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Air Abridged


Voice acting, scripting, editing.


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SystemOfADork, often referred to as SoDA, is the ex-leader of TeamFartTaco, creators of Air Abridged.

Air AbridgedEdit

SoDA was the lead writer and editor for TeamFartTaco's Air Abridged. He edits using Sony Vegas Pro. SoDA did the voices for Michiru, Hijiri, the Sloth Doll, the Doll Yukito Has Sex With, & himself (appearing onscreen as a sunflower with a face).

Outside of AbridgingEdit

SoDA has a series called BullSh*t, in which he plays clips from various animes & punctuates each scene with a video clip of George Carlin shouting "Bull shit!" SoDA is also infamous for creating the Psyroll, a loop of internet comedian Psyguy speaking gibberish set to music.

Trivia Edit

  • Rumor has it that SoDA had to go to rehab at one point for a marijuana addiction.
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