second....(extremely loudly) HE'S USING THE SPIRIT BOMB!
Freeza: The spirit what's it now?
Goku: (thinking) Oh no!
Piccolo: Would you stop screaming--?
Piccolo: SHUT UP!
Krillin: TOO SCARED!
Piccolo: DAMMIT!
Freeza: What is that fool yammering on about?
Goku: He's talking about...ghosts.
Freeza: Ghosts.
Goku: Yeah you know spirits...ghosts.
Freeza: What do ghosts have to do with this?
Goku: Everything.
Freeza: That's stupid, you're stupid, stop being stupid!
Goku: Or, maybe I'm just being rhetorical.
Freeza: No! No you're not! God, it's like you just use words you hear randomly to try and sound smarter!
Goku: Heh, well now you're just acting transcendent!
(Freeza kicks Goku in anger)

Freeza: There you are again! Throwing your hands up in the air like you just don't care. CARE, DAMMIT!

Goku: You'll need to distract him while I charge up my attack!
Piccolo: Well that's not so ba-
Goku: (interrupts) For five minutes. And seeing how he was beating me earlier... ah I'm sure you'll be fine.
Piccolo: (shocked) ...Did you just hold a grudge??
Goku: Can't talk, too busy charging.

Freeza: (thinking while being blasted by the Spirit Bomb) If I had any single regret for the countless horrific events that have transpired in my wake... it's that I'm dying.

Krillin: (examines unconcious Piccolo) Whoa, for a moment there I thought that was gonna be me.
Freeza: (to Krillin) Ohoho, you're next!
Krillin: Wait, what did I do to you?
Freeza: Remember my tail!?
Krillin: Can't you take a joke? (Freeza stares at Krillin, Krillin smiles and while being lifted in the sky) AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH-! (Explodes as Goku and Gohan watch the remains falls from the sky)
(cut to Mr Popo at the lookout on Earth while camera is zooming in on his face with dramatic music playing and stops; Mr. Popo was right to foreshadow Krillin's demise)
Mr. Popo: Called it!

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