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The Punchline

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5/25/09, 6/8/09, 6/12/09


8:52, 8:57, 6:57

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The epic battle between Son Goku and Vegeta. This episode was the last one for this season.



Special Thanks[]

  • Kirbopher15 - artwork.


  • Cha-La-Head-Cha-La Prologue by Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • Coming Undone by Korn
  • Garlic Jr.'s Castle by Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • Son Goku to Piccolo Daimao by Shunsuke Kikuchi
  • Nocturne for Orchestra by Hirano Yoshisha
  • Wish Upon the Chaos Emeralds by Hideaki Kobayashi
  • Omae no XXX Ten wo Tarou by Iwasaki Tarou
  • Kuetara, The Grand Line! by Kouhei Tanaka and Shiroh Hamaguchi
  • Ghost Nappa Theme - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SSR5O0D9


  • The Ghost Nappa Theme and the logo are parodies of Ghostbusters.
  • Star Trek
  • Dragonball: Evolution (Live-action film)


(Goku has used the Kaioken x3 against Vegeta, and sent him crashing into a plateau)
Vegeta: (In pain) This... proves... nothing.
Goku: Are you okay in there?
Vegeta: (Sarcastically) Yeah, I'm fan-f**king-tastic... nothing but gumdrops and ice-cream in here.
Goku: (Delighted) Oh, really? Can I come in too?
Vegeta: (Short pause) I'm surrounded by idiots.
Goku: I thought you were surrounded by gumdrops and ice-cream.
(Vegeta screams with rage as he destroys the plateau around him)
Vegeta: I will not stand for this! I will not be humiliated by a low-class wretch!
Goku: Aww, sounds like somebody's got an ice-cream headache!
Vegeta: THAT'S IT! EVERYONE DIES! (Launches himself into the air with his purple aura surrounding him, charging a Galick Gun) Say goodbye to your planet, Kakarot!
Goku: Well, that's not very nice!
Goku: Ooh, did he say Garlic--?
Goku: Oh, man! (powers up to Kaio-Ken x3, cupping his hands behind his back for a Kamehameha wave) Kaa...mee....haa....meeee.......
Vegeta: FIRE!!
Goku: HAAAAA!!!
(The two energy waves clash in mid-air)
Vegeta: This is the end, Kakarot! You don't stand a chance! I put all my power into this attack. Now perish, with the rest of your pathetic world!
Goku: Kaio-Ken.......!
Vegeta: (Stunned pause).......no!
Goku: Times.....!
Vegeta: (as if trying to deter Goku) No, no, no!
Goku: FOUR!
Vegeta: No, no, no, no, no nonononononono....! (The Kamehameha overpowers Vegeta's Galick Gun and hits him, sending him into the sky) FUUUUUUUUUUUU-- (Disappears in the sky)

Vegeta: (Throws the artificial moon into the air) Now watch, Kakarot... as your life becomes inconsequential... (Jumbo-sized tv shows camera moving straight up while focused on Vegeta from the feet up)... as I reveal my giant monkey... (Camera stops in front of Vegeta's crotch; all of the viewers gasp in fear)... form.
(Camera moves quickly up to Vegeta's face; everyone watching sighs with relief)
Viewer: Thank god, I thought he meant penis!

Krillin: (Holding the spirit bomb, and feeling the energy of every living person on Earth inside him) Wow... such power... from every living being on the planet... I can feel it all surging inside of me... every man, woman, and child... this... is Planet Earth's very essence... BOOYAH! MOTHER F**KER! (Throws the spirit bomb at Vegeta)
Vegeta: (Detects the spirit bomb hurtling towards him) What? What the hell is--?
(Vegeta jumps to dodge the spirit bomb)
Krillin: (Pauses, and curses angrily)
(Gohan sees the spirit bomb headed right towards him)
Goku: (Speaking telepathically to Gohan) Gohan? Listen... you have to bounce it back at Vegeta...
Gohan: But, are you sure? I don't think energy works like that.
Goku: Don't worry, Gohan... you can do it... you're a good guy.
Gohan: (Building up confidence) Oh, okay, if you believe in me... then I'll--(Stretches his hands out)
Goku: ... or it'll kill you.
Gohan: (Alarmed) WHAT?! (The spirit bomb bounces off Gohan's hands with the signature boing sound from the classic Sonic games)
Vegeta: (Feeling triumphant) There's nothing left now... your last hope, and you missed. (The spirit bomb moves closer to him) You're all defeated and there isn't a damn thing you can... what smells like deer? (Sees the spirit bomb closing in on him) AAAAAAH! (The spirit bomb hits him, exploding with a bright light) CURSE MY HUBRIS!

(Gohan has turned into a giant ape, but is not in control of himself, and is just smashing every thing in sight)
Goku: (Speaking to Gohan telepathically again) Gohan... this is daddy... I know you're angry right now, but you have to focus your anger.... Re-remember Icarus?
(Gohan remembers seeing Icarus singing playfully and happily, until he is killed in an explosion)
Goku: (Pointing at Vegeta) He did it.
(Gohan roars angrily)
Vegeta: (Outraged) Oh that's bullsh*t! (Barely dodges a boulder Gohan tried to crush him with) I haven't killed a damn thing since I got to this god-forsaken planet... not for lack of trying, mind you.

(Vegeta, beaten and broken, has escaped in his space pod)
Vegeta: (Weakly) They've broken my body... I've failed... in my mission to find the Dragon Balls... I even lost my tail... but at least... it can't get any worse... from here...
(His space pod continues flying through space)
Ghostly voice: Vegeeeeeeetaaaaaa... Vegeeeeeeetaaaaaaa...
Vegeta: Wha... what?
Ghost Nappa: (Appears in front of Vegeta) I'm haunting you.


  • In Part 1, there's a flashback to episode 4 when Piccolo destroys the moon. In the episode, Piccolo shouts, "Stop mocking me!" but in the flashback, he just shouts, "Mooooooon!"
  • Krillin Owned Count: 9 - Part 2: Krillin is pummeled into the ground by Vegeta.
  • Krillin Owned Count: 10 - Part 3: Vegeta bitch slaps Krillin down for trying to destroy him with the Spirit Bomb.

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