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Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan Abridged

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  • LittleKuriboh - Narrator
  • Takahata101 - South Kai, Cell, Condi, Nappa
  • KaiserNeko - King Kai, Oolong, Korin, Yajirobe, Trunks, King Vegeta
  • Hnilmik - Chi-Chi
  • MasakoX - Goku, Gohan
  • Lanipator - Krillin, Roshi, Vegeta, Piccolo
  • Hbi2k - Dr. Brief
  • ShudoRanmaru - Panti
  • Senile-Snake - Paragus
  • 1KidsEntertainment - Interviewer, Tao Pai Pai
  • Megami33 - Bulma
  • Christopher Robin Miller - Talking Movie Bubbles
  • Remix - Broly
  • Marissa Lenti - Shamo & the Shamoshians (except Condi)
  • Brian Olvera - Dah-Di
  • Stephan Krosecz - Mah-Stehr


  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • Aladdin
  • "Broly from Dragon Ball Z. His power is maximum."
  • One Punch Man


  • Part 1 of this movie was uploaded to Team Four Star's website as part of their annual DBcember event. The movie was later released in its entirety on January 12.
  • Chi-Chi's line near the beginning of the movie "Goku! I'm gonna show you!" is a reference to the original Funimation opening,Which includes the line "Goku!He's gonna show you!"


(Roshi is feeling very nauseous after drinking a lot at the wedding reception.)
Roshi: Somebody get me a raw egg, 2 shots of Tabasco, salt, pepper, and a gun to shoot myself.
Oolong: You know what they say. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Liquor before intergalactic travel, feel your insides unravel.

Vegeta: And who's this scrawny puke?
Broly: (softly) I'm a foot and a half taller than you, but whatever.
Vegeta: What was that?
Broly: (still softly) I said I can't hear you from down there.
Vegeta: Speak up, boy, I can't hear you from up there!
Paragus: Umm, that is my son Broly, my liege. Forgive him, he's a very passive boy.
Vegeta: Beta-male, got it. But for the sake of the Saiyan race, he has my blessings to bed Princess Trunks.
Gohan: Something seems really fishy.
Krillin: Yeah, Trunks doesn't even have a womb.
Gohan: I say we investigate.
Krillin: Ha! Not that curious.
Gohan: The planet.
Krillin: Yeah yeah, I know.

Dah-Di: Surprise, you worthless runt. It's time for your hourly beating! (whips Shamo)
Shamo: Oh god, Daddy!
Krillin: Whoa!
Dah-Di: Uh no, no no no no no, that's my name. It's actually pronounced "Dah-Di". (whips Shamo again)
Shamo: Uh, harder, Daddy!
Dah-Di: Now, that one was what you thought it was.

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