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Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler's Revenge - The Reckoning

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  • MasakoX as Goku, Gohan
  • Lanipator as Piccolo, Vegeta, Master Roshi, Krillin
  • KaiserNeko as Yajirobe, Oolong
  • Hbi2k as Nail
  • Remix as Kami
  • TehExorcist as Keel (FaceF**ker)
  • Takahata101 as Mouri, Dende
  • LordMoonStone as Cycloids, Big Ghetti Star
  • GeneralIvan as Cooler
  • Lee Rastus as D.V.E.D. (ServiceBot)


  • Babe ("That'll do, pig")
  • D.V.E.D. sounds very similar to Claptrap from the Borderlands video game series.
  • Terminator ("Come with me if you want to live.")
  • The scene that plays during the credits is a reference to the stargate scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Foodfight (But enough about me, Let's kill you!)
  • M.E.G.A.S. XLR (The music playing as the Meta-Cooler is revealed to have thousands of clones is "Damnation", the theme music to the one shot villain, R.E.G.I.S. Mark V)


  • The sound effects of Cooler's mechanical limbs regenerating are sentry sound effects from Starcraft 2.
  • D.V.E.D. was edited to look more like Cooler's other cycloids (in the original, he had two eyes and spoke with his mouth).


Cooler: Now, what say you?
Piccolo: Freeza did it.
Cooler: Excuse you?
Krillin: The robot thing. Freeza did it. When he came back to Earth.
Cooler: But that's not the same, I--
Piccolo: After he took over Namek like you are now.
Cooler: Wait, he destroyed Namek.
Gohan: Well, this is New Namek.
Cooler: So it's completely different!
Piccolo: Yeah, about as different as you are from Freeza.
Krillin: (offscreen) Shots fired!
Cooler: (to his robot minions) Kill the bald one.
Krillin: Freeza did it.

Goku: (Grunts of exertion) .... (Grunts of pain)
Goku: So, I keep punching you, but you ain't budgin'.
Cooler: That would be my new metal body.
Goku: Which you got from the Spaghetti Star, right?
Cooler: ... Not dignifying that. Look why don't you just turn Super Saiyan? Then we can get *serious*.
Goku: But I don't want to end the fight *yet*; we just started... I mean, why don't you use that little mask thing?
Cooler: Good question. But I've got a better one, though: what's that thing on your face?
Goku: What's what thing on m--
Cooler: MAH FIST! (punches Goku)
Goku: Wawuh...!
Goku: Alright, fine! I'll go Super Saiyan. But I'm doing this for *me*. (Transforms into a Super Saiyan)

Goku: It looks like...you underestimated our power. Just like--
Cooler: Don't you d--
Goku: You did on Earth.
Cooler: Oh. Fair eno--
Vegeta: And just like Freeza.

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