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Grand Theft Goku

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  • Ain Soph Aur - Wilhelm Soldier 1
  • PrinceRoy - Wilhelm Soldier 2


  • You Yamazaki - Sanjou!! Ginyu Tokusentai!!
  • Shunsuke Kikuchi - Kattenai Kyoufu
  • Kenji Yamamoto - Symphonic Transformation
  • Kenji Yamamoto - The Formidable Warrior, The Saiyan
  • Shunsuke Kikuchi - Kyoufu no Ginyu Tokusentai
  • Shunsuke Kikuchi - Kono Yo De Ichi-Ban


  • The Wilhelm Scream
  • Star Wars
  • I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves (by Krillin)
  • Finding Nemo (Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine!)
  • Animal House ("Thank you sir, may I have another?")
  • Jurassic Park ("Clever girl")
  • The title is based on Grand Theft Auto


  • Captain Ginyu reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • Krillin Owned Count: 13 - Ginyu (as Goku) slaps Krillin in the face. (it should actually be 14. It was already 13 when Krillin was hit by the Seizure Procedure in episode 21)
  • This is the last episode to use the "Sanjou! Ginyu Tokusentai!" theme song. Episodes after this go back to the original "Cha-La-Head-Cha-La" theme song.
  • Frog-Ginyu survives in the original series. (though in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta decides to kill him anyway via a ki blast) Goku convinces Vegeta to spare him, and Vegeta does so claiming he wouldn't want to soil his boots. Ironically Vegeta does exactly that in the abridged series, crushing the frog-Ginyu to death under his foot.
  • Paragus wrote and edited the Official Saiyan Handbook


Ginyu: What happened? I'm all purple. And horny! Chi-Chi's gonna hate this.
Goku: What's mine is yours and yours is mine as they say!
Ginyu: G-give me back my body!
Goku: I'm sorry! You can't have your body anymore! It's mine now! Jeice, shall we?
Jeice: Right Captain!
Goku: Goodbye! Enjoy bleeding to death! (flies away and leaves)
Ginyu: I won't!...man...I'm a jerk now.

(Gohan and Krillin dig up the Dragon Balls)
Krillin: Finally, now let's hurry up and wish back Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu.
Gohan: What about Yamcha?
Krillin: What about Yamcha?
Vegeta: (hearing this while in hiding) I don't know what this "Yamcha" is, but it sounds just like Raditz.

Gohan: Maybe there's something special about Namekian Dragon Balls.
Krillin: Huh. Maybe if I sing to it... (singing) I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves!

(Krillin and Gohan first encounter Ginyu in Goku's body; Krillin begins to confuse Gohan for Goku)
Gohan: Krillin, that's not my dad!
Krillin: Gohan, of course it's your dad. Goku, what's your favorite food?
Ginyu-Goku: Waldorf Salad.
Krillin: See? Double Baconator--oh sh*t!

Vegeta: (thinking to himself) Ok, the second they summon the Dragon, I'll swoop in and break the bald one's neck! Totally gonna yell "Team Three Star" when I do it too. Oh I can see it now.
(Vegeta imagines shouting "TEAM THREE STAR!" at the top of his lungs whilst snapping Krillin's neck. The latter cries out in pain.)
Vegeta: Amazing.

Jeice: Errr, Captain. You're here.
Ginyu-Goku: What the devil are you-!? Oh, well look what the Space-Cat regurgitated.
Goku-Ginyu: Hey Gohan! Hey Krillin! Hey Goku!
Gohan: D-Dad?
Ginyu-Goku: I'm surprised you're still kicking. How's that wound treating you?
Goku-Ginyu: This is easily the second worst hole I've ever had in my chest! It's gonna take, like, a million mommy-kisses to make it better.
Krillin: Gohan, we may have a chance now, but you'll have to give it your all! Remember, he may look like your dad, but you can absolutely not hold back!
Gohan: (Gohan screams and gets right in Goku's face) Abandon me for a year with Piccolo, send me off into space, and the next time I see you, you've lost your damn body??? YOU'RE NOT EVEN YOU ANYMORE!
Goku-Ginyu: I don't know where he gets that from.

(Vegeta and Jeice swap blows with each other)
Vegeta: Hey Jeice, I've killed every single one of Freeza's flunkies I've gone up against so far. Six in total. How would like to be number seven?
Jeice: Piss off, you bloody monkey!
(Jeice finally lands one punch on Vegeta while fighting him)
Vegeta: (unphased) Thank you, sir. May I have another?
Jeice: What the hell happened to you?! You were not this strong when you fought Recoome!
Vegeta: (holds up the "Official Saiyan Handbook") Looks like you have some required reading to do.
Jeice: (searching through the book) All right, let's see here... OK, Full Moon, Lose Your Tail, Stronger Every Time You... (stunned pause)... oh. (lowers the book)...well I'm right f*cked, aren't I?
Vegeta: Right in the down-under (mercilessly kills Jeice).
Jeice: (right before being killed) Clever girl (takes a huge ki blast to the face).
Ginyu-Goku: No! Jeice! All of my men...I'm the only one left. Please, all of you, just...just allow me a customary moment of silence.
Vegeta: Minemineminemineminemineminemineminemine! (hits Ginyu-Goku) (laughs) The best part about this? I get to kill both Ginyu and Kakarot at the same time!
Ginyu-Goku: Wait! Who's Kakarot?
Vegeta: You're Kakarot.
Ginyu-Goku: I thought his name was Goku.
Krillin: His name is Goku!
Vegeta: (to Krillin) No, it's Kakarot!
Ginyu-Goku: But he just said Goku.
Krillin: Yeah I did.
Vegeta: I know what he said, but he--
Ginyu-Goku: So what it is? Kakarot or Goku?
Vegeta: (together) It's Kakarot!
Krillin: (together) It's Goku!
Vegeta: No! No! No! Just look! His Saiyan name is Kakarot, but he changed it when he landed on Earth as a baby, so they kept calling by his Earth name and I'm calling him by his real name!
Goku-Ginyu: So does that make me Ginyu?

(Goku is back in his own body)
Goku: Yay! I'm me again!
Krillin: Wait, Goku! What is your favorite food?
Goku: "Favorite"?
Krillin: (excitedly) HE'S HIM AGAIN!

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