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Christmas Tree of Might

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  • Mike Sunderland - "Tender Affair"
  • Shunsuke Kikuchi - "Chikyuu Marugoto Chou-Kessen"
  • Bobby Helms - "Jingle Bell Rock"
  • Shuki Levy & Kussa Mahehi - "Rock the Dragon"
  • Brenda Lee - "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"
  • Kenji Yamamoto - "Daimao Appears"
  • Roger J. Beaujard - "Deck the Halls (With Sounds of Metal)"
  • Bing Crosby - "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra - "A Mad Russian Christmas"
  • Lanipator - "Yamcha the Scar Faced Bandit"
  • Shirley Walker - "Joker's Hideout, Joker's Favor"
  • Shirley Walker - "Pokey Christmas Music"
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra - "Wizards in Winter"
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra - "Remember"
  • Dean Martin - "Let It Snow"
  • Birl Ives - "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"


  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Disney
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Super Mario Bros (Yoshi)
  • Nicolas Cage Wants Cake
  • A Christmas Carol


  • This is the first Dragon Ball Z Abridged video to be a parody of a movie rather than an episode.
  • It is also the first Dragon Ball Z movie/special to be changed to have a Christmas theme. It would later be followed by Plan to Eradicate Christmas.
  • The end credits state that Gohan got a dragon (Icarus) and Krillin got a girlfriend (Maron) for Christmas, but due to being non-canon, they were not allowed to keep them. They do, however, become canon later in the series (Icarus in Lord Slug and Maron in Episode 31).


Goku: Well, what am I getting for Christmas?
Chi-Chi: The same thing as last year, Goku.
Goku: Oh, so that thing you do with your mou--?
Chi-Chi: Not in front of Gohan!

Puar: Yamcha, why did you spend all your baseball money on this car instead of buying Christmas gifts for your friends?
Yamcha: Puar, the only gift they need is the gift...of Yamcha.
Puar: That's a non-refundable gift, isn't it?
Yamcha: Just like this car!
(Car gets blown up)

Vegeta: (sitting on Namek while the events of the movie take place) This is so non-canon it hurts.

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