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TASXS-The Abridged Sonic X Series

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TASXS-The Abridged Sonic X Series is a series that, despite the release dates of the episodes entitled "Acts" that were already completed and publicly released, is just starting its run as a re-telling of the Sonic X story as many other Abridged Series do with the anime and/or games they parody.

Creation and History[]

TASXS (The abbreviated full title), was created by Sonicfiend. He and one of his best real life friends, dudenoma, were both the writers until Noma decided that it was too much pressuring work for him, urging to leave the project before the first Act.

Before that however, the duo knew that they couldn't voice all characters by themselves so Sonicfiend sought out the help of Arkanin Midnight, known as Arkanin3 on YouTube. She was to voice the majority of female roles but first she sought out to buy a brand new mic or get easy access to a working one. Sadly, both of them starting losing contact with her until she no longer responded back.

After nearly two full years of waiting, Sonicfiend recently decided to scout out for new voice actresses. And thus, the Re-Telling Zones are now underway.


  • Sonicfiend: Creator, Lead Writer, Lead Video Editor, Voice-Acting Director, Voice Actor: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, E-102γ, Dr. Eggman, Dark Oak, Big the Cat
  • modbz: Writer/Script Editor, Voice Actor: Shadow the Hedgehog, Himself (cameo)
  • TitanImagines: Voice Actor: Knuckles the Echidna
  • DigitalBabe802: Voice Actress: Amy Rose
  • RabidSonicFan: Voice Actor: Bokkun Messenger Robo
  • LadyTemariDesert: Voice Actress: Rouge the Bat


Sonic the Hedgehog[]

(First Appearance: Act 00)

Sonic is more or less like his regular self from the Sonic X anime personality-wise. However, his actual species is now in question as Dark Oak is trying to convince him that he is his long, lost father. He still fights for good but it appears that he can be swayed to join opposite sides as Super Sonic denied Oak's offer to rule the universe alongside him seemingly because he didn't receive overdue allowances. As for traits, the blue blur has a tendency to randomly begin singing very badly, much to everyone else's dismay and to the point that someone will go out of their way and silence him by any means necessary to stop it. He can also off-handedly develop quite the attitude with his friends, making sarcastic and joking remarks about them. Overall, Sonic just lives to have good times doing whatever he likes to do.

Miles "Tails" Prower[]

(First Appearance: Act 00)

So far, Tails has been shown to be quite the mischievous young boy. Setting up some in dangerous situations for money and instigating fights between others for amusement. He's shown to be butting heads a lot with Sonic but regardless, they still remain best friends and do various things together outside of typical Hero work like playing video games. The best way to describe the Tails of TASXS is loyal but very cunning, just like any general fox is known for.


(First Appearance: Rant Act 01)

Currently E-102 dosen't have that much of a personality change, let alone something of a distinctive personality at all. He just tends to state consistent fact and acquire whatever data he can into his memory banks to expand his knowledge. A difference from the Sonic X anime however is that even though E-102 associates with Sonic and co.(who call him "Gamma" just like in the games), he stays alligned and lives with his creator Dr. Eggman as well as his "brothers" from the E-100 Series who seem to have somewhat of a strong sibling rivalry.

Dr. Eggman[]

(First Appearance: Ad Act 01)

"The Great Doctor Eggman" as he refers to himself, is a villain in TASXS even though he hasn't done anything particularly villainous yet. Whenever he's not planning his conquests in his base, he's either cruising around in his patented "Eggmobile" or, like E-102, hanging out with Sonic and his friends who don't seem to mind him around (Though there is a little hostility between them). The Doctor is on generally good terms with everyone for now, but that's not to say it can't change...

Big the Cat[]

(First Appearance: Ad Act 01)

Big's still his generally goofy self and not very bright. That hasn't stopped anyone else from cracking jokes about him though, making him quite the sensitive guy. Like he always has in Sonic X, he loves fishing, however there is a strange absence of his pal Froggy. The explanation of that will probably come in a future Act. How he got in the world of TASXS is unknown and has to be told in an Act written by his voice actor Manga (Sonic calling him lazy for this). Until then he just pops in randomly whenever something is going on that involves more than two characters.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

(First Appearance: Rant Act 02)

The Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Hedgehog, is currently the darkest character of the series. This generally shouldn't be surprising, as his regular X incarnation isn't too far off but is only shrouded in mystery. The TASXS Shadow however, is very blunt with his opinions and doesn't care what others think of him. He generally doesn't have any friends, suiting him fine (as far as everyone else knows) while he resides within the place of his creation: Space Colony ARK. Everyone's favorite black hedgehog has the tendency of using violence and various forms of making people feel inferior to him to solve any problems that occur. And as an odd side note, he also loves milk.

Bokkun Messenger Robo[]

(First Appearance: Ad Act 02)

Bokkun is practically unchanged from how he is in Sonic X. The only difference is that he does not work for Dr. Eggman and that he provides his mail and message delivery by saying "You've got..." before telling the recipient whatever it is they receive. And yes, like in the anime, his TVs explode shortly after their activation.

Dark Oak[]

(First Appearance: Metarex Saga Act 00)

So far, Dark Oak is the main villain of the Re-Telling Zone as well the leader of his alien clan: The Metarex. He is on a mission to conquer all planets in the known universe, draining the life out of any who he deems not worthy or if the planet shows any resistance to his rule. Claiming Sonic to be his offspring, Oak wants to make his son's thinking much like his own. Hoping for them to get the Chaos Emeralds and obtain the ultimate power. While unsuccessful so far (just because he didn't want to pay a demanded allowance as of now), he remains relentless in his plans and will not stop until everything in his posession.

Non-Sonic Character Cameos[]

The Mario Bros.[]

(Cameo in: Ad Act 02)

(Voiced by: Sonicfiend)

When Sonic began singing something that couldn't be heard (thanks to a much-needed muting), both Big and Shadow commented negatively on it before Mario (from the Super Mario World cartoon) ran in complaining, saying that: "Even all the way here in the Mushroom Kingdom I can't avoid it!". Afterwards he commanded a baby Yoshi to swallow him so he wouldn't be exposed to any outside sounds from within the bottomless stomach until the coast was clear. Luigi got mad at his older Bro since he apparently stole the green-clad plumber's hiding place, therefore leaving poor Luigi to suffer. Mario, already not able to hear him, somehow tuned this out with a Live "Weird Al" Yankovic polka segment.

Episodic Zones and Acts[]

Act 00[]

This merely was shown as a preview for what's to come. The first intro sequence was followed by it.

Lecture Zone[]

This is mainly used for the cast to speak their opinionated minds about certain subjects through the characters they voice.


Any and all shameless plugs are displayed through the Acts found here.

Competition Zone[]

When it comes time for the characters to compete in some sort of game, whether it be video game or otherwise, the recorded replays can be found here.

Special Zone[]

Special Zones of TASXS aren't your typical "Race to get the Emerald" zones necessarily. The Acts made here are mainly responses for special events.

Re-Telling Zone[]

Where the main abridged series episodes will take place.


  • Opening: It Dosen't Matter-Theme of SONIC by Johnny Gieoli